One of the pleasures of hosting music program is the ability to meet the players with whom one feels a musical connection. BEG STEAL or BORROW is an example of this connection.

I’ve not changed my love of jazz, but just took the opportunity to bring my TV show into a new direction: BLUEGRASS SOUNDS in America !

For me, hosting a radio and a TV show in Vermont, has been an endless journey, and every once in a while, it’s good to take a side detour, as you never know where it might lead you.
 The concept of BLUEGRASS, as a process, means a collective creation rather than a set of specific rhythms or riffs from the soloists. It is a genre of American roots music that developed in the 1940s in the Appalachian region.

The genre derives its name from the band BILL MONROE and the BLUE GRASS BOYS, and it was further developed by musicians who played with MONROE.

This encounter with BEG STEAL or BORROW, will keep viewers, music programmers and impresarios, alert, as BLUEGRASS keeps gaining track in the 21st century.

Musicians like Fran Forim (bass), Geoff Goodhue (mandolin), Jeremy Sicely (guitar), Luke Auriemmo (banjo), and Roland Clark (fiddle and violin)  are a major reason why.

Their journey began 7 years ago, and their main goal was resurrecting the music of OLD & in The Way, a band that included Grateful Dead front man Jerry Garcia on banjo and vocals, Peter Rowan on lead vocals, Vassar Clements (fiddle), John Kahn (bass) and David Grissman (mandolin and vocals).

BEG STEAL or BORROW are grateful for the places their mission has taken them, and to the people they have met along the way.
Inspired by their travels and time together, they began to broaden their own musical branch, borrowing from the ROOTS, and by stealing a few licks, that finally came to populate their debut album “OLD MOUNTAIN TIME” with 10 compositions of its own members.

In these 7 years, they have won three prestigious Bluegrass Competitions in Maine, Connecticut and New York. All residing through Northern Vermont and New Hampshire, have successfully toured from Maine to the Island of Bermudas.  HOW  I FOUND BEG STEAL or BORROW’s ALBUM It was in the Artists’ Mediums Art Shop in Cambridge, Vermont, talking to owner and curator CHELSEA, a very nice lady, with whom I had exchanged some HAVANA FAIRFAX CONNECTION episodes to be promoted with her 

Some of her customers and artists  were delighted when they watched RUY LOPEZ-NUSSA  y LA ACADEMIA on Chelsea’s computer, and that was the path for the beginning of this new episode.OLD MOUNTAIN TIME was on a shelf “For Sale”, and CHELSEA, inspired by the episodes she saw,  gifted it to me, so I could connect with their bandleader, and so I did. 

My first real experiences with BLUE GRASS sounds began at WRUV 90.1 FM Burlington, the University of Vermont Campus Radio, in 2007, and also in some Concerts for students with bands coming from Massachusetts and Canada, especially singer and songwriter Gordon Lightfoot, whose show I attended at the Flynn Theater.Later on,  in the Valley Stage Festivals, hosted by musician and impresario DON SHELDON in the backyard of his home in Huntington, Vt. I discovered Collin McCaffrey with his impressive voice, leading his Cold Stone Roosters.  

Coming from  Milton and Starksboro,  banjoist Rick Ceballos and multi-instrumentalist Lausanne Allen,  graciously came to my radio show THE CUBAN BRIDGE at St. Michael’s College and then to my former show on TV in Richmond’s MMCTV. I had met Rick Ceballos at VCAM, responding to an invitation of media personality and musician Rik Palieri.  

Then, at the Vermont International Festival,  I discovered ROWAN.

Always curious about the Sounds of Music, I once discovered BLUEGRASS UNDERGROUND on PBS, a program taped deep within the subterranean amphitheater of The Caverns in Tennessee’s majestic Cumberland Mountains, 333 feet below, South of Nashville, TN.

This “musical adventure” series featured both long-established and emerging artists within a broad spectrum of genres to include roots-rock, jamband, r&b, soul, folk and Americana.

After this new episode with BEG STEAL or BORROW, I have discovered a lot more about each one of their members. For instance, fiddler and violinist ROLAND CLARK has played Duets with jazz guitar master and composer,  BILL FRISSELL, but that will be a new story for a next meeting.

I hope the crowds go wild and fall in love with this new episode @ LCATV,  it can help bring BLUEGRASS’ spirit to life even more, especially for those who would have found it unreachable before.


For Your GRAMMY® Consideration pianist Antonio Adolfo “Samba Jazz Alley”

Please, read until the end. There are two notes.

I have the pleasure to be among his Friends, and the Maestro has always been sending me his albums since 2011, most recently via Jim Eigo = Mr. Email and The National Jazz Radio Campaign that he presides !.
I’ll never forget, when I  received a note from this humble ARTIST,  via Latinjazzyahoogroups,  asking me if I would like to check his music. Of course, I said YES !
Among his accolades, ANTONIO ADOLFO accompanied singer ELIS REGINA. Among his teachers, the unequal – EUMIR DEODATO. 
Highly recommendable ! Here is my vote for all the categories that this album is Nominated.
Through one of the Songs, “Hello Herbie”, in this album,  I dedicated two THE CUBAN BRIDGE ON THE RADIO,  to the author of “Maiden Voyage”
Obrigado voce, Maestro Antonio Adolfo, and the brilliant cast of sidemen you put together in every release. Scroll down and LISTEN, please. 
Toni Basanta The Cuban Bridge on the radio  @ WWPV   Havana Fairfax Connection @ LCATV  In Vermont, USA

October 4, 2019

To: Listings/Critics/Features
From: Jazz Promo Services

For Your GRAMMY® Consideration

Antonio Adolfo “Samba Jazz Alley” 

Best Latin Jazz Album

Best Instrumental Composition

Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella
“Casa Forte”

Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella

Best Engineered Album – Non Classical

4 and 1/2 stars on DownBeat magazine 

Another superb recording from this Brazilian jazz master (Jazz & Blues Report) 

9 weeks Top Ten 




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Queridos amigos y amigas en los 7 continentes

Este es el playlist de mi programa THE CUBAN BRIDGE ON THE RADIO que sale al aire a traves de la WWPV 92.5 FM “The Mike” – emisora del Saint Michael’s College en Colchester, Vermont, el estado de las montanas verdes en los EU de America.

For streaming : 

EL DOMINGO 6 de OCTUBRE, celebramos por 4ta semana consecutiva  el MES DE LA HISPANIDAD en los EU de America,  y en nuestro programa destacamos el INTERCAMBIO MUTUO y  la mezcla de  culturas que habitan la Union Americana.

