Cuando yo empece a preparar las bases para mi programa THE CUBAN BRIDGE @ WWPV 92.5 FM “The Mike” en la emisora del Saint Michael’s College en Colchester, Vermont, EUA, combine 2 albumes: EMBRACING VOICES de Jane Bunnet y el 1er Volumen de Chala Cubana – proyecto Cubano-Suizo con orquestaciones del pianista Alexis Bosch a partir de composiciones de autores suizos.

Ese CICLO fue un EXITO y una de las VOCES que contribuyo al EXITO fue la de la compositora KELLYLEE EVANS, quien escribio los versos para varias piezas de JANE BUNNET.

Importante tambien fueron Vocal Desandann de Camaguey, Cuba, y Telmary – nuestra bella cantante de Rap con su Homenaje a Pancho Quinto!.

Embracing Voices es un album para tener en cuenta en cada edicion cuando se hable de COLABORACIONES entre MUSICOS CUBANOS y CANADIENSES.

Congrats para los orquestadores David Virelles y Don Thompson, – dos tesoros universales.

Singer Kellylee Evans To Celebrate Canada Day in July 2022

Kellylee Evans Biography by Andy Kellman

Edited by Toni Basanta

Kellylee Evans’ interest in jazz was accidental. Lost on the campus of Ottawa’s Carleton University, where she studied law and English, she mistakenly reached the music department and fell for what she heard.

A vocalist who crosses between jazz and mature retro-R&B, her career received a push in 2004 when she finished second in the Thelonious Monk Jazz Competition, judged by the likes of Quincy JonesFlora Purim, and Al Jarreau.

She debuted independently in 2006 with Fight or Flight, which was nominated for a Juno Award and followed the next year by a live version. Nina, a pared-down tribute to Nina Simone, as well as The Good Girl, were released in 2010. The former won a Juno Award in the category of Best Vocal Jazz Album.

Universal France issued her fourth proper album, I Remember When, in 2013. The set featured covers of John Legend‘s “Ordinary People” and Kanye West‘s “Amazing,” as well as “My Name Is,” a song inspired by Eminem and classic soul.

Following the album’s release, Evans was struck by lightning while doing dishes in her Ottawa home. Over the next two years, she struggled through recovery, suffering headaches and heart palpitations.

She was well enough in 2015 to release the romantic, classic soul-influenced album Come On. However, a subsequent fall and head injury due to lingering effects of the lightning strike led to cancellation of a tour, and yet more recovery time.

After the fall, fellow performer Amanda Martinez launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to help raise money to aid in Evans’ living expenses, ultimately generating over $43,000.

By 2017, Evans had recovered enough to return to singing, performing the Canadian National Anthem at the Juno Cup hockey game, and taking on an artist-in-residence position at her alma mater, Carleton University”.

Jane Bunnett and her album Embracing Voices to celebrate Canada Day in July 2022


Edited by Toni Basanta

Embracing Voices isn’t the first album by Canadian saxophonist/flutist Jane Bunnett-nicknamed “Havana Jane” because of her deep passion for Cuban jazz and her fierce dedication to its preservation and presentation-to include vocalists. Nor would it be fair to call it her best work with voices, since that would diminish such achievements as 1994’s The Water Is Wide, featuring exceptional guest turns by Jeanne Lee and Sheila Jordan, or the towering presence of Ernesto Gatell on Ritmo + Soul in 2000, or the stunning contributions made to 2003’s Cuban Odyssey by Grupo Vocal Desandann.

The 10-member Desandann collective-five men and five women, based in Cuba, but of Haitian descent-play an even larger role in Embracing Voices. Indeed, the luminous blend of their voices can be heard on all 12 tracks, a breathtaking spectrum that extends from the explosive joy of Bunnett’s own “Sway” (co-written with fellow Canadian Kellylee Evans, who takes vocal lead with august authority) to the gently rousing Haitian anthem “Wongolo” (a musical promise that the long-beleaguered nation will rise again), the Creole and French protest cry “Chen nan Ren” and composer and multi-instrumentalist Don Thompson’s “Egberto,” a bracingly beautiful homage to composer Egberto Gismonti that flows like a crystalline jungle stream, culminating with a delightfully honorific rendition of Sheila Jordan’s “The Only One” (again featuring the perspicacious Evans, who also contributed the Jordan-exalting lyric).

