Havana Fairfax Connection presents CUBANOS a Documentary Film with 16 Songs of José Luis Barba

  • All these Songs speak to me, they touch  a chord in me,  and I hope they will do the same for you.
    CUBANOS is a CD DVD with the music of José Luís Barba produced by Jerónimo Labrada Jr., engineer and musician featuring close friends living in Havana, Mexico, Miami, Madrid, New York  and Chile. 
  • The input of audiovisual music experts René Arencibia and Mónica Castro Garcia gave Barba’s compositions the boost they needed.
  • Comments by broadcaster and writer Humberto Manduley,  the 17 singers, and Grammy winner guitarist-arranger Amed Medina, from his Home Studio in Puebla, Mexico.  
  • I am sure that many viewers in Vermont and New England have never heard of  José Luís Barba, although HE has been touring around the world such as Scandinavia and South America.  He has however  never been on Tour in the United States of America, but since 2015, BARBA lives in Florida, and who knows, maybe some day he could come to Vermont. 
  • Before settling down in MIAMI, HE lived in Ecuador and Chile, where HE recorded his songs, played in concerts, and festivals, and wrote music for the movies. Special attention is given to the soundtrack of the film COFRALANDES, by Chilean film maker  Raúl Ruiz,  where BARBA also has an acting role.  He plays a globe trotter wandering minstrel, who arrives with his fantastic stories to the city of  Quilpué in the 1950s.
  • But this year, in JUNE 2021, JOSE LUIS BARBA finally arrives on VERMONT airwaves, guitar in hand with a bunch of organic tunes. With this idea that is the 16 tunes, each one naturally moves to the next, thus hopefully leading to a kind of freedom and sensitivity in every soloist, singer or instrumentalist, along his fabulous project CUBANOS, audio and film.
  • All in All, CUBANOS represents a solid fraction of the Big Picture: La Nueva Trova Cubana. To support this memorable meeting BARBA and JERONIMO assembled some of the most cohesive recording artists of its day, as they can channel all the sounds of Cuba. 
  • As an example, drummer Horacio “El Negro” Hernández, pianists Miguelito Nuñez and Tony Rodríguez, guitarist Octavio Kotán, and trumpet player and horn arranger Julito Padrón.    
  • I saw this film for the first time  on Cuban Television during a visit to Havana, and I talked to Julio Machado, a Cuban TV producer about it. Since then, it had always been a dream for me to host it, as CUBANOS serves me as a symbol musically and personally.
  • CUBANOS has a special dedication to singers and song writers, Xiomara Laugart, Gema Corredera, Donato Poveda and Pavel Urkiza, guitarist Mario Daly, guitar-poet Pedro Luís Ferrer and Mayohuacán Group, which in their hey days,  the 1980s, helped to propel Barba’s Songs all over the island nation of Cuba, especially “Searching for a good color” (Buscando un buen color).   
  • Once again, I feel most fortunate to be able to make a presentation on television, a film with new originals, and pointedly chosen sidemen, demonstrating how true communication and a fine sense of listening can create timeless expression. I humbly thank all of them. 
  • The lesson here  is never give up on something you believe in.
  • Acknowledgements to La Casa del Joven Creador in Old Havana, El Parque Almendares, La Peña de 13 y 8 in El Vedado, places which allowed freedom in all these Troubadours’ playing and experiments, while being musically accessible. Hope they can all be repaired and active forever ! 
  • Thanks to Rebecca Padula – our Channel Coordinator, engineer and editor on LCATV – for providing me a great opportunity to feature some of my good friends on Television.
  • More about them, here in my blog, The Cuban Bridge, and most likely soon on the radio at SAINT MICHAEL’s COLLEGE’S WWPV 92.5 FM The Mike, also in Colchester, Vermont.
  • So please, stay tuned to LCATV as there are 16 clips, one for each song, produced by René  Arencibia and Luís Leonel León, ripe of discovery in North America.  
  • Peace Is All We Need 

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RUY ADRIAN acaba de ganar en MADRID, ESPANA, el 1er PREMIO convocado por la SGAE en el Concurso para COMPOSITORES de JAZZ, que lleva el nombre del insigne pianista TETE MONTOLIU.

Por Toni Basanta

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Ruy L-Nussa, Aries Morales Parrado and 50 others 3 Comments 24 Shares

Ruy Adrián López-Nussa Torres (La Habana, Cuba, 1986)

A partir de sus modestos origenes con el Grupo ESPIRITUAL, el BATERISTA, COMPOSITOR y PIANISTA CUBANO, RUY ADRIAN LOPEZ-NUSSA, ha recorrido los más prestigiosos escenarios del JAZZ mundial y ha acompañado a artistas de la talla de Aldo Lopez-Gavilan, Omara Portuondo, William Roblejo, Grupo Mezcla, Habana Ensemble, Harold Lopez-Nussa, Miguel Zenon, La Academia, Carlos Varela, Dave Matthew, y es parte esencial de LA FAMILIA LOPEZ-NUSSA.

Familiarizado con la composición de bandas sonoras, compitió en el TETE MONTOLIU de la SGAE (Sociedad de Autores y Editores de Espana), con “A Lyle”, una oda al pianista LYLE MAYS, creador del sonido de THE PAT METHENY GROUP”.

FELICIDADES, RUY ADRIAN, contigo Cuba Sigue Siendo Cultura

Toni Basanta, desde Fairfax Green, Vermont, EUA

Guionista, presentador y productor de HAVANA FAIRFAX CONNECTION



Havana Fairfax Connection @ LCATV presents Our Musical Heritage

    Victor Goines and Janio  Abreu with Aire de Concierto in Our Musical Heritage Live at the Fine Arts Museum in Havana, Cuba,  featuring two special guests,  pianist Iván “Melón” Lewis and tres guitar player  Michael McClintock.
  • By host Toni Basanta    

    Victor Goines is back in Havana, this time on January 14, 2018, responding to an invitation of Janio Abreu leader of Aire de Concierto.  

    They had only 3 days to accomplish concerts, interviews with the media, and a press conference.
    In these three days, Mr. Goines also left his pedagogue imprint spirit in several Music Schools where HE honored his peers and alumnis with his presence, talents, patience  and wisdom.  His musicianship was revealed in Concert while playing certain Cuban rhythms as Nengón, Pilón and Changuí,  which are part of Our Musical Heritage, and have entered the Jazz canon, in later decades, with the emotional eloquence of a great singer, paired with the dazzling agility of a master soloist. 
  • A New Orleans icon, Mr. Goines is a kind of human being whose energy and inspiration contributed to the success of this unique performance at the Fine Arts Museum in Havana, Cuba. 
    Special thanks to all  the players involved. I know that whenever they are playing, they are going to sound great, but I want to make sure that at LCATV and in my BLOG, we have done everything to put them and in the best light.