WE were also thinking AUTUMN, the season where leaf turns into a flower.

This time, we celebrated the NATIONAL HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH in the US, with a slightly different flavor. We brought certain projects that will make you contemplate not just the music, but the world in which we live.

Our audience first and now you, will enjoy some of the BEST JAZZ ALBUMS of the New Millenium.

Two are really new,  WIND OFF HUDSON by pianist BILL O’CONNELL AFRO CARIBBEAN ENSEMBLE featuring NY Jazz Masters and educators from the Rutgers University.

German-American violinist Gregor Huebner with his “EL VIOLIN LATINO” Vol III  labelled as LOS SONADORES (THE DREAMERS).Its forward-thinking message and mission on IMMIGRATION reflects an anti-deportation statement.

And I deeply approve this message. I could feel a similar sensation in Bill O’Connell’s original  “I don’t have the answer”.

BILL, GREGOR, Andrea Brachfeld  and I created 2 Radiophonic Suites, – one dedicated to DUKE ELLINGTON and The Ellingtonians, another to violinist ENRIQUE JORRIN the creator of EL CHACHACHA.

Diane Marino, Nnenna Freelon, Andrea Brachfeld, Karen Joseph, Dianne Reeves, Sharenee Wade, Susie Hansen, Natalie Cole, ….  HOPE you all like to read this and tune in next SUNDAY OCTOBER 20,  from 12 to 3 pm, sometimes until 5 pm, while we contribute to stretch the boundaries of America’s Art Form : JAZZ.  