Typical of Bunnett, she refuses to make herself the album’s centerpiece, opting instead to meld with the assemblage while pushing others, including Evans, Cuban rap star Telmary (who ignites the fire at the heart of “Chen nan Ren”) and estimable Canadian jazz and blues singer Molly Johnson, who contributes a gorgeously shaded, nine-minute ramble through Jacques Brel and Rod McKuen’s “If You Go Away”, into the limelight.

The other giant of the piece is Thompson, working his inimitable brand of elegant magic as he alternates among vibes, bass, keyboards and marimba. In the liner notes, Bunnett refers to him as a Canadian “national treasure.” Not true. Thompson is an international treasure, and it’s time the world fully recognized him as such.

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Tonin’ an album by The Manhattan Transfer Vocal Quartet 27 Years After!

Tonin’ marked The Manhattan Transfer’s return to Atlantic Records. The term “tonin’” is associated with the Vocal Groups of the 1950’s and 1960’s and the songs here are favorites of the group from that era in time. The list of guest artists is impressive and lends an air of festivity to this wonderful collection of classic R&B songs.

I have very fond memories of this album by The Manhattan Transfer Vocal Quartet. In my opinion is a Revival Album that brought back to the fire many singers and songwriters, and let me learn and discover much of their legacy.

I knew about this album while hosting the radio show IN THE GARDEN OF THE NIGHT (En El Jardin De La Noche) at Radio Taino Tour Station in Havana in 1995.

On the Vermont airwaves, and also in several DJ Live Shows in Richmond’s 4th of July celebrations and others, songs like Let’s Hang On, Hot Fun In The Summer Time, Groovin’ and The Thrill Is Gone have highlighted my playlists.

On the radio, since 1989, THE MANHATTAN TRANSFER VOCAL QUARTET and all their sidemen and sidewomen have been among by favorites.

1. Let’s Hang On (feat. Frankie Valley)
2. Groovin’ (feat. Felix Cavaliere)
3. It’s Gonna Take A Miracle (feat. Smokey Robinson)
4. I Second That Emotion
5. La La Means I Love You
6. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
7. The Thrill Is Gone (feat. B.B. King and Ruth Brown)
8. Hot Fun In The Summertime
9. Along Comes Mary
10. Dream Lover
11. Save The Last Dance For Me
12. God Only Knows


The Thrill Is Gone is a slow minor-key blues song written by West Coast Blues 

musicians Roy Hawkins and Rick Darnell in 1951.

Hawkins’ recording of the song reached # 6  in the Billboard R & B chart in same year. 

In 1970, THE THRILL IS GONE became a major hit for guitar king B.B. King. His rendition helped make the song a blues standard.  

The Manhattan Transfer recorded THE THRILL IS GONE in their album Tonin’ in 1995 featuring  B.B. King and singer Ruth Brown.  

I have very fond memories of this album by The Manhattan Transfer Vocal Quartet. In my opinion is a Revival Album that brought back to the fire many singers and songwriters, and let me learn and discover much of their legacy.

Promise in a new posting a Full Review of this masterpiece: Tonin’ in 1995 which I have played and replayed abundantly in my radio shows here in Vermont !


“As the 1950s began, Ms. Brown’s singles for the fledgling Atlantic Records — like “(Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean” and “5-10-15 Hours” — became both the label’s bankroll and templates for all of rock ’n’ roll. She could sound as if she were hurting, or joyfully lusty, or both at once. Her voice was forthright, feisty and ready for anything”.

Pictured: Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown, original name Ruth Alston Weston, (born Jan. 12, 1928, Portsmouth, Va., U.S.—died Nov. 17, 2006, Las Vegas, Nev.), was an American singer and actress. 

Host: Toni Basanta

Global Warming radio show at UVM station 90.1 FM Burlington (2007-2010) my first radio show in the US.