    AMAZONIC GIANT LINKS  Bassist Fabricio Pereira is from Porto Alegre,  Brazil. He studied music in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and then went to Havana to continue studying Jazz and Cuban Music Rhythms, has settled down in the Cuban capital, and can be seen in many projects with local artists as well as abroad with his peers in Norway, Brazil or Argentina.
  • EL JOVEN JAZZ CUBANO Pianist Harold Charón  cut his teeth, even younger  with Ruy López-Nussa y La Academia, and can be seen here with Aire de Concierto forging a long-standing relationship. Harold is studying at  the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. 
  • FROM LA MECCA OF HAND DRUMMING  Percussionist Raul Rizo is among Havana’s best kept secrets. However, he has a sterling reputation that has offered a list of sessions, videos, and live performances with Ekelequa Oficial, Ruy López-Nussa y La Academia, Lindiana Murphy y Mantra, Grupo Mestizo, and countless others. 
    Rizo’s plate is full, from AfroCuban to Rock ‘N Roll, but he never complains about too much work, – it’s what makes him tick !   
  • Still those with attuned ears will recognize that Sergio Jiménez Varona  has assembled pure gold with his sticks as a sideman and as a leader  playing drums, assorted percussion and saxophone.
  • Sergito can be seen with Proyecto Ser featuring singer Dalaytti, with Ruy López-Nussa y La Academia, with Javier Zalba’s ZSaxos Quartet and his own jazz group. 
  • SPAIN CALLING Grammy Nominee and virtuosic pianist, Iván “Melón” Lewis has been playing in swinging tandem since his early days at ENA Music School, with Salsa Singer Issac Delgado, The Terry Family, with Timbalive in Miami, Ieading his own Trios, and his Cuban Swing Express, and has turned the  accompanist of choice for renowned singers like Sole Jimenes in Madrid, Spain,  where he settled domicile a few years ago. 
  • His most recent album release is Tumbao en Madrid,  with other dangerous Cuban cats: Pepe Rivero, Luis Guerra and Javier Massó  better known as Caramelo de Cuba!Tumbao en Madrid is a Tribute to Cuban pianist Zenaida Manfugás. 
  • KANSAS CITY HAVANA CALLING  Michael McClintock is a guitarist with a background in multiple styles of music including classical, flamenco, Brazilian and jazz. 

    Since graduating from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance, McClintock has continued his education at the Institute of the Fine Arts Superior Institute ( El ISA)  in Havana, Cuba studying the Cuban TRES. 

    In 2016, Michael and his wife, Cuban national, Dalida Barrios, created the project “Cubanisms”,  to increase awareness of Cuban culture in the USA. The project features a traditional Cuban musical ensemble and guided tours to the Island.   
    Cubanisms released its debut album “Acento Cubano” in October 2017. 
    McCintock was invited to participate in the Jazz Plaza International Festival in Havana, reason why he could share the stage with Victor Goines,  Iván “Melón” Lewis, Janio Abreu and Aire de Concierto.  

  • LEGENDS IN THE NOW  Janio Abreu, one of the most acclaimed saxophonists, clarinetists and composers of the past decade, reasserts his role as an invaluable bandleader.

    Janio shares the same rigurous adherence to stop-on-a-dime arrangements, careful dynamics and perfectly framed improvisations, as well as an educator.  
    The Janio Abreu – Victor Goines Friendship  began a few years ago, when Janio  was a still a student. 
    This Encounter begs for a sharper focus on a larger canvas, on events like Horns To Havana, where many musicians-educators from the US, have visited the Island nation of Cuba to teach, inspired by the first visits of trumpet master Wynton Marsalis – leader of Jazz at The Lincoln Center Orchestra, and a  Music Ambassador since the 1900’ies,  when nobody else had dared to face the restrictions imposed by the blockade.

    My great thanks and love go to Rebecca Padula for her loving help in the studio, hard work and support. 
    To Carla Pinney, 
    for so many things in the last years of my life. To all the musicians in this new episode and to you – our audience.

    “Jazz Musicians are a phenomenon. I don’t believe the layman has any notion of the miraculous chain of events which occur when a jazz musician plays”. 

    With these words of American master composer Alec Wilder, I invite you to follow us on more high caliber episodes.
  • Peace Is All We Need  

    This episode had been waiting for more than a year to be released in our HAVANA FAIRFAX CONNECTION TV show at LCATV Channel 1075 in Colchester, Vermont, USA
    I am thrilled to finally share this LIVE performance with you, and we have another film in which Janio Abreu and Aire de Concierto, join forces with drummer with Ruy Lopez-Nussa y La Academia, pianists Alejandro Falcon and Charly Gaitan and American drummer Dave Weckl,- (internationally known by his many years with Piano Master Chick Corea and his Elektrik Band) Live at Mella Theater in Havana, Cuba as part of the Jazz Plaza International Festival.

SO PLEASE, Take a Sip of Sunshine with Havana Fairfax Connection, we have several shows released in recent months during the CoVid 19, I’m speaking about episode 79 with singer and songwriter Beatriz Marquez and saxophonist-producer Alfred Thompson, from their album Simply Beatrice.

Episode 80 features Mexican guitarists Rodrigo y Gabriela with British pianist-arranger Alex Wilson, producer Peter Asher and C.U.B.A. (Consolidated Universal Band Association) and very Special Guests like sitar player Anoushka Shankar, bassist Carles Benavent, Trio Joubran from Palestine, and drummers Samuel Formell and John Tempesta.

Episode 81 features pianist Elvira Santiago with Cuba’s National Symphony conducted by Enrique Perez Mesa in Concerto No.1 by Brazilian Heitor Villa-Lobos Live at the National Theater. We will present the 5 Concertos by 5 Cuban Pianists, winners of the Grand Cuba Disco Award.

Episode 82 features LA SOLUCION a Documentary presenting the Cuban Rumba Team All Stars with Rumberos from the whole Island Nation of Cuba, sharing a common history, assembled by the late Guillermo Amores.

Episode 83 is a Jam in One Take with some favorite standards Live in Toronto, Canada with Jazz Masters Joey DeFrancesco (organ), Lorne Lofsky (guitar), Vito Reza (drums), and Guido Basso (trumpet and flugel-horn)

Episode 83 was filmed Live in Stowe Jazz Festival in rural Vermont with the Ofer Assaf Quartet, offering the best of Assaf’s Rock Jazz Fusion compositions.

The OA Quartet is Alex Skolnick (guitar), Lincoln Goines (electric bass), Robby Ameen (drums) and Ofer Assaf (tenor sax).

I always believed this dream could be done, and here it is 83, and the melody still lingers on with the best ingredients !

Feel welcomed to find all these Maestros through our Channel website available in the 7 continents:


HAVANA FAIRFAX CONNECTION presents episode 81 feat. pianist Elvira Santiago with Cuba’s National Symphony on Heitor Villa-Lobos Concerto No. 1

In 2003, HAVANA, the capital of the Island nation of CUBA, celebrated the debut of Brazilian composer HEITOR VILLA-LOBOS, in the city,  which was in 1943. 

Spiritually, the FIVE CONCERTOS of HEITOR VILLA-LOBOS were played during the New Latin American Movie Festival, with visitors from the 7 continents, mainly from South America. 

Four Years After, in 2007, the FIVE CONCERTOS FOR THE PIANO  by HEITOR VILLA-LOBOS, played by 5 Cuban pianists of different generations,  and conducted by Enrique Perez Mesa, won the GRAND PRIZE at the International Cuba Disco Award and Exhibit.    

One of our main purposes is to present the 5 Concertos of Brazilian Maestro Heitor Villa-Lobos, but also to show that link and taste of many Cuban composers and musicians and their passion for the music of the amazonic giant, reason why, we are going to close the 5 editions of our Havana Fairfax Connection productions with compositions inspired by the unequal nectar of Brazilian sounds.

La Bossa Nova Brasileira was introduced in Cuba by Uruguayan maestros Federico Britos and Federico Garcia Vigil, who created a TRIO known as Los Federicos.

BRITOS stayed in Cuba for many years, happily married his sweetheart, and taught many violinists to improvise over the Brazilian Sounds of La Bossa Nova.

I knew about this, one night while partying at El Sierra Maestra Restaurant at Habana Libre Hotel and listening to Los Violines Internacionales, offering the best Cocktail Music ever !. The violinist of the band, told me all about FEDERICO BRITOS.