FOR STREAMING : WWPV.SMCVT.EDU  Phone booth : (802) 654 2887

  1. CANTALOUPE ISLANDComposed by Herbie Hancock Saxophonist Jesus Fuentes and his Santo Tomas Connection directly from Havana, Cuba, opening our radio show since FEBRUARY 2010  THROUGH THIS OPENING WE ALSO CELEBRATE,  Canela Group’s Anniversary  # 30.CANELA is  a Female Jazz and Dancing Group founded in 1989, in which Jesus,  bassist Giselda Fuentes, and violinist Julio Valdes are part of.
  2. 2) NERUDA Composed by saxophonist RUSS NOLAN,  inspired by Chile literary master PABLO NERUDA.RUSS NOLAN QUINTET CD”CALL IT  WHAT YOU WANT”Rhinoceruss Music, 2015
  3. 3) WIND OFF THE HUDSON Pianist Bill O’Connell Afro Caribbean Ensemble w/ Andrea Brachfeld (f), Craig Handy (as), Ralph Bowen (ts), Gary Smulyan (bari sax), Alex Sipiagin (tp), Conrad Herwig (tb), Lincoln Goines (eb),  Robby Ameen (d), Roman Diaz (congas) CD “WIND OFF THE HUDSON”Savant 2019 
  4. We also celebrated a JAZZ MOMENT with Bill O’Connell’s new album, and his prolific career in music, since the 1970s.
  5. JAZZ MOMENT is a Cuban Bridge Production.
  6. 4) SOUL SERENADE Composed by Curtis Ousley and Luther Dixon arranged by pianist Brad Cole / concept arrangements by Diane Marino Singer Diane Marino CD”Soul Serenade” the Gloria Lynne Project M&M Records, 2018
  7. “If we all pay attention to this release, it could become an epoch-making project”.TB
  8. 5) A VONTADE MESMO Composed by Raul Souza Violinist Gregor Huebner CD”El Violin Latino” Vol. III Los Sonadores (The Dreamers) Recorded in NY, Uruguay, the Netherlands and GermanyZoho, 2016
  9. 6) THE SIXTIES Composed by pianist Dave Bass feat. Harvie S (ab), Ignacio Berroa (d), Phil Woods (as) and Conrad Herwig (tb)
  10. CD”New York City Sessions” 2015 With this album, DAVE BASS made a great return to music. It called my attention, the repertoire, and the band mates. In a follow-up production, also for Whaling City Sound in Massachusetts, he hired three Cuban percussionists. TB 
  11. 7) I WON’T DANCE Music by Jerome Kern Lyrics by Dorothy Filed, Oscar Hammerstein II, Otto Harbach and Jimmy McHugharranged and produced by pianist Michael Abene / Singer Nnenna Freelon feat. Ed Neumeister (tb), Dave Valentin (f), Sammy Figueroa (perc) CD”Maiden Voyage”Concord, 1998  This Song lets me bring back an enduring SONG, with an updated groove. Also to remember a longtime collaborator of Bill O’Connell, Robby Ameen,  Lincoln Goines and Andrea Brachfeld. His name is DAVE VALENTIN. Light for Dave (rip). Also take a chance, to expose, and remark the possibilities of NNENNA FREELON to record a Latin Jazz album. TB  
  12. 8)   OVERJOYED Composed by Stevie Wonder / arr: by Aaron Lington Pacific Mambo Orchestra feat. the ever wonderful singer KENNY WASHINGTON CD”PMO”Grammy Winner for Best Tropical Latin Album 2014
  13. Singer Diane Marino, was listening to my radio show and enjoyed this cool version of the PMO !   Her response overjoyed my weekend.Thank you, Diane. TB 
  14. 9) VISIONS Composed by Stevie Wonder Played by Dave Liebman  Michael Stephans Band CD”Lineage” Rock and Pop Classics Revisited Whaling City Sound, 2013 feat. guitarist Vic Juris in an exceptional intro’. It’s important  NOT to overlook the importance of this band and this album. And the importance of younger collaborators like Bobby Avery (all keys), and Evan Gregor (basses). TB 
  15. 10) ROUTE 66 Composed by Bobby Troupe NATALIE COLE CD”Unforgettable with Love”Elektra, 1991 A Multi-Grammy Winner Album.  A career’s album, she could enjoy at least, and show her love to her father. TB 
    2019, is coming to an END and I haven’t heard any event to celebrate NAT KING COLE’S CENTENNIAL. In recent days, I read about singer guitarist John Pizzarelli’s Concert near my home in STOWE, VERMONT.  HE labelled his Concert  “FOR CENTENNIAL REASONS”, and I really appreciate his concern. Mr. Cole belongs to my family music collection, so I began listening to him before beginning to walk. TB 
  16. 11) LOST MAMBO  Composed by pianist Dave Bass feat. Harvie S (ab), Ignacio Berroa (d), Phil Woods (as),  Chris Washburne  (tb), Enrique Fernandez (f), and Carlos Caro (perc) CD”New York City Sessions” 2015With this album, DAVE BASS  made a great return to music. 
    It called my attention, the repertoire, and the band mates.In a follow-up production, also for Whaling City Sound in Massachusetts, he hired three Cuban percussionists. One of them is featured here too, CARLOS CARO. I am also enjoying the whole crew, and greeting drummer IGNACIO BERROA, who played during many years with Dizzy Gillespie’s Groups. TB 
  17. 12) MARY ANN is one of RAY CHARLES’ first HITS, and his first efforts at fusioning the BLUES with Latin Music.PONCHO SANCHEZ BAND feat. Brother Ray (1929-2004)   CD”Hear & Now” A Double Full-Length CD Compilation with SINGERS released by JAZZ ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL and CONCORD RECORDS in 2006Proceeds might still benefiting JAI. TB 
  18. 13) TEMA DE BEBO Composed by Chucho Valdes  / arr: Hilario Duran ARTURO O’FARRILL and CHUCHO VALDES w The AfroLatin Jazz Orchestra feat. Jim Seeley (tp), Ivan Renta (ts), Vince Cherico (d), Arturo and Chucho (pianos) CD”Familia” Tribute to Bebo Valdes and Chico O’Farrill with a 3rd Generation feat. Chucho’s and Arturo’s kids !Motema, 2017
  19. 14) EL GRITO DE LA CULEBRA   (The Snake’s Shout)Composed and arranged by trombonist NATE MAYLAND Dave Chamberlain’s Band of Bones (9 trombonists) feat. KAT GANG’s Vocalese ! CD”Caravan” 2014 
  21. 15) C JAM BLUES Composed by Duke Ellington / arr by Bill O’Connell BILL O’CONNELL AFRO CARIBBEAN ENSEMBLE CD”Wind Off The Hudson”Savant, 2019
  22. 16) GOING HOME Composed by George Duke, Al Jarreau, Jon Hendricks, & Gregory Hines CD”Going Home” was released to celebrate The Duke Ellington Centennial in year 2000. I have been playing this catchy and daring song since 2007. Enjoy Everette Harp (as) Gregory Hines (dancing tap) Platinum Entertainment, 2000 / Light for George, his wife Corinne, Al, and Jon.  TB  
  23. 17) COTTON TAIL Music by Duke Ellington / Lyrics by Jon Hendricks adapted by Darmon Meader NEW YORK VOICES  w Mulgrew Miller (p), Michael Formanek (ab) and Lewis Nash (d) CD”Hearts of Fire”  GRP, 1991 
  24. 18) LOTUS BLOSSOM  Composed by Billy Strayhorn Flutist ANDREA BRACHFELD  w Bill O’Connell (p), Winard Harper (d), Rufus Reid (ab). CD”Lotus Blossom”Another album released “FOR CENTENNIAL REASONS” to celebrate the Centennial of Billy Strayhorn Jazzheads, 2015
  25. 19) LUSH LIFE Composed by Billy Strayhorn Produced by David Foster / arr: by Johnny Mandell  NATALIE COLE w Mike Lang and Michael Melvoin (pianos), Sol Gubin (d), Ray Brown (ab) John Chiodini (eg) CD”Unforgettable with Love”Elektra, 1991A Multi-Grammy Winner Album A career’s album, she could enjoy at least, and show her love to her father. TB 