Sabroso Guarapo (Delicious Sugar Cane Juice) at The Radiator a community station in Burlington, Vt. regarded as VERMONT MUSIC LIBRARY.

The Cuban Bridge at WWPV 92.5 FM “The Mike” on air since February 2010, and the melodies still lingering on.

Game Changer an album by The Ali Ryerson Jazz Flute Big Band – the JFBB debut album!

Written by Jack Bowers in September 3, 2013 for All Music

Respectfully edited by Toni Basanta as I love this album every minute of my life, and have played it regularly in my radio shows The Cuban Bridge and Sabroso Guarapo here in Vermont since 2013.

“Yes, the idea seems rather implausible: a big band comprised of 16 flutes and rhythm.

Flutist Ali Ryerson is the catalyst and guiding hand behind the Jazz Flute Big Band (JFBB), which was formed in 2005 and has been performing at various events across the country ever since.

Before dismissing it out of hand, give the JFBB’s debut album, Game Changer, a listen; you may be in for a pleasant surprise. It’s remarkable what well-written charts can do for an ensemble, even one that consists primarily of a single instrument (or five, if you subdivide the C, alto, bass and contrabass flutes and piccolo).

Needless to say, arranging for a nineteen-piece band sixteen of whose members are playing flute posed an enormous challenge for the half-dozen craftsmen chosen to carry out the enterprise, and each of them has come through with flying colors.

Mike Wofford wrote three charts, Bill Cunliffe and Mike Abene two apiece. Mark Levine scored Clifford Brown‘s bop classic “Daahoud,” Steve Rudolph the Herbie Hancock ballad “Speak Like a Child,” Billy Kerr the classical composer Gabriel Faure’s brooding “Pavane.”

Completing the program are Wayne Shorter‘s “Ana Maria,” Oliver Nelson‘s “Stolen Moments,” Tom Harrell‘s “Sail Away” (Wofford), Dizzy Gillespie‘s “Con Alma,” John Coltrane‘s “Impressions” (Cunliffe), Neal Hefti‘s “Girl Talk” and “Li’l Darlin'” (Abene).

The FJBB’s rhythm section (Mark Levine, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; Akira Tana, drums) is exemplary, as are its trio of guest soloists: Hubert Laws (“Stolen Moments”), Nestor Torres (“Con Alma”) and Holly Hofmann (“Girl Talk”).

Ryerson (alto flute) trades with Hofmann on “Girl Talk” and solos on “Sail Away.”

Others who solo are Paul Lieberman on “Daahoud,” Marc Adler on “Ana Maria,” Jamie Baum on “Speak Like a Child,” Kerr and Fernando Brandao on “Pavane,” Bob Chadwick on “Li’l Darlin.'” And if you think flutists can’t swing as hard as anyone, try “Impressions” (fiery solo courtesy of Andrea Brachfeld).

Notwithstanding the absence of brass and reeds, Game Changer sounds much like any other well-written and superbly performed big-band album. The flutes are clearly more subdued but no less pleasing, the charts as admirable as could be envisioned for an ensemble of this kind. In other words, they are far from bland, nor is the tasteful Jazz Flute Big Band, which is off to an impressive start”.

My comment

I have also enjoyed the liner notes by Peter Westbrook Ph.D. who is the author / producer of the book / film THE FLUTE IN JAZZ ( Westbrook has appeared twice with the Jazz Flute Big Band.

I am doing this new research about THE ALI RYERSON JAZZ FLUTE BIG BAND as I will host the whole album in JULY this year 2022 in my RADIO SHOW THE CUBAN BRDIEG @ WWPV 92.5 FM “The Mike”, the Saint Michael’s College campus station in Colchester, Vermont, the green mountain state, in the US. On Air Sundays after 4 PM.

For streaming:

The Ali Ryerson Jazz Flute Big Band – the JFBB debut album was produced by Ali Ryerson and Tom Burns of Capri Records. It was recorded on October 8 and 9 at Avatar Studios in NYC by Katsuhiko Naito, assisted by Akihiro Nishimura and Mike Bauer. Mastered by Katsuhiko Naito.