Federico also played with El Combo Los Amigos, together with guitarist-composer Abelardo Buch, drummer Guillermo Barreto, bassist Orlando “Cachaito” Lopez, and a flutist.

That I remember, this is the only album of LOS AMIGOS, that does not feature pianist extraordinaire and founder FRANK EMILIO FLYNN, notwithstanding, it’s a master piece to consider always on this saga about Brazilian Music in Cuba.

FEDERICO BRITOS also played with the Cuban Broadcasting System Orchestra (the ICR Orch.), the National Symphony, the Opera and the Ballet Orchestra, and the dancing charanga orchestra of Cha Cha Cha creator and violinist Enrique Jorrin.

Federico lives now in Florida, USA, with his Cuban wife and family, leads his Group Danzon By Six, and The Hot Club of the Americas Group, and received a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT GRAMMY AWARD, for all his outstanding contribution to the Music.

ALSO in Havana, pianist Felipe Dulzaides, leader of El Combo Los Armonicos, shines among the first to version Brazilian Music on his immense repertoire. One Note Samba, The Girl from Ipanema and Wave, from Antonio Carlos Jobim’s crop, were constant anthems in his live performances.

In this episode, our BACKGROUND MUSIC for final liner notes and comments features, SAMBA DE AMORE, composed by RENE TOLEDO, and played by RENE with trumpet master ARTURO SANDOVAL in his album FLIGHT TO FREEDOM  produced by Joel Dorn and Ricardo Eddie Martínez “Edito”  for GRP Records in 1991.

The orchestration is superb !


HEITOR VILLA-LOBOS (b. Rio de Janeiro, March 5, 1887 – d. November 17, 1959) was a  prolific BRAZILIAN composer,  conductor, cellist, pianist, and guitarist,  described as “the single most significant creative figure in 20th-century Brazilian art music.

has become one of the best-known South American composers of all time. HE wrote numerous orchestral, chamber, instrumental,  and vocal works, totaling over 2000 masterpieces by his lamented death in 1959.

His music was influenced by both Brazilian folk music and by stylistic elements from the European classical tradition, as exemplified by his BACHIANAS BRASILEIRASBrazilian Bachian-pieces, inspired by German composer Johann Sebastian Bach’s  A Well-Tempered Clavier,  that was given to him by an aunt.

His Études for Guitar (1929) were dedicated to Spanish Maestro ANDRES SEGOVIA,  while his 5 Preludes (1940) were dedicated to his spouse Arminda Neves d’Almeida, aka “Mindinha.”  Both are important works in the guitar repertory.


TOLEDO is a jazz guitar instructor and member of Renaissance Music Academy’s Faculty in Henderson, Nevada. 

HE was born in Havana, Cuba, on July 3, 1957,  began studying the guitar at age 10 under the tutelage of Professor Leopoldina Nuñez.

At age 12, entered the Elementary Level at the Alejandro Garcia Caturla Conservatory under professor Clara Nicola.
And graduated successfully,  from the Conservatory Amadeo Roldán, under the tutelage of Marta Cuervo in 1977, playing La Chacona from Bach’s Partita in D Minor, originally written for the violin, a transcription in E Minor; a key rarely used !. 

In 1980, RENE TOLEDO settled domicile in Florida, and  during the years 1994 and 1997, was appointed as a Jazz Guitar Instructor at the Florida International University.   

RENE’S musical career has won several GRAMMY AWARDS including a Nomination as Producer of the Year for the album CAUTIVO by Puertorican Pop Star CHAYANNE in 2006, where Guitar licks accent much of the album!.

Also in 2006, Mr. TOLEDO won a GRAMMY for his participation as a guitarist in the album ORAL FIXATION by Colombian Pop Star SHAKIRA.

Grammy Winner as producer and composer of ALMA CARIBEÑA  (Caribbean Soul) with GLORIA ESTEFAN. 
Another Grammy, crowned his international career as a Special Guest with ARTURO SANDOVAL on his album DANZON (Dance On, 1994).

RENE TOLEDO has played in some of the most renowned Jazz Festivals around the world, and is featured as a sessionist-in-demand in more than 1,000 recordings and live performances with AFROCUBA’77, Felipe Dulzaides y Los Armónicos, Jon Secada, Jennifer López, Juan Luis Guerra, Christina Aguilera,  Marc Anthony, Adam Lambert, Santana, Celin Dion, Julio Iglesias, Jane Monheit, Ilan Chester, Celia Cruz, Pepe Rivero, Vicky Carr, Marco Rizo, The Manhattan Transfer,  Ricky Martin, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Paquito D’Rivera, … and countless others.

RENE TOLEDO lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The 5 pianists in these Concerts recorded in CUBA, in 2003, were all supported creatively, and every note they played could be considered as holy, creating a magical synergy, among themselves, with the Orchestra, and with the audience. 

Elvira Santiago, our first guest, has played the most representative concertos for the piano accompanied by the Symphony Orchestras of Havana and Matanzas.

Presenting these 5 Concertos for the Piano on Television, here in VERMONT,  is a joyful, triumphant, exuberant experience. I hope that as you watch and listen to these tracks, you will agree.
Special Thanks to REBECCA PADULA, for generously sharing her creative spirit in the success of all our music episodes. 

Colibrí Productions, for always going the extra mile. 

Guitar Master Eduardo Martín for helping me share the rich story of the unequal René Toledo.

Ulises Hernández, pianist, producer and director of The Mozarteum of Havana, for his enthusiasm and encouragement to recapture the legacy of HEITOR VILLALOBOS.

Feel welcomed to watch our 81 episodes through our LCATV Channel 1075 website.

LCATV means LAKE CHAMPLAIN ACCESS TELEVISION and we are coming to you from Colchester, Vermont, the Green Mountain State in the United States of America.

Buen provecho, and please don’t forget that your comments and feedback are very important for us.



Directly from Havana, Cuba El Chispa y Los Cómplices agregan sabor rumbero a nuevo videoclip


Escrito por ALAIN AMADOR PARDO 27 ABRIL 2021

Editado por Toni Basanta


El Chispa y los Cómplices

La Habana, 27 de abril (Fuente: Agencia Cubana de Noticias)

La popular agrupación Chispa y Los Cómplices estrenará mañana JUEVES 29 de ABRIL, a la 1:00 pm en su Canal de YouTube, el videoclip de Te Vas A Arrepentir, con la participación especial de Los Muñequitos de Matanzas.

Compuesto por Joaquín García y con arreglos y orquestación del líder y bajista de la orquesta Ignacio R. Cervantes mejor conocido como “El Chispa”, el sencillo forma parte de la 7ma producción discográfica Tanto Tienes Tanto Vales, aún en proceso de mezcla.

En exclusiva a la ACN, “El Chispa” expresó:

“Fue una experiencia increíble el hecho de que los Muñequitos colaboraran con nosotros en el tema. Para TODOS, fue tremenda alegría porque es uno de los grupos de RUMBA de CUBA que mantiene una identidad propia”.

La internacionalmente reconocida formación matancera compartió en el estudio junto a la orquesta de una manera natural, y el resultado estará también disponible MANANA JUEVES 29 en las plataformas digitales deL SELLO DISCOGRAFICO  Producciones Abdala.

Tal fusión constituye la primera vez que El Chispa y Los Cómplices interactúan con una agrupación en pleno, ya que antes, para otras producciones, habían invitado a percusionistas cultivadores del género de manera individual.


Yo estoy muy agradecido de Diosdado Ramos “Figurín” y de todos los muchachos de la Familia de los Muñequitos de Matanzas, agregó.