  26. 20) IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD Composed by Duke Ellington ROGER KELLAWAY (p) and  EDDIE DANIELS (clarinet) with JAMES HOLLAND (cello) CD”Duke at Roadhouse”  Live in Santa Fe, New Mexico IPO Recordings, 2012     
    21) LOVE YOU MADLY Music and lyrics by Duke Ellington / arr: Darmon Meader NEW YORK VOICES w Andy Ezrin (p), Paul Nowinski (ab), Marcello Pellitteri (d)and Dave Samuels (vibes)  CD”A Day Like This”MCG Jazz, 2007 
  27. 22) MOOD INDIGO Composed by Duke Ellington / arr : by Montreal born and based pianist Vic Vogel VIC VOGEL avec Le Jazz Big Band feat. Janis Steprans (as) CD”Live !” Societe Radio-Canada, 1990 – 1995  
  28. 23) ELLINGTON MEDLEY w THE GEORGE DUKE BIG BAND a) DAY DREAM (D. Ellington / B. Strayhorn and John Latouche)
    Sung by Jonathan Butler  b) I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU  (D. Ellington and Bob Russell) Sung by Dianne Reeves c) PRELUDE TO  KISS (D. Ellington / Irving Mills and Irving Gordon) Sung by Jeffrey Osborne CD”GOING HOME”  2000
  29. 24) SOPHISTICATED LADY Composed by Duke Ellington, Mills & Parrish ROGER KELLAWAY (p) and  EDDIE DANIELS (ts) with JAMES HOLLAND (cello)  CD”Duke at Roadhouse”  Live in Santa Fe, New Mexico IPO Recordings, 2012    / Roger Kellaway will be 80 this year. Happy Birthday,  TB   
    25) LUCKY SO AND SO Composed by Duke Ellington / arr : Houston Person Singer Lisa Ferraro w Mr. Houston Person Team CD”Serenading The Moon”Great Voice ! TB  
  30. 26) A FLOWER IS A LOVESOME THING Composed by Billy Strayhorn Flutist ANDREA BRACHFELD  w Bill O’Connell (p), Winard Harper (d), Rufus Reid (ab), and Wilson “Chembo” Corniel (perc) CD”Lotus Blossom”Another album released “FOR CENTENNIAL REASONS” to celebrate the Centennial of Billy Strayhorn Jazzheads, 2015
  32. 27) CARAVAN Composed by Juan Tizol and Duke Ellington Pianist ROGER KELLAWAY TRIO w Bruce Forman (eg) and Dan Lutz (ab) Live at The Jazz Bakery  in Santa Monica, California, IPO Recordings, 2019  
  33. 28) CARAVAN  By Allen Hoist (all voices) and Orlando Poleo (bata drums and clave) ALLEN HOIST album “Before The Spring”  France, 2001 
  35. 29) PERDIDO  By Juan Tizol Bill O’Connell Afro Caribbean Ensemble CD “Wind Off The Hudson”Savant, 2019 
    Composed by  and Thelonious Monk Bill O’Connell w Richie Flores (perc) and Paquito D’Rivera (clarinet) CD”Triple Play Plus Three’ Zoho, 2011
    31) OYE COMO VA By Tito Puente Bill O’Connell Afro Caribbean Ensemble  / CD”Wind Off The Hudson” 2019
  36. 32) Mr. EP (For Eddie Palmieri) Bill O’Connell w Richie Flores (perc) and Dave Valentin (f)  CD”Triple Play Plus Three’Zoho, 2011
    33) TRANSITION By John Coltrane Bill O’Connell Afro Caribbean Ensemble 
    CD”Wind Off The Hudson”  2019 
  38. 34) ALEGRE CHACHACHA By Tito Puente The Manhattan School of Music AfroCuban Jazz Orchestra conducted by Bobby SanabriaJazzheads, 2011
    35) YIRI YIRI BON By Silvestre Mendez Drummer Lucas van Merwijk and his Cubop City Big Band directly from Holland CD”More and More”. Tribute to Benny More and his Orchestra. We include it now, as it is an endless groove, and FOR CENTENNIAL REASONS. The Centennial of Benny More “El Barbaro del Ritmo” TB
    36) MI REMEDIO (for his wife) Saxophonist Russ Nolan CD “Call it what you want”Rhinoceruss Music, 2015
    37) CHACHACHA CON MANA Susie Hansen Latin Band CD”The Salsa Never Ends”Jazz Caliente, 2002
    38) FRANCHANDO By pianist Emilio Morales w Roberto Riveron (bass), Emilito del Monte Sr. (timbales) and Tomas “El Panga” Ramos (assorted percussion)  CD”Amor y Piano” Tributo al pianista FRANK EMILIO FLYNN Bis Music, 2005 
    39) SINCE I FELL FOR YOU Composed by Buddy Johnson / arr by Ray Santos new arrangement by Joe Fiedler and Bobby Sanabria
    BOBBY SANABRIA CD”Big Band Urban Folk Tales” w Sharenee Wade (scat singing vocals) and Shareef Clayton (tp w plunger) Jazzheads, 2007
    40) REGALAME UN DANZON (A Miguel Failde) By Cuban clarinetist ERNESTO VEGA feat. Alejandro Falcon (p)CD”Tradition & Beyond” Blackwood & Sound Records, 2019
    41) Y DEJA De Piloto y Vera Cantante y guitarrista Luis Mario Ochoa CD”Momentos Cubanos” Cuban Music Production, 2008 Cuban Flavor in Toronto, Canada, TB 
    42) Mr. 5.0  Pacific Mambo Orchestra feat. Ray Obiedo (eg) and Evan Francis (flute).“Tremendo Chachacha, elegant, classy and glamorous” TB
    43) BUBBA BOOGALOO  Jose Rizo’s Mongorama feat. Destiny Wolf (lead vocal) and Dayren Santamaria (violin). Album y Banda Tributo a Mongo Santamaria Saungu Records, 2011 
    44) CHACHA WITH THE BRONX HORN (Truth Revolution ChaCha) Mitch Frohman Latin Jazz Quartet feat. The Curtis Bros
    CD”From Daddy With Love”Truth Revolution Records, 2013
    45) ZAPATO APRETAO (Tremendo guajeo) By A. Sanchez & L. Medina  / arr : Oriente Lopez Violinist Gregor Huebner 
    CD”El Violin Latino” Vol. III Los Sonadores (The Dreamers)  
    Zoho, 2019 
    46) A AMARME DECIDETE  Giraldo Piloto y Klimax con Tania Pantoja CD”Solo Tu y Yo”Bis Music, 2008
    47) GOT CHA
    Bill O’Connell Afro Caribbean Ensemble 
    CD”Wind Off The Hudson”  2019
    CIERRE CON LA FAMILIA LOPEZ-NUSSA Celebrando su Exitosa Gira por Colombia, Tokyo y Seul 
    48) MI SON CERRA’O 
    Harold Lopez-Nussa Trio feat. Ruy Adrian (bongoes solso)* CD”Un Dia Cualquiera” Mack Avenue, 2018
    49) DINGA DONGO DUNGA Ernan Lopez-Nussa y Havana Report CD”Amor y Piano” Tributo al pianista Frank Emilio Flynn  Bis Music, 2005
    EL DOMINGO 3 DE NOVIEMBRE regreso con RUMBA para celebrar uno de los Grandes Aportes Musicales de LA CULTURA CUBANA = Con RUMBA,  PATRIMONIO INMATERIAL DE LA HUMANIDAD Declarado por la UNESCO !
    La idea nacio con el album NEW KID IN TOWN del pianista japones TAKAAKI OTOMO  (domicilio en NY), cuyo toco me puso a pensar en algo muy edificante.  Gran TRIO en este album y una esmerada producion de BERNARD HOFFER para el sello ALBANY RECORDS. 
    Junto a TAKAAKI y su TRIO,  los mas recientes albumes de 
    Harold Lopez-Nussa,  Ernesto Vega, Yasek Manzano, Robertico Martinez, Carlitos Sarduy, Rolando Luna, Julito Valdes Fuentes, Rodney Barreto y Oliver Valdes (Drums Habana), Tony Rodriguez,  Alexis Baro,  Rafael Zaldivar, 
    Mezcla (CD “I’ll see you in Cuba” – con Magela, Pachequito, Vargas, Ruy Adrian …), 
    Aruan Ortiz, Pedrito Martinez, Alfredito Rodriguez, y la violinista y cantante israeli-americana Yamit Lemoine & The Vynil Boulevard – quien esta Nominada a los Premios Grammy 2019, e / otros y otras.   Gracias a todos por la sintonia.Toni Basanta, el DJ Cubano que le trae nuevos ritmos a NORTEAMERICA, via Vermont, desde Noviembre de 2006 THE CUBAN BRIDGE ON THE RADIO HAVANA FAIRFAX CONNECTION on TV  @ 