Vermont based pianist Michael Hartigan Inspiring Commencement at LCATV

Short Bio of multi-instrumentalist Michael Hartigan

Taken with permission from his website

Edited by Havana Fairfax Connection Host Toni Basanta

It was in 2016, when I first saw Michael Hartigan playing with Ray Vega Latin Jazz Group at the University of Vermont with the Burlington Chamber Orchestra conducted by Doctor Yutaka Kono.

Michael had just arrived from Chicago, and that was a great beginning undoubtedly, the band was tight, the Orchestra played some of the best charts of their repertoire, and the audience was delighted.

Since then, Michael Hartigan is having the time of his life in the Green Mountain State, teaching, playing creating, educating, and finally taking time of his busy schedule, HE came to our Havana Fairfax Connection TV show and played the First Piano Solo Session for our Music Album.

A repertoire of originals, versions played and dressed with his own chops, and also the music of one of his best friends; Ralph Covert.

Two Classical Songs, I could identify while HE played in peace and quiet on his electric piano: Antonio Carlos Jobim’s Chega de Saudade (also known as No More Blues) and My One and Only Love – music by Guy B. Wood and lyrics by Robert Mellin, showing both songs’ jazz potentials for free improvisation.

This new episode will be soon on our Channel website reachable 24 hours a day, but today I feel the need to express my satisfaction.

From his YOUTUBE Channel we will also host 4 of his creations in our PIANO SUMMIT VOLUME 2.

As always, I’d like to thank our LCATV Channel Coordinator, recording engineer and editor REBECCA PADULA, for her constant support, enthusiasm and affection. I could personally feel how much SHE enjoyed this new session!.

To MICHAEL HARTIGAN, so humble and focused on his playing. Hopefully, HE will be back with any of the 10 Projects HE’s part of.

Now please, dig on MICHAEL HARTIGAN STORY!.


Michael Hartigan is a composer, arranger, orchestrator, and producer, living in Burlington, Vermont.
Growing up in Potsdam, New York, Michael began music lessons at the age of six, and was performing regularly with a variety of local musicians by age twelve.
HE studied piano performance and music theory at the Crane School of Music, and composing and arranging at Berklee College of Music, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2006.
HE moved to Vermont in 2016 – after periods of living in Boston and Chicago.
A dynamic and versatile performer, Michael is highly sought after and active in Vermont’s music communities.
While Jazz is a main focus of his playing, HE is equally comfortable in the worlds of Pop, Rock, Blues, Latin, Country, Folk, and Classical music, and HE is occasionally seen performing on violin, accordion, electric bass, or as a vocalist, in addition to his work as a pianist.
HE plays the piano and organ and directs the Choir at Trinity Episcopal Church in Shelburne, VERMONT on Sunday mornings.


Regularly in Burlington The Queen City, and the surrounding area performing as a solo pianist, accompanying singers and choirs, and with numerous ensembles such as:
Anthony Santor Trio, Better Angels, Chicken Fat Injection, Chris Peterman Quartet, Cody Sargent Trio, Dan Ryan Express, Lovecraft, Mal Maiz, Guagua, Brian McCarthy, Ray Vega’s Latin Jazz Sextet and The Sixth Finger of Jazz.

In addition to his regular appearances in the Vermont music scene, MICHAEL HARTIGAN takes several trips each year to Chicago to work  with brilliant songwriter and great friend Ralph Covert, as well as traveling for occasional shows in New York and Nashville.


Between performances, HARTIGAN keeps busy with a variety of collaborative creative projects as a session musician, producer, composer, arranger, and orchestrator. Each project is unique and draws on a different combination of Michael’s ever-evolving resource of musical knowledge, skills and intuition.
HE’s written educational choral arrangements for Hal Leonard, helped lyricists set their words to music, composed original instrumental music for video projects, written orchestrations for the soundtracks of the Destiny Series of Games, worked closely with songwriters to craft arrangements of their songs for the recording studio and for live performances with orchestras, big bands, string quartets, and countless other ensembles.

While projects may be vastly different from one another, the common denominator is Michael’s dedication”.

As HE told us during our Q & A at LCATV, HE endeavors to learn something new with each project and is always seeking new opportunities to grow and collaborate!.