Hisandra Maury es la realizadora del videoclip, filmado en los Estudios de Producciones Abdala, durante el proceso de grabación de Te Vas A Arrepentir.

Tanto tienes tanto vales, que saldrá al mercado próximamente, será su 2da producción con el Sello Unicornio de Producciones Abdala.

Este es un disco que hemos tratado de una manera diferente, porque tuvimos mucho tiempo en esta época de pandemia. Hicimos alrededor de 6 trabajos de mesa antes de hacer los arreglos. Es un disco al que le auguro mucha felicidad, comentó.

Algunas puestas de voces y el proceso de mezcla y masterización es lo que resta para concluir una producción de 11 temas, matizada con muchos géneros de nuestra música popular bailable.


Una de las peculiaridades diferentes que va a tener Tanto tienes tanto vales, manifestó, “es que no seré yo el único arreglista. Tengo el gustazo de compartir arreglos y la producción con Joaquín Betancourt, uno de los músicos más queridos, y de los mejores orquestadores que tenemos en nuestro país”.

El Chispa también comentó que un detallado y riguroso trabajo con la percusión, a cargo de El Melo y el baterista Germán Castellanos, distingue la sonoridad del fonograma, a la vez que destacó el papel jugado por las guitarras, instrumento que no forma parte de LOS COMPLICES hasta ahora, pero que valora incorporar.

En este sentido, el trabajo del guitarrista Julio Montoro –director de Alma Latina- la participación especial de Arturito Cruz en el tres, y el flautista Orlando Valle “Maraca” en uno de los temas, será otro éxito !.

Completan los invitados de la 7ma entrega discográfica de El Chispa y los Cómplices, las voces de muy populares exponentes de la música popular, como el siempre joven Pedrito Calvo en una versión Homenaje a Juan Formell de Y qué tú crees ? pieza que forma parte de la banda sonora del filme Los Pájaros Tirándole a la Escopeta.


Con 22 años de ininterrumpida presencia en el panorama musical de la Isla, la agrupación liderada por el bajista Ignacio R. Cervantes, “El Chispa”, continúa poniendo a bailar a los amantes del género dentro y fuera de CUBA.

Producciones Abdala Chispa y los Cómplices nuevo videoclip Muñequitos de Matanzas

Mi Comentario

El Chispa es una gran bajista y band lider, lo conozco desde que trabajaba con el cantante Jorge Luis Rojas “Rojitas” donde tuvo mucho éxito en la radio, en la televisión, y en las pistas de baile.


Cuando yo fui parte en el intento de hacer del Johnny’s Dream / Rio Club, EL CLUB IRAKERE, El Chispa y Los Cómplices fueron de los primeros en colaborar, gesto que le agradecere siempre.

Aunque se le conoce mas como bajista de musica bailable cubana, EL CHISPA una vez integró el Cuarteto de JAZZ del guitarrista JORGE TRIANA, donde actuaron otros aces: el pianista Emilio Morales y el baterista Enrique Pla.

Quizás esta pueda ser una posibilidad para el nuevo álbum.

Con todo mi cariño, y que se repita con una Nueva Rumba,

Toni Basanta

Productor del programa THE CUBAN BRIDGE ON THE RADIO @ WWPV 92.5 FM “The Mike” emisora del Saint Michael’s College en Colchester, Vermont, EUA desde Febrero de 2010

Y de HAVANA FAIRFAX CONNECTION at LCATV Canal 1075, tambien en Colchester, Vt. donde ya tenemos 82 episodios de Musica con todos los géneros y estilos, y donde queremos que estén EL CHISPA y LOS COMPLICES y LOS MUñEQUITOS con su bella unión!.

LOS MUñEQUITOS ya están, como parte del DVD del álbum LA SOLUCION del sello EGREM.


Sumense a mi actividad y déjennos sus comentarios.

Havana Fairfax Connection presents Joe Davidian Trio Live at The Skinny Pancake !

In sunny Jacksonville, Florida this Memorial Day Weekend, May 23-26 was celebrated the 2019 Jacksonville Jazz Festival and the Jacksonville Jazz Piano Competition. The winner was a Vermonter !


Pianist JOE DAVIDIAN was born into a family of musicians and his father, RICH DAVIDIAN, a jazz musician, and founding director of the Vermont Jazz Ensemble, bolstered his interest in and study of jazz.

JOE attended the University of Miami,  where HE earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Jazz Piano Performance. JOE formed his own working TRIO in Florida in 1991, and has always been playing with his longtime peers in his native VERMONT !

AFTER A FEW YEARS IN NASHVILLE, HE currently lives, teaches and performs in New York City, where he is quickly becoming recognized as a major player on the world’s foremost jazz scene.

I  could  greet him and his father and give them both a  VOW in JUNE 2019 during their performances at The Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, and THEY are both featured on two of our Havana Fairfax Connection episodes!

This live presentation at The Skinny Pancake in Burlington by JOE DAVIDIAN TRIO shows JOE  doing things as only HE can,  thanks to drummer Collen Helms,  his partner since High School, and bassist Anthony Santor, who provided exceptional accompanying lines and  provocative solos.
They three played so well together ! 


When I began filming,  THE SKINNY PANCAKE had just a few clients, but as soon as the set began burning, and  the place habitual customers arriving and JOE announced  the last song before a deserved break, I took the word to announce his award at THE JACKSONVILLE INTERNATIONAL JAZZ PIANO COMPETITION just two weeks before.

There were lots of inquiries, which are good for recognition and publicity, and many stood up to buy his new album.
Sound quality is excellent throughout, with the inevitable crossing of customers, waiters and waitresses, but the session is saved, by the wise hands of my incredible partner REBECCA PADULA, the editor of all our HFFC episodes. 

I want to express my deepest acknowledgements to singer and songwriter JOHN KORBEL with whom JOE DAVIDIAN had worked as a sideman in his album EARTHLIGHT.  It was KORBEL who told me about the AWARD of his pianist in The Sunshine State.


Congrats for the entire DAVIDIAN FAMILY, this should be a must followed family, due to their legacy to the music.   




Composed by saxophonist and bandleader Bryan McNamara CD “LOVE FOR ALL”   
Recorded by David Diamond at Diamond in the Rough Studios 
February and May, 2007  in  South Burlington, Vermont, USA 
Mixed by Kilimanjaro pianist Chas Eller at his Charlotte Studios, also in Vermont.

Played by BRYAN McNAMARA and Souls’ Calling Quintet.

This is one of the first albums I received by a local artist precisely during their presentation at the Burlington Discover Jazz Fest on Church Street in 2008. I had heard  about JOE DAVIDIAN,  via some of my friends musicians in FLORIDA, and went to see him playing.  On that set was BRYAN McNAMARA, who friendly gifted me his first release.

ince then, I have been discovering more and more artists and bands of high caliber in every edition. And specially by McNamara, another Funk oriented aggregation known as STRENGTH IN NUMBERS featuring singer EMMA FRANCK.  

This Jazz instrumental song,  HOW ‘BOUT IT ?  to close our episode, has some attractions to my ears;  it’s the best Song of the entire album, and features two of the greatest soloists born in the Green Mountain Stateguitarist Nicholas Cassarino and pianist Joe Davidian, who have continued to stretch their abilities and possibilities as unstoppable musicians.

Cassarino is an inventive and talented guitarist who is well worth discovering after the solo in this HOW ‘BOUT IT ? and also by his Duets with singer-trumpeter Jennifer Hartswick and mentor guitarist Paul Asbell.