Queridos amigos y amigas en los 7 continentes
Este es el playlist de mi programa THE CUBAN BRIDGE que sale al aire cada DOMINGO de 12 a 3 pm a traves de la WWPV 92.5 FM “The Mike” emisora del Saint Michael’s College en Colchester, Vermont, el estado de las montanas verdes en los EU de America.
For streaming : 
El DOMINGO 22 de JULIO hicimos un Especial dedicado a HERBIE HANCOCK, una idea que tenia hacia ya varios anos, y gracias a una composicon del brillante pianista brasilero ANTONIO ADOLFO titulada HELLO HERBIE se me prendieron los bombillos del JAZZ y las musas bajaron alegremente.
ESTA edicion fue la segunda inspirada en la obra de HERBIE HANCOCK.
LA PREPARE un dia despues de regresar de LA HABANA,  donde comparti con mi familia y grandes amigos y me puse al dia con parte de lo que acontece en nuestra hermosa capital cubana, que durante el 2019, celebra  el Aniversario 500 de su Fundacion.Espero les guste. A todos gracias por la 1) CANTALOUPE ISLAND de HERBIE HANCOCK en version del saxofonista JESUS FUENTS y su SANTO TOMAS CONNECTION – quienes nos acompanan desde Febrero de 2010.Con este OPENING quiero felicitar a JESUS y a su STC,  y tambien al Grupo CANELA  de Cuba que esta celebrando 30 Anos de Vida Artistica,  lograndolo todo a PULMON desde su sede en la calle santo Tomas en Centro Habana, y para el Mundo !2) CANTALOUPE ISLAND en la version del pianista MIKE LONGO con su TRIOCD”STEP ON IT” con varios clasicos del jazz moderno.Consolidated Artists Productions, 2014  A label in NY, NY ! 3) Cantaloupe Island en tiempo de Hip Hop Jazz por la banda Us3 de Gran Bretana !  
4) NEW GROUND Composed by Darmon Meader (NY Voices) arranged by Nick Marchione (tp) DRUMMER TOMMY IGOE and The Birdland Big Band – a band designed to be playing on the 21st century. This is their debut recording.  Explosive and convincing for me ! What about you ? CD”Eleven”Deep Rhythm Music 5) SNAKE’S SHOUT Dave Chamberlain’s Band of Bones feat singer Kat Gang (Vocalese @ its best)CD”Caravan”  NYC 2014 6) EYE OF THE HURRICANE (A Hancock’s medley)Composed by Herbie Hancock arranged by drummer band leader MICHAEL BROTHERS 
CD”REUNION” Michael Brothers Quartet Girod Records, 2015 (a New Orleans label)  7) DEIXA O AMOR FLORECER Composed by singer Sandy Cressman (lyrics)Music by guitarist Ian Faquini Horn arrangement by trombonist Natalie Cressman Singer SANDY CRESSMAN CD”Entre Amigos” 2016Cressman Music8) THAT GIRL Composed by Stevie Wonder Drummer McClenty Hunter Jr., on his debut recording feat. Christian Sands (all keys), Eric Wheeler (bass) and Dave Stryker (eg / solo)* CD “The Groove Hunter”Strikezone Records,
9) ON THE SHORES OF AMORE Composed by Bill Summers (perc), Victor Atkins (all keys / plus Tumbao!) and Vinx Parrette (singer)HEAD HUNTERS fest. Bennie Maupin (tenor, soprano and bass clarinet)Harvey Mason (d) and Paul Jackson (bass) in 2013 Made in New Orleans, and it’s also important to remember that HEADHUNTERS was band founded by  HERBIE HANCOCK  in  1973.TB 10) ANDEAN FANTASY CD “THE CONNECTION” Tengo este album del percusionista RAY MANTILLA desde el 2013.NO recuerdo haberlo presentado antes integramente, pero si tengo una admiracion especial por ste musico y sus acompanantes.RAY MANTILLA junto al pianista WYNTON KELLY  – fue el traductor e interprete de Dizzy Gillespie y los musicos de EL CRUCERO DE JAZZ que visitaron LA HABANA hace ya algunos anos.Aunque NO fue un Concierto que pudimos disfrutar todos los habaneros, NO deja de ser un Hecho Historico.El Domingo 22 de JULIO,  fue la 2da ocasion donde “le doy vida” y difusion, a un buen album de JAZZ grabado en Nueva York por musicos de alto calibre en el Latin Jazz.Salud para RAY MANTILLA quien es ya un Veterano !FANTASIA ANDINAOriginal de Ray Mantilla   CD”THE CONNECTION”Savant Records, 2013jazzdepot.comInspirado por la Fantasia Andina de RAY MANTILLA se me ocurrio una Suite con obras de Musicos Panamericanos, y  Holandeses ….11) CAMPANAS DE AMOR Mariana Ingold y Osvaldo FattorusoCD”CANDOME EN EL TIEMPO” Ayui Tacuabe,  1994Un buen recuerdo de mi visita a Montevideo en 1996, mi primer contacto internacional en la radio fuera de LA HABANA, y el disfrute de las mas bellas canciones del Sur de Nuestra America; tango, milonga, murga, chacarera, milonga, rock, jazz, … otras fusiones,  y el amor y el apoyo de varias familias.TB    12) PAMBEATS (Rock Jazz Fusion)Composed by bassist RENO STEBA from the Island of Aruba in the Dutch Caribbean. A TRIO work with drummer Lucas van Merwijk (Holland) and Leonardo “El Bolsa” Amuedo (Uruguay). MADE IN HOLLAND CD “Jam Fever” Sticks and Strings, 199813) FUIMOS (WE WERE) Tango Canta Beatriz Aguiar del Uruguay, domicilio en Amsterdam,  HolandaCD”Mi Cancion” Connecting Cultures, 2006 14) TANGUAJIRA Del contrabajista y productor argentino Pablo Aslan, con el Cuarteto Petrus de Buenos Aires y el clarinetista Paquito D’Rivera CD”Contrabajo” Soundbrush, 2018  15 EN UN PEDACITO DE TU CORAZONEn la voz de su autora, Eliana Cuevas de Venezuela, domicilio en Toronto, Canada    CD”Espejo”   Alma Records,  2014    16) MOFONGO (Hot Jam) Original de Kimson Plaut por el violinista venezolano ALI BELLO con Luis Perdomo (p), Raul Agraz (tp & fl-h), Luques Curtis (bajo), Willie Martinez (drumset) CD”Connection” Caracas – New York Zoho Records, 2013 17) AGUA (que corra el agua / para Ochun)Canta Beatriz Aguiar del Uruguay, domicilio en Amsterdam,  Holanda