I’d like to thank all the Public Access Channels in the United Stats of America who are replaying our music productions for their communities.

TO THE FANS, – musicians, ordinary people, and friends who navigate through our Channel Website, leaving us THOUSANDS of comments to more than 50 episodes, out of 107 at the time.

Most of all, I hope that they will continue to have a positive effect on, and within your lives.

A lot of Love!

Toni Basanta

Host: The Cuban Bridge on the radio at WWPV 92.5 FM “The Mike”, Saint Michael’s College campus station. Sundays 4 PM.

For Streaming:

Havana Fairfax Connection at LCATV Channel 1075 in Colchester, Vermont, USA.



Vermont guitarist and singer Peter Bertolotti brought a song by J.J. Cale to our episode 108

PETER BERTOLOTTI came to my TV show HAVANA FAIRFAX CONNECTION @ LCATV CHANNEL 1075 in Colchester, Vermont, on Monday June 13 as a guest of Nobby Reed Project.

BERTOLOTTI brought two great songs to the jam: The Thrill Is Gone, already reviewed by yours truly in another posting, and Lou Easy Ann by J.J. Cale.

Cale’s song was improvised fantastically at the LCATV Studio, and played in One Take!.

Lou Easy Ann was composed by J.J. Cale

John Weldon “J. J.” Cale (1938 – 2013) was an American guitarist, singer, songwriter and sound engineer. 
His influence has been acknowledged by Mark Knopfler, Neil Young, Waylon Jennings, Eric Clapton and Peter Bertolotti, who describe him as “one of the most important artists in the history of rock”.
CALE is one of the originators of the Tulsa Sound, a loose genre drawing on blues, rockabilly, country and jazz.  

This song is part of our episode 108 NOBBY REED PROJECT RELOADED. Check it out!



Vermont Blues Guitar King Nobby Reed and his album It’s All About The Blues (1999) is Burning Up This Summer 2022!

After his 6th visit to my TV show HAVANA FAIRFAX CONNECTION @ LCATV Channel 1075 in Colchester, Vermont, last Monday June 13, 2022, I decided to look for more impressions, reviews and critics from buyers, specialists, die-hard blues fans and beyond.

One of the tracks of this CD, Fly On was composed by Nobby Reed for his album It’s All About The Blues (1999), and is dedicated to his idol Muddy Waters. It was played with his band and guests. Let’s read what others say about it, so you can focus on his legacy.

Top reviews from the United States

S. Corcoran

5.0 out of 5 stars INSPIRATIONAL BLUES!!

Reviewed in the United States on March 22, 2010

“I don’t know how I’m just getting to hear this CD. It is excellent listening to uplifting inspirational blues!! Its not cry in your beer music!! You feel good listening to any of the songs on this CD or any of the Nobby Reed Project CDs!
I am lucky and have got to see Nobby and the Project, Ray Bushey on bass and Eric Belrose on drums, play live!! I was impressed with the band tightness and if you ever get the chance to see these guys live go!!

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J. Roy

5.0 out of 5 stars It is all about the blues

Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2006

Nobby Reed has been my friend for more than 25 years. HE is one of the finest musicians that I have ever heard in my life. HE plays and sings from the heart and this album only proves that even more. There are a couple of songs that I truly love here, Git On Up and Blues Bug. Once you listen to them, you won’t be able to get them out of your head. Nobby Reed is a true talent and has opened up for several musicians that have influenced his own music over the years.

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Norbert P. Reed

5.0 out of 5 stars diverse blues guitar and songs

Reviewed in the United States on April 18, 2005

Nobby Reed “guitar virtouso” + tight band = GREAT BLUES!!!

Reviewer: terrysknary

WARNING!! If this CD is bought, the other CDs will be bought also. I know, I bought all others immediately after listening to this excellent blues album. I guarantee it. This guy is that good.
Outstanding blues music, songs, and playing
Reviewer: Jim Blackburn

This is a great blues CD. Good original writing and playing. Love to listen to it repeatedly. 5 stars!

Customer image

Two persons found this helpful, and I found it helpful, too.

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