Also dig on bassist ROBINSON MORSE, who had recently launched his own band Sound of Mind with his own compositions; “Enough is Plenty” produced by Taylor Haskins, that in my humble opinion, should have been a HEADLINER of the Burlington Discover Jazz Fest.

Among Rob’s guests was Peter Apfelbaum, the saxophonist band leader of The Hieroglyphics, recognized by other groundbreaking collaborations with The Dafnis Prieto Big Band, and The Cressman Family in San Francisco.

Last but not least, drummer  GEZA CARR,  whose name appears in other albums by creators like pianist DAN SKEA, and can be seen playing live with UVM Bands led by Dr. Rick Davis (rip), trumpeter Ray Vega with his Latin Jazz Combos at the Hotel Vermont on Wednesdays, with saxophonist Chris Peterman Quartet, and the Josh Child Trio.

Feel welcomed to visit our LCATV Channel 1075 website and enjoy all these guys in Full Swing on different episodes.

We are coming to you from Colchester, Vermont, USA !

LCATV means Lake Champlain Access Television





I discovered Heartless when looking for information about Mike Maslack, the leader of All That Band, as I found his name associated to a band named Radio Fly, where one of the singers was Jasmine White.   I didn’t know her, and had never heard her singing but felt really interested when she proposed me other bands from her GiggingVt. Productions catalogue/ now renamed as Vynil Spell.

Since I am always interested in reviewing and writing about vocalists in the first place,  there was something about her persuasive manner that led me to check out some links.    

The reward couldn’t be better, as we have been discovering bands like Rehab Roadhouse, Cynthia Sullivan and  Son of a Gun, and a re-encounter with Country Music guitarist singer and songwriter Tim Brick and his New Band, whom I knew since his days with Jimmy T. 

Hopefully, you can now find them all through our Channel website. HEARTLESS is featured on Episode 14.


Frankly,  I felt out of the blue, when I first heard Heartless via a smashing Concert in YouTube  from Tunbridge World Fair, in Tunbridge, Vermont. 

Finally, we had Heartless in the  LCATV studio in Colchester, Vt. in 2017.

They delivered 8 combined tunes of Canadian-American Heart  and the iconic English Hard Rock Band Led Zeppelin  with the inherent soulfulness and shrewd sense of interpretation that mark all Great Rock Artists ! 

Jasmine’s phrasing exudes a relaxed confidence and musicality that conjures up such classic singers as Grace Slick (Jefferson Starship), Pat Benatar, Blondie and The Wilson Sisters, of course. She simply hit me with her best shots !

The name of Heartless: New England’s Tribute Band to Ann Wilson of Heart and Led Zeppelin is clever for many reasons.  It shifts moods from unforgettable moments in their lives.

Songs and Bands they grew up with, while revealing  the ability to bring new breathe to Classics like “Magic Man”, “Immigrant Song”, “Alone”,  “Ramble on”, “All I wanna do”  and “Stairway to heaven”.Ocultar el mensaje original 

Boys and Girls, the whole band demonstrates a genuine feel for the entire repertoire.

Their haunting emotional reading of Dog and Butterfly represents Jasmine’s background as a Theater Actress.
For the auspicious debut on our TV show, Jasmine surrounds herself with 5 of The Best Rock Players in the US, as Heartless lists a crew of top-shelf musicians.

Guitarists Jeff James and Scott Campbell throw down scintillating riffs in every Song, while Scott shines on STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN in the acoustic and the electric.

This Stairway ... is Scott’s solo affair, and although he said he had never gone to a Music School and is a self-taught guitarist, inspired by his father, I later discovered his abilities to play the violin.

Because of his playing the violin, he’ll probably bring it in for a new TV show in 2022. I found a lot more about his chops as a multi-instrumentalist,  recording and engineering in his own Studio in Barre, Vermont.

Jeff James impressed me from the first minute exchanging riffs with bassist Mike Stridesberg during the sound check.
James gets to stretch in every Song except STAIRWAY …while Mike stays his rock-solid course throughout  this entire show. 

There was a myth after the death of Led Zeppelin’s drummer John Bonham who died on September 25,1980, but there’s no doubt that Heartless drummer Bob Defeo’s energy is indicative of discerning Rock musicians whose artistic progression is evident and inevitable. 

Magic Keys !  

Heartless Keyboardist Kevin McEnerney is prominently featured throughout, and himself contributes to the Rock Magic and music arrangements with harmony vocals as well.
Catch the quote he digs in Stairway to Heaven,  Ramble On, and Dog and Butterfly.  

McEnerney is a follower of most Rock Piano Masters and Singers: Elton John, Billy Joel, Steve Porcaro and David Paich of Toto, and countless others.

Diehard fans remain eternally hopeful for a reunion of Led Zeppelin,  while contenting themselves in the meantime, with the efforts of guitarist Jimmy Page to digitalize all their essential collection and a steady stream of best-selling re-issues.

Robert Plaint has created his own band and covers his Super Hits with younger players shifting new harmonic effects, while keeping collaborations with Allison Krauss. 

Bassist John Paul Jones has been recognized by his many collaborations with musicians across a variety of genres, including Josh Homme, and Dave Grohl with the Super Group Them Crooked Vultures, and has participated in 7 films.  

The three members Page, Plaint and Jones,  were honored at The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. on December 2, 2012. It was televised on Dec. 26, 2012.

In my opinion, it was probably one the best Tributes I have ever seen !
Jack Black introduced the band and the performers included The Foo Fighters, Kid Rock, Lenny Kravitz, and Heart. All rendering amazing performances. They were also lauded by President Barrack Obama.

Heart singers could probably get back together sooner. By now this Tribute is for Ann Wilson, who has been collaborating with Portuguese Heavy Metal guitarist Nuno Bettencourt during the CoVid 19 seclusion.

Like Brit Floyd, pushing the Rock Art of Pink Floyd, Heartless,  could continue filling the void, with newer stunning versions of Heart and Led Zeppelin.  

Point is, the synergy created by Jeff, Scott, Bob, Mike, Kevin and Jasmine, who were already well established in the music business before they ever came together as a Group in Vermont,The Green Mountain State.

I don’t think I’m wrong, when I heartily affirm that Vermont Heartless provided our audience a highly satisfying first outing; and hopefully, the first of many to come. Their episode was successfully replayed in December 2020 (31 episodes, either genre, under BEAT THE WINTER), and in March 2021 other 31 episodes celebrating The International Women’s Day (History Month). 

After watching or reading, please let me know what you think about this.  

The background music used for acknowledgements is Road Song composed by Guitar Master John L. “Wes” Montgomery, played by guitarist Graham Dechter and his Quartet feat. renowned jazz players John Clayton (bass), Tamir Hendelman (piano) and Jeff Hamilton (drums). 

CD “Takin’ it there” Capri Records, 2012 grahamdechter.com  & caprirecords.com

Peace I All We Need 


Fuente: Comité Organizador

Carhueso PrOmOtOr:  Jazz A Lo Cubano

Editado por Toni Basanta

Del 29 de abril al 2 de mayo

“Dedicamos esta 4ta edición a la memoria de Sergio Pichardo y de Chick Corea; al centenario del natalicio de Frank Emilio Flynn; al 110 aniversario de los natalicios de Arsenio Rodríguez y Armando Romeu; al 45 aniversario de la muerte de Adolfo Guzmán; al 80 cumpleaños de Chucho Valdés y al Día Internacional del Jazz.

EL FESTVAL MATANZAS JAZZ es un espacio para la promoción, divulgación y desarrollo del JAZZ CUBANO en su amplio espectro (sinfónico, de cámara, vocal).