CD”Mi Cancion” Connecting Cultures, 2006 con Jose Luis Lopretti, co-autor, bajo, piano y melodica !18) AMANDOTE del cantautor uruguayo Jaime Roos Version de Ruben Blades y uno de los Super Exitos radiales de 199619) AGUA CANGREJO Y SAL (Upbeat !)En la voz de su autora, Eliana Cuevas de Venezuela, domicilio en Toronto, Canada    CD”Espejo”   Alma Records,  2014 Produccion del multi-instrumentista Jeremy Ledbetter con el Todos Estrellas de Toronto, Canada. Impresionante el bajista Ross McIntyre y la seccion de vientos*. 20) TAKE YOU THERE – The music of guitarist EARL KLUGH arranged and conducted by DON SEBESKY !CD” Midnight in San Juan” Warner Brothers, 1991 feat. Eliane Elias (p), Ron Carter (ab), Chuck Loeb (g), Harvey Mason (d)and Paulinho da Costa (perc) “Good Music Never Ends”TB 
AHORA UN REVAMP DESPUES DE ESTAS HERMOSAS CANCIONES 21) MOANING Composed by  pianist BOBBY TIMMONS arr by Rob Middleton (ts) DRUMMER TOMMY IGOE and The Birdland Big Band – a band designed to be playing on the 21st century, in their debut recording,feat. Tom Kennedy (eb), Rob Middleton (ts), Rob Paparozzi (harmonica) CD”Eleven”Deep Rhythm Music 
22) THE COUNTLESS STARS (estreno / season premiere in The CB)
Singer Jelena Jovovic inspired by the stars of the Isle of Montenegro (former Yugoslavia). JELENA grew up listening to American Rock Jazz Fusion bands like Chick Corea’s Return to Forever,  pianist Don Grolnick and Steps Ahead.CD”HEARTBEAT” recorded this year 2019 in Belgrade, fusing The Balkans Sounds with American Jazz Universal USA MORE WOMEN IN JAZZ ! 23) EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES IS MAGIC Pianist LAURENCE HOBGOOD Trio with Strings = The ETHEL Quartet !CD”tesseterra”Ubuntu, This album is a treasure, a masterpiece of Modern Jazz !TB 24) STAY COOLComposed by Kenny Dorham, lyrics added by pianist ELIANE ELIAS CD”Light my Fire”Concord Records, 201125) JOAOGARY BURTON’S TRIBUTE to Lionel Hampton, Red Norvo, Milt Jackson and Cal Tjader JOAO was a HIT by CAL TAJDER Concord, 200126) SPEAK LIKE A CHILD Composed by Herbie Hancock / arr by Steve RudolphALI RYERSON JAZZ FLUTE BIG BAND feat. Jaime Baum on alto flute, and Mark Levine on piano  CD”Game Changer”Capri Records,  27) AQUELE ABRACO 
Eliane Elias and Gilberto Gil ELIANE ELIAS ALBUM  “Light my Fire”
Concord Records, 2011
Composed by Rube Bloom and Harry Rube – a Tin Alley Tune  that has been covered by countless singers most famously  ELLA FITZGERALD   RAY MANTILLA feat. Willie Williams (ts), Edy Martinez (p) and Mantilla (congas)  CD”THE CONNECTION”Savant Records,
29) THEY CAN’T TAKE THAT FROM ME The Gershwin Bros.ELLA & LOUIS =  LEGENDS IN DUET CD “Cheek to Cheek”   Music Sessions, 2007 Made in the UK30) TELL ME A BEDTIME STORY 
Composed by Herbie Hancock DRUMMER GERRY GIBBS with his THRASHER DREAM TRIO Ron Carter (ab) and Kenny Barron (p) CD”Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio”Whaling City Sounds, 201331) THE MAN I LOVE The Gershwins Brothers HERBIE HANCOCK feat. Joni Mitchell and Wayne Shorter CD”Gershwin’s World”Polygram, 1998 Multi Grammy winner album 32) IT AIN’T CHILD’S PLAY Composed by saxophonist Russ Nolan, and inspired by HANCOCK’s “SPEAK LIKE A CHILD” CD”Relentless”  Rhinoceruss Music, 2013 feat. Yasuyo Kimura (perc), Manuel Valera (p), Michael O’Brien (ab), Brian Fishler (d) 33) A FOGGY DAYThe Gershwins ELLA FITZGERALD & LOUIE ARMSTRONG LEGENDS IN DUET CD “Cheek to Cheek”   Music Sessions, 2007 Made in the UK34) ALL BLUES A Miles Davis Classic by Peter Frampton Band feat. Larry Carlton (eg) and Rob Arthur (all keys) PETER FRAMPTON CD”All Blues” Universal 2019 
35) CHEEK TO CHEEK By Irving Berlin Ella & Louis = Legends in Duet !
36)  BUTTERFLYComposed by Herbie Hancock / arr by Rob Middleton  (ts)DRUMMER TOMMY IGOE and The Birdland Big Band – a band designed to be playing on the 21st century, in their debut recording,feat. Kenny Ascher (p)   CD”Eleven”Deep Rhythm Music 37) COME RAIN OR SHINE Barbra Streisand with John Mayer CD “Partners”   CBS, 2014barbrastreisand.com38) HELLO HERBIEBy Brazilian pianist Antonio Adolfo, my co-producer in this radio show ! CD”Samba Jazz Alley” 2019 
CD “Partners”   CBS, 2014(For The Bee Gees !)40) MAIDEN VOYAGE ( rumba jazz)Composed by Herbie Hancock / arr by trombonist Wayne Wallace CD”Echoes in Blue”  Spirit Nectar, 200141) LLEGO LA MANTECA A SANTA AMALIA (para Chano)
Por el rapero cubano OGGUERE. Este titulo constituye una propuesta de JAZZ en La Generacion del Hip Hop !Compre este disco en el aeropuerto horas antes de regresar a VERMONT. El tendero, Eric lo estaba escuchando mientras yo decidia que comprar, y me gusto.CD”Solar” Egrem 2019 42) CLARINETE AMABLE  de Jesus Fuentes  CD “Isla de Suenos”para Benny Goodman y Juan Jorge Junco 
Mientras blogueba  este programa estaba escuchando el Doble CD de la Revista JAZZIZ en los que encontre muy buenos titulos, y seguidamente, el CD”Caribeno” del saxofonista y compositor cubano ALFRED THOMPSON (Fervet Opus, Issac Delgado, Irakere, Habana Ensemble, BVSClub, Beatriz Marquez, …), con estas obras saldra otro buen THE CUBAN BRIDGE, con abundante Sabor Cubano !.SOMOS EL PUENTE CUBANO DE LA AMISTAD Y EL AMOR Nos vemos la proxima semana. No falten.Toni Basanta, el DJ Cubano que le trae nuevos ritmos a NORTE AMERICA via Vermont, desde Noviembre de   Y en la TV hacemos HAVANA FAIRFAX CONNECTION donde ya hemos finalizado 57 Episodios. El link :      