MATANZAS rinde especial tributo al antecedente AFRICANO – como uno de los elementos comunes al JAZZ y a la MUSICA CUBANA.

Cada año el Festival acoge tematicas de acuerdo a efemérides del ámbito jazzístico.

En esta IV edición promovemos el slogan es “El Jazz Saluda al Son” por tratarse del 110 Aniversario del natalicio del músico matancero Ignacio de Loyola Rodríguez Scull, mundialmente conocido como Arsenio Rodríguez (Matanzas 1911- NY 1970).

Entre los principales objetivos del evento nos proponemos

Insertar a Matanzas en la escena jazzística contemporánea, atendiendo al aporte de dicha provincia al género, lo que se evidencia en la singularidad de estilo de jazzistas matanceros de varias generaciones. 

Propiciar una necesaria interacción con el Programa de Desarrollo para la Enseñanza Artística

En circunstancias “normales” el Festival convoca a los estudiantes a presentar proyectos en colectivo a fin de incluirse en el programa, así como también los invita a “descargar” en los espacios concebidos a tales efectos, dándoles la posibilidad de compartir la escena con figuras de renombre en el panorama del jazz en Cuba, como son: Enrique Plá, Yasek Manzano, Bobby Carcassés, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Zulueta y Alejandro Falcón.

Además de los conciertos, se realizan actividades colaterales que incluyen conferencias, charlas, clases magistrales, talleres para los estudiantes, exposiciones visuales, y presentaciones de libros, discos y videos.

El Festival cuenta con un Comité Organizador que trabaja para lograr el resultado exitoso de las actividades programadas.

El mismo está conformado de la siguiente manera:

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Zulueta, presidente, Alejandro Falcón, vicepresidente, Leydet Garlobo González coordinación general, Lourdes Fernández Valhuerdi, Ileana P. Pinedo Navia, Arsenio García y Diana Rosa Pérez, colaboración técnica y asesoría.

Antonio Santovenia, producción general, Damián Castillo y Claudia Padrón, diseño gráfico y comunicación.

El Festival Matanzas Jazz es patrocinado por el Ministerio de Cultura, la Dirección Provincial de Cultura de Matanzas y la UNEAC de Matanzas.

El Instituto Cubano de la Música ICM, el Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de la Música Cubana CIDMUC,

la EPCME (Empresa Provincial de Musica) Rafael Somavilla de Matanzas, La Sala de Conciertos José White, el Centro Nacional de Música Popular CNMP, la Asociación Hermanos Saíz AHS de Matanzas , el Centro Provincial de Superación para la Cultura “Ignacio Cervantes”, Artes Escénicas, Cuba Ron S.A, Asociación de cantineros de Artex y la Agencia de Viajes Paradiso.

Matanzas Jazz celebrará su 4ta edición del día 29 de abril al 2 de mayo, homenajeando el Día Internacional del Jazz (30 de abril).

En esta ocasión se realizará en la modalidad virtual.

Invitados especiales que participarán de manera virtual

Chucho Valdés, Wynton Marsalis y Arturo O’Farrill

Conciertos Virtuales

Mestizaje Jazz Band Casino Bellamar, Alejandro Falcón y Los Muñequitos de Matanzas – presentación del DVD “Jazz con Guaguancó”.

Atenas Brass Ensemble, Coro de Cámara de Matanzas,

Presentaciones virtuales-Alejandro Falcón y Cubadentro, AfroCuba de Matanzas, Sonora Lira Matancera, Orquesta Miguel Failde, Familia O’Neil de Ciego de Ávila, Emilio Vega y Paso al Frente, Pablo Menedez y Mezcla, Swing Cubano

Quinteto Matanzas Dixieland Club, Ruy Lopez-Nussa y La Academia, Gastón Joya y su New Cuban Trío, Marcos Morales Quintet, Janio Abreu y Aires de Concierto, Grupo Vocal Jazz Pop (Canadá), Trabasón, Armonía-Conexión Cubana, José María Vitier, Bobby Carcassés, Orlando Valle “Maraca”, Yasek Manzano, Idael Rodríguez Ávila,

Jessica Clemente, Aldo Mazza (KOSA/Montreal, Canada), Lien Rodriguez y Luna Pantoja, y Rey Pantoja.

Conferencias Virtuales

El jazz vocal apuntes para una historia por Jessica Clemente.

La leyenda de El Ciego Maravilloso por Leydet Garlobo González

Presentación del libro biográfico de Arsenio Rodríguez del autor Francisco Benedicto González Lobe “Pancholín”.

El jazz y los derechos humanos: diversidad, inclusión y libertad de improvisación por Arsenio García.

Panel Matanzas para el jazz y viceversa con la participación de Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Zulueta “Miguelón”, Bruno Villalonga, Roger Reina, José Antonio González Fong, Rodolfo Horta, entre otros.

Realización de un video interactivo de la obra Fly me to the moon de Bart Howard, muy popular en la voz de Frank Sinatra y otros crooners del Jazz Vocal.

Toni Basanta

DJ Host of The Cuban Bridge on the radio @ WWPV 92.5 FM “The Mike”, emisora del Saint Michael’s College en Colchester, Vermont, EUA



The Cuban Bridge on the radio Febrero de 2019

Queridos amigos y amigas
Dear friends, 

Este es el playlist de mi programa THE CUBAN BRIDGE  que sale al aire cada DOMINGO a traves de la WWPV 92.5 FM “The Mike” emisora del Saint Michael’s College en la ciudad de Colchester, Vermont, el estado de las montañas verdes en los EU de America.

EL DOMINGO  17 de FEBRERO  transmitimos a partir de la 12: 30 pm  y hasta las 5 pm y  presentamos el CD/DVD “EL DRUMS EN CUBA” del legendario baterista ENRIQUE PLA.

Presentamos ademas el album BACK TO THE SUNSET del tambien baterista DAFNIS PRIETO que se alzo con el Premio Grammy al Mejor Album de Latin Jazz 2019, en una categoria donde habia  EXCELENTES producciones.

Este fue un programa a partir del album de ENRIQUE PLA y ya veran que los musicos que tocan en su disco estaran en nuestro CUBAN BRIDGE en otras buenas producciones.

FELICIDADES al pianista ERNAN LOPEZ-NUSSA por la direccion musical de EL DRUMS EN CUBA, y aprovechamos para darle nueva vida a su album PAS DE TROIS (2009) – donde participan YANDY MARTINEZ (bajista)  y ENRIQUE PLA.

No queremos que se sientan solos o solas, en EL MES DEL AMOR y LA AMISTAD.
FEBRERO en los EUA ES TAMBIEN EL MES DE LA MUSICA NEGRA = The Black American History Month.    

Y desde Colchester, VERMONT comenzamos con 

1) CANTALOUPE ISLAND De Herbie Hancock – en version del saxofonista JESUS FUENTES con su Santo Tomas Connection CD”Isla de Suenos”  Egrem / Autentico Producciones 2011

Jesus, Zoe Fuentes y Melody Spartacus estan participando en el Festi’Brass en la Isla de Martinica, como solistas e instructores. 

2) TIN TIN DEO De Chano Pozo y Dizzy Gillespie

Por Ernan Lopez-Nussa CD”Havana Report”  Unicornio, 2002″

Durante varios anos fue el tema de presentacion de mi programa SABROSO GUARAPO  en una emisora comunitaria de Burlington conocida como THE RADIATOR con 100 Watts de Furia ! .  

CD “BACK TO THE SUNSET” Premio Grammy 2019 al Mejor Album de Latin Jazz

Solistas: Brian Lynch (tp), Manuel Valera (p),  Roberto Quinteto (tumbadoras) y Dafnis Prieto (d)


4) THIS WILL BE (an everlasting love) Una riquisima version de un clasico de los 70s a cargo del saxofonista DAVE KOZ – para bailar ! CD “Summer Horns II”  from A to Z. Lo tome de la Compilacion de la Revista Jazziz Critics Choise 2019.  Excelente !

5) HAPPY SONG Anat Cohen Tentet CD”Happy Song, 2017 Much More and Greater Women in Jazz populate this TENTET ! Congrats for Anat and Oded Lev-Ari et.al. 


Composed by Mary Lou Williams, Jack Lawrence and Paul Francis Webster played by singer CATHERINE RUSSELL with SHERRIE MARICLE & The Diva Jazz Orchestra

CD”Walkin’ & Swingin” The Kennedy Center Mary Lou Williams Women in Jazz Fest 2010 Vol II Kennedy Center Recordings For Geri Allen and Dr. Billy Taylor (rip).  

7) THIS IS NEW Composed by Kurt  Weil and Ira GershwinSung by Denise Donatelli  CD”In the company of Friends”

Denise’s debut album arranged and produced by pianist  TOM GARVIN  Jazzed Media, 2005

8) MI REMEDIO = MY REMEDY (estreno / from Russ to his wife) 

Saxophonist RUSS NOLAN with a NYC based Sextet feat. Mike Eckroth (p), Daniel Fosse (b), Brian Fishler (d), Yasuyo Kimura and Victor Rendon (erc)

CD “Call it what you want” Rhinoceruss Music, 2015 “music to move the skeleton” TB 

9) QUIEN TIENE RITMO ? de Ben Lapidus 
Pablo Menendez y Mezcla con Majela Herrera (flauta y voces), Samuel Formell (timbales) y Julio Norona (guiro) cortesia de

LOS VAN VAN.  CD “I’ll see you in CUBA”Zoho, 2010

10) HURRY UP Alfredo Chacon & Friends feat. Brian Lynch (tp)CD”Caliente Corner” 2018

chaconmusic.com cezanneproducciones.com

11) ANGE  Singer Denise Donatelli with The Geoffrey Keezer Team CD “Soul Shadows” 2012 A Grammy Nominee Album  

THREE FOR NEW ORLEANS in the 300th Birthday of the Cradle of JAZZ

12) TRICENTENNIAL RAG Dr. Michael White with his clarinet et. al. ! CD “Tricentennial Rag” Basin Street Records, 2018

13) GET HAPPY Singer Danny Bacher also from New Orleans CD”Still Happy”Whaling City Sound, 2018

14) MEMPHIS UNDERGROUND Comp by Herbie Mann arranged by Wycliffe Gordon with a New Orleans twist 
Andrea Brachfeld Quartet feat. Mr. Gordon with his trombone and his sousaphone Rufus Reid (b), Bill O’Connell (p) and Winard Harper (d & perc) CD”Lotus Blossom”


15) PLI PLA (for Pla) De Gaston Joya 
Maestro Enrique Pla con Gaston Joya (b), Carlos Miyares (st) y Ernan Lopez-Nussa (p)

CD / DVD “El Drums en Cuba” Bis Music, 2017 

Muy pronto en mi programa de televison HAVANA FAIRFAX CONNECTION at LCATV Canal 15 en Colchester, Vermont, EUA.


YA tenemos 43 episodios sonando desde Vermont y llegando  hasta Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Wiscosin, California y Washington DC.

Chequeen el material, tenemos  mas de 91 visitas en varios de los  programas desde Diciembre de 2018


 16) PERDIDO ( = Lost)   Jazz Mambo Composed by Juan Tizol and Duke Ellington 
Dr. Wayne Wallace and his Latin Jazz Quintet feat. singer Kenny Washington CD “To Hear from There” Patois, 2011 


De Chucho Valdes – orquestacion de Ernesto Camilo Vega para el Cuarteto de Cuerdas Amadeo Roldancon

E.C. Vega (clarinete) CD”Collage” Colibri, 2012

18) SENOR BLUE Composed by Horace Silver Sung by Mark Winkler and Cheryl Bentyne

CD “West Coast Blues” Summit Records, 2013 


19) BLUES DE MARIETAErnan Lopez-Nussa  CD”Habana Report”Unicornio, 2002

20) COULD YOU BE LOVED Everton “Pablo” Paul y La Academia de Ruy Lopez-Nussa tocan la musica de BoB MARLEY and The Wailers CD / DVD “Remembrance” Side Door Records 

Gracias a RUY LOPEZ-NUSSA y a su esposa por todas las atenciones y la importante actualizacion de la musica de LA FAMILIA LOPEZ-NUSSA para futuros programas en la radio y la television, desde VERMONT.  

REPERCUSIONES esta que corta !  Abrazos.         


Harold Lopez-Nussa Trio Ruy Adrian Lopez-Nussa (drums y bongo) Gaston Joya (bajo) y Harold (p) 
CD “Un Dia Cualquiera” A day like any other  Mack Avenue, 2018 

22) DINGA DONGO DUNGA De Ernan Lopez-Nussa – inspirado por la GANDINGA, MONDONGO y SANDUNGA de Frank Emilio 

Enrique Pla con Oliver Valdes y Rodney Barreto (baterias) Jorge Chicoy (g), Jorge Reyes (bajo), Adel Gonzalez y Yaroldy Abreu (perc)


23) CHEVERE (Cuban Jazz) De Vanito Brown en la voz de Gema Corrredera “vamos a sentirnos chevere, de verdad !”


24) LA BICHINA  Ernan Lopez-Nussa Trio con Yandy Martinez (bajo) y Enrique Pla (d)
CD “Pas de Trois” Colibri, 2009 

25) PRISIONERA (que me quieten lo bailao …)

De Barbara de los Angeles “Baby” cantante lider de la Orquesta Anacaona, orquestacion de Jose Carlos Acosta CD “Mi Entrega”  Colibri, 2011

26) PUESTO Y CONVIDADO (sabrosisimo tema!)

Ernan Lopez-Nussa Trio con Yandy Martinez (bajo) y Enrique Pla (d)CD “Pas de Trois”  Colibri, 2009 

27) NO TENGO OTRO LUGAR (I have no other place)YUSA con Robertico Carcasses (p), Feliciano Arango (b), Oliver Valdes (d), Adel Gonzalez(congas), Juan Carlos Marin (tb), Julito Padron (tp) y Carlos Miyares (st)
CD”Haiku”    TUMI, 2008   produccion de Ale Siqueira

“Escogi este tema porque me gusta mucho el trabajo de los metales, y porque aqui estan varios de los musicos que tocan en el disco de ENRIQUE PLA. Quise de todo corazon que fuera una Gran Reunion y Una Gran Familia, sonando en y desde mi modesto programa”.  

28) LUISITO (con pachanga y sombrerito) Musica de Ernan Lopez-Nussa y versos de Kelvis Ochoa  
ENRIQUE PLA  con Ernan, Gaston, Adel, Yaroldy, y Kelvis

Tremenda yunfa que tiene este tema y los coros – tremenda edicion ! Ya los puse a guarachar en el FB  de la emisora y otros.  

El Grupo de Pedrito Martinez con Matt Dillon (spoken word) y Wynton Marsalis sonando como todo un buen Rumbero !

CD”The Pedrito Martinez Group” Con esta Rumba promovimos el Doble Concierto de Pedrito Martinez y Alfredo Rodriguez Jr. el DOMINGO 17 de Febrero (mismo dia de mi programa) en el Flynn Space de Burlington.