Queridos amigos y amigas en los 7 continentes,

Este es el playlist de mi programa THE CUBAN BRIDGE ON THE RADIO que sale al aire a traves de la WWPV 92.5 FM “The Mike” – emisora del Saint Michael’s College en Colchester, Vermont, el estado de las montañas  verdes en los EU de 

HOY  Domingo 1 de SEPTIEMBRE sonamos la 2da Parte  y seguimos celebrando  …
50 AñOS de WOODSTOCK, 50 de EVIL WAYS y  20 del SUPERNATURAL = THE SANTANA THING = RIFFS ON ROCK’N’ROLL, y el amor por los Ritmos Cubanos y de toda America Latina y el Caribe, con selecciones del album “ALL THAT I AM” grabado en el 2005, tras el BOOM del Supernatural y el Shaman, ….  y otros Grandes Exitos de Carlos Santana.

El elenco estuvo SUPERB !   Y aprovechamos la ocasion para enviarle un afectuoso saludo al GRUPO SINTESIS en su Aniversario 40. 

Para sintonizarnos fuera del area de Colchester, Burlington y Essex Junction, haganlo a traves de nuestro sitio web 


Gracias a todos por la sintonia.  Ahora disfruten de esta seleccion. 


De Herbie Hancock por el saxofonista JESUS FUENTES y su Santo Tomas Connection nuestro tema de presentacion desde FEBRERO de 2010 

2) EVERYBODY’S EVERYTHING Santana con los metales de Tower of Power, y  formamos un BEMBE !

3) ORULA “El gran adivinador”.   Grupo Sintesis de Cuba CD”Lo Mejor de Sintesis” sello Unicornio de Producciones Abdala 2001


A traves del Canal AXS TV, he visto DOS  buenos videos del Grupo del guitarrista CARLOS SANTANA. Uno realizado en 1982, en San Bernardino, California, y otro en Berlin, Alemania,  en ambos,  conto con la presencia de RAUL REKOW muy joven,  sonando sus tumbadoras, 

con ORESTES VILATO – de Camaguey, bongosero y timbalero excepcional – por muchos anos VILATO ha vivido en La Costa Oeste, 

y tambien el legendario ARMANDO PERAZA – tumbador del CONJUNTO KUBABANA, del combo del pianista George Shearing y durante mas de 3 decadas con SANTANA.

El cierre de ese Gran Concierto multitudinario en SAN BERNARDINO,  fue con SHANGO. El camarografo estaba un poco perdido en quien era el SOLISTA DE LA VOZ, pero era ARMANDO PERAZA, quien le enseno a todos sus contemporaneos los Ritmos y Generos Cubanos. Lamentablemente, Rekow y Peraza ya no estan sobre la faz de la Tierra, pero lo que dejaron con sus solos fue maravilla.

Quiero dedicar este programa a ELLOS en especial, y tambien al cantante y pianista  GREGG ROLIE (Evil Ways, Oye como va, … luego miembro fundador de JOURNEY), al baterista MICHAEL SHRIEVE, quien motivo a SANTANA a escuchar a John Coltrane y otros idolos del Jazz, y sigue haciendo maravillas. 

SHRIEVE es el baterista original de la banda de Santana, y esta en los dos videos.  

En este Concierto del que les hablo, toco HERBIE HANCOCK como invitado en una pieza INCIDENT AT NESHABUR del album ABRAXAS, un Herbie Hancock muy joven tambien, y esa presentacion nos dice y reafirma porque el autor de MAIDEN VOYAGE,  es tan conocido en el mundo, – porque NO escatimo estilos para compartir en escena.  Creo yo, y lo confirmo tras verlo y escucharlo en el CD / DVD POSSIBILITES donde SANTANA es uno de sus invitados.

DISFRUTANDO  el privilegio de ver, y escuchar mas de 18 albumes y videos de SANTANA y leer una entrevista publicada por la Revista AARP, a proposito de Woodstock, Evil Ways y el Supernatural,   realice este Segundo  CUBAN BRIDGE.

Increiblemente, SANTANA nunca ha tocado en CUBA.


4) ADOUMA (rikisimo) De Angelique Kidjo y J. Hebrail 
SANTANA  con la voz de Tony Lindsay CD”Shaman” Arista Records, 2002  – Tras el IMPACTO de Supernatural !

5) MOVE ON De Santana y  C. Rhyne CD”Inner Secrets” donde tocan Peraza y Rekow CBS 1978

6) BREAKING THE MOLD (Rock Jazz + a Hip concept)
De la trompetista REBECCA COUPE FRANCKS con  la guitarrista SHERYL BAILEY CD “100 Per Cent”  de 2007 

A PARTIR DE AQUI SONAMOS TODOS LOS TRACKS DEL ALBUM “ALL THAT I AM” de Santana con sus Invitados grabado en el 2005 

7) I AM SOMEBODY  De George Pajon Jr., y 

Santana con (lider de The Black Eyed Peas)

8) GOOD LOVE Words by Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick Music by Peter Hinds & Bluey 

INCOGNITO una banda con tremenda bella historia, los descubri en una reciente  Compilacion de la Revista JAZZIZ. Este es un disco grabado en 1995, pero suena rebarbaro !

CD “100 Degrees and Rising” Mercury Records / Verve / Polygram / Talking Loud, 1995 Se lo recomiendo TB 

9) BIRDLAND Obra magistral de Joseph Zawinul WEATHER REPORT con Joe Zawinul (keys), Wayne Shorter (saxophones), Alex Acuna (drums), Jaco Pastorius (bajo,  otros instrumentos y voz), Manolo Badrena (perc) CD”Heavy Weather” CBS LP 1977  – en CD CBS / Sony, 1997

8vo album de  WEATHER REPORT  Santana toco y grabo en varios momentos con WEATHER REPORT y tambien lidero una banda con WAYNE SHORTER, con quien ha seguido tocando en ocasiones, una de ellas en el Documental del album Supernatural y otros.

Estoy preparando un programa dedicado al baterista peruano-americano ALEX ACUñA (n. Pativilca, Peru, 12 de Diciembre de 1944,  quien empezo a tocar la bateria y otros instrumentos de percusion a la edad de  4 anos. A los 10 años de edad, comenzó a tocar con la orquesta de su padre y hermanos “Tropical Boys de los Hermanos Neciosup”. Con 16 años, llegó a ser uno de los músicos peruanos más solicitados como instrumentista de sesión para diversos programas de televisión, teatro, películas y grabaciones de discos. También participó como músico en conciertos en vivo. 

A los 18 años, se unió a la banda de DAMASO PEREZ PRADO, y en 1965 establecio su domicilio en Puerto Rico, donde entro en contacto con varios musicos cubanos.   En 1974,  Acuña viaja a  Las Vegas, y trabaja  con Elvis Presley y Diana Ross.  Al año siguiente,  se incorporó al grupo WEATHER REPORT.   En 1978, se trasladó a  Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA  … Y EL RESTO ES HISTORIA ! 
RECUERDEN que del  15 de Septiembre al 15 de Octubre se celebra en los EU de America,    EL Mes de la Hispanidad.  TB 

10) I’M FEELING YOU Composed by Kara DioGuardi, John Shanks (guitars),  and Michelle Branch (vocals) 
SANTANA feat. Michelle Branch and The Wreckers  

The Wreckers is a DUO by Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp both featured in this Song, Michelle (leads),  and Jessica (bgvocals)  


Rock Hecho en Cuba, por el guitarrista Dagoberto Pedraja,liderando su banda, y en los coros el Trio de Rap Instinto
CD “Nieve en La Habana” sello Unicornio de Producciones Abdala, 2002 Premio Cuba Disco, 2003 al Mejor Album de Rock

Tuve el gusto de escribir las notas del disco. Un abrazo a todos, TB  

TRAIGO ALGUNAS MELODIAS QUE CON EL TIEMPO,  SE VUELVEN MAS HERMOSAS e HISTORICAS, y algunas pertenecen al album “BRIDGE TO HAVANA”,  una heroicidad musical, migratoria y socio-politica del productor Allan Roy Scott y su Equipo.   

12) VACILON FEELING GOOD (Smooth Chachacha) Gladys Knight y Edesio Alejandro  

13) GET UP STAND UP (Reggae Cha bien Charanguero)

EVERTON “PABLO” PAUL y  LA ACADEMIA de Ruy Lopez-NussaCD/DVD “Remembrance” donde fusionan la musica de Bob Marley and The Wailers con los ritmos cubanos, a traves de orqestaciones del trompetiosta Robertico Garcia (ex AfroCuba’77).

Y con esta pieza,  celebramos el Aniversario # 10 de  LA ACADEMIA tb 

14) WALKING ON SUNSHINE James Slater, Montell Jordan, Yosvany Terry y el Grupo Sintesis CD”Bridge to Havana”


The dictum “art transcends politics” is aurally illustrated on this recording,  Bridge to Havana, which chronicles a 7-day get-together in Havana with American, English, Australian, and Cuban musicians in 1999. It boasts a broad range of artists–from blues rockers Bonnie Raitt and smooth jazz saxophonist Dave Koz,  to their lesser-known Cuban counterparts like Yadira Lopez, Carlos Alfonso, and Rey Guerra. On “Vacilon / Feeling Good”,  Gladys Knight and Edesio Alejandro merge African-American soul and the Cuban Chachacha,  1970s iconPeter Frampton, Alberto Tosca, Bellita, Miguel Miranda, and drummer Barrett Martin turn in a mid-tempo percussion, piano, vocals  and guitar-driven ditty on  “Hey, Hey,” while drummer Mick Fleetwood, Todd Smallwood, and Augusto Enriquez get down on the anthemic “One World.” The sexy syncopations of  “Just Want to Be Alone With You,” featuring singer Joan Osborne and keyboardist Jose Maria Vitier, melds the honk tonk with the Cuban danzon, making the 90 miles and political realities that separate our nations seem much closer. Originally written by Eugene Holley, Jr.   / Enriched by Toni Basanta – 


15) POR MAS QUE QUEMA de Gerardo Alfonso por Pablo Menendez y Mezcla Rock n’ Roll y Chachacha y un soberbio solo de piano de Bellita !CD”RocaSon” Lanina Productions, 1997  

To break the show for GOOD, a Tribute to Armando Peraza, Cal Tjader and Ndugu Chancler  all resting in power !
dedicated by author to Tjader & Peraza  CD”Bien Bien !  Patois Records, 2009

17) STAY 3 Brave Souls – pianist John Beasley, bassist vocalist Darryl Jones, and drummer Ndugu Chancler BFM Jazz, 2012   

Chancler was also a drummer for SANTANA TB 

18) THE ANSWER TO WHY by singer Ledisi  with Strings, from her album “Turn Me Loose” Verve, 2009  

19) (A BAILAR) CON SANTANA SANTANA feat. singer Andy Vargas, Ismaila, Sixu Toure and Moussa Diouf  ( Diouf plays piano and bass)


20) BALANCE del guitarrista Felix Casaverde

Alex Acuña y su Acuarela de Tambores CD “Acuarela de Tambores” Tonga Productions, 2000

“Una produccion que merece reconocimiento, respeto y difusion”TB  


21) SMOOTH a super hit from Supernatural by Dr. Ed Calle & his Friends in MiamiCD”Ed Calle Plays Santana” Pimienta, 2004

 22) MY MAN (hip-hop)composed by Rob Thomas, Nicholas Sherwood, Ensillo Reddick & Antwan Payton   SANTANA with Mary J. Blige & Big Boi  CD ALL THAT I AM – 2005

23) MOVIENDOSE PA’L LITORAL Juan Prada y su TRIO con el percusionista Sergio Tulbovitz  CD”Plegarias” 
EL Puente hacia LA HABANA, tambien considera a varios de nuestros amigos y musicos residentes en los 7 continentes, porque siempre nos re-encontranos en LA BELLA HABANA. Ese es el caso de Juan Prada, conocido pianista de Arte Vivo y Vidrio y Corte, residente en Montevideo la capital uruguaya, con su esposa y 3  hijas. 
Nos encontramos en el JAZZ CAFE,  una noche de Domingo, con Emilio Vega y su Grupo Paso al Frente en JULIO de este 2019, y aqui esta la 2da  piedra para promover su album PLEGARIAS.
Ademas a Uruguay, me unen lazos muy hermosos, e inolvidables, cuando estuve 6 meses haciendo radio en Montevideo Capital Iberoamericana 1996.! Que Viva el Candombe !TB       


Montell Jordan, Luis de la Cruz, Gerardo Alfonso, Alejandro Frometa y Maikel Franti  CD”Bridge to Havana” No Borders Productions

25) AT THE RIVER (para Oshun)

Pianist Rebeca Mauleon featuring singer Brenda Boykin &  her Compadres from California CD”Round Trip” Bembe Records, 1999

26) ONE CHAIN (Don’t make no prisoners) (Quasi Disco Music)Composed by D. Lambert & B. Potter SANTANA feat. bassist David MargenCD”Inner Secrets” CBS, 1978

27) X CUE SAYS (Rock Jazz Fusion)Guitarist Mike Clinco with Jimmy Branly (d), Jimmy Johnson (eb), and Bob Sheppard (sax)  CD”Neon” Whaling City Sound, 2009 


SANTANA featuring singer STEVE TYLER from Aerosmith CD”All That I Am”    Arista, 2005

29) UNDO IT  Written by Carrie Underwood