Fui al 2do show y quedo requete bien ! El 1ro Sold Out  = cerrado por capacidad !  Con Cuba en el Corazon !

30) ITEWERE (canto Yoruba a Ochun)
Grupo Sintesis CD “Traigo para dar” 2010

THE LOVE BRIDGE = Como los Adagios en la Musica Clasica es la musica y los sonidos que siguen ….

31) LA DANZA DE MAKUKI  De Yasek Manzano  
ENRIQUE PLA con Ernan, Gaston, y Yasek con su trompeta maravillosa CD/DVD EL DRUMS EN CUBA 

Ademas de esta pieza, escrita para el album del maestro PLA,  debo afirmar y dar a conocer al mundo entero el desarrollo autoral que ha alcanzado YASEK MANZANO, a quien conozco DESDE  hace  TRES DECADAS, cuando tocaba con el AfroJazz de Bobby Carcasses siendo todavia un nino … 

Estuve en su casa, y sus padres me mostraron sus trabajos con la trompeta piccolo acompanado por la Orquesta Solistas de La Habana, en las Salas Europeas de Bellas Artes.
Tambien me deleitaron con  un “Blues a La Habana” donde YASEK se hace acompanar de un joven Cuarteto de muchachas que estudian SAXOFON en el ISA.

El video de “BLUES A LA HABANA” es de su autoria. 

Felicidades a sus padres, Salvador y  Quisqueya, a su hermano Keiser y a  toda la Familia. TB   

32) EQUILIBRIO De Amaury Perez CD”Equilibrio”  Unicornio, 1999

Me encanta revolver los sonidos de antes, los “oldies” y  esta es una de las  bellas canciones de AMAURY PEREZ. En este album toca ERNAN, junto a Lucia Huergo, Rey Guerra y otros  buenos musicos que integraron su Grupo.  


Alfredo Chacon de su 1er album “Magic Place” grabado en Madrid en el 2011. El Vocalipso me fascina !

34) TU MI DELIRIO (re-armonizacion y policromia maravillosa) De Don Cesar Portillo de la Luz 
Con este antologico titulo aplaudo la UNION de Ramoncito Valle con su primo Orlando “Maraca” Valle. 

Cuantas versiones tiene TU MI DELIRIO ? MILES, pero esta se puede tocar en la mas renombrada SALA DE CONCIERTOS, y estremecer al que se crea mas culto.CD “THE ART OF TWO” El Arte de Dos – el mas dificil de los formatos instrumentales 

Bien merecido el Premio Cuba Disco Felicidades 5 ***** 

35) OJALA  (I HOPE SO) De Silvio Rodriguez 

ENRIQUE PLA con Ernan, Gaston, Niurka Gonzalez (clarinete bajo) y Silvio CD/DVD EL DRUMS EN CUBA 

Pronto en mi programa de television HAVANA FAIRFAX CONNECTION 


36) AMANECERES (de La Suite Habana) de Eduardo Martin 
DUO MARTIN – Eduardo y su hija Galy CD”Sonido a Contraluz”   

Nominado al Premio Cuba Disco Altamente recomendable !   

37) OBSESION – un clasico de la cancion  brasilera en la voz de DEBBIE ORTA una buena cantante de MIAMI (de la Compilacion de la Revista Jazziz)

38) CON ALMA (With Soul) Dizzy Gillespie escribio esta balada y le puso el titulo en Espanol.

Orquestacion  del maestro del piano Bill Cunliffe Solista: Nestor Torres  

CD”Game Changer”

Con esta pieza deseo destacar la participacion de NESTOR TORRES en el Festival Jazz Plaza 2019
Fue un verdadero showman, abrio tocando con el Grupo CAUCE del pianista Yadasny Portillo, despues de MARACA hacer la apertura como Anfitrion. 

TORRES  dirigio  el Grupo de Jovenes Jazzistas  con una maestria muy personal, y en la 2da parte de unio al elenco de LAS FLAUTAS MAGICAS  con el respaldo  de LA ORQUESTA ARAGON y su titular Eduardo Rubio, Maraca (anfitrion), el Dr. Loyola, Renesito “El Sinsonte de Alamar” y una flautista de La Camerata Cortes.TORRES toco y bailo como el inolvidable FELO BACALLAO, y en cada SOLO puso al Teatro Nacional de pie. Su visita cumplio uno de sus mas anhelados suenos.  5 **** y que se repita TB

NOTA: El Septeto Santiaguero  vino despues y NO lucio nada bien.  Lo siento, me fui – sonido insoportablemente ALTO. Se lo hice saber y siguieron tocando sin importarles. TB 


De Julio Fowler en la voz de Gema Corredera para FILINEAR una bella tarde de DOMINGO en el bello Vermont 

40) MEDI II  La musica de Mary Lou Williams por el Cuarteto de la saxofonista VIRGINIA MAYHEW 

CD “Walkin’ & Swingin'” The Mary Lou Williams Women Jazz  Festival Live at The Kennedy Center in 2010 

VOL II The KC Recordings 


41) YO SOY EL JAZZ   de Bobby Carcasses   
CD”Jazz Timbero”  TUMI 1998

42) THE PARTY GOES = LA FIESTA  VA de Harold Lopez-Nussa


El proximo DOMINGO regreso con el album DUOLOGUE de Pedrito Martinez y Alfredo Rodriguez – una produccion de Quincy Jones, y mucho sabor para que se sientan bien.

Los espero. Soy Toni Basanta El DJ Cubano que le trae nuevos ritmos a LA YUMA ENTERA VIA VERMONT

desde Noviembre de 2006. 

Mi BLOG : http://www.cubanbridge.wordpress.com


Fuente Prensa Latina / Carlos El Hueso / jazz mestizo

Editado por Toni Basanta en Fairfax Green, Vermont, EUA

Madrid, 17 de marzo de 2021

El compositor, pianista y percusionista cubano, RUY ADRIAN LOPEZ-NUSSA TORRES, integra la nómina de finalistas en el IV Concurso de Jazz Tete Montoliu, que auspicia la Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE).

RUY ADRIAN compite junto a los compositores españoles Pablo Gutiérrez, Juan Méndez y el uruguayo Fernando Michelin, durante la cita musical que admitió más de 150 obras musicales.

El ya reconocido BATERISTA cubano concretó su participación con la obra A LYLE, que evidencia su estilo propio forjado desde el piano y la batería, mientras forma parte de la joven generación de jazzistas en la Isla.

Según la web oficial de la SGAE, el jurado presenciará en directo la final y, tras escuchar las piezas finalistas -Vaarwell KC, Rubik´s Cube y Cartas desde la cuarentena- decidirá la obra ganadora.

La ceremonia final, prevista para el 9 de ABRIL, Mes de Apreciacion del Jazz, y contará con la colaboración especial del saxofonista Andrés Gómez, el bajista Tomas Melo y la banda de Daniel Juárez.

Fundado en 1999, el Concurso de JAZZ Tete Montoliu rinde homenaje a una de las leyendas del género en España y el mundo, e integra una serie de actividades y premios relacionados con sus principales autores.


Junto a su hermano y pianista HAROLD LOPEZ-NUSSA y NINETY MILES, con el saxofonista CESAR LOPEZ y HABANA ENSEMBLE y LA ORQUESTA SOLISTAS de LA HABANA bajo la direccion de IVAN DEL PRADO, y con su papa; el Gran Drummer RUY LOPEZ-NUSSA y su banda LA ACADEMIA.

A traves de este link puedes verlo, y recuerden que sus comentarios son muy importantes para nosotros !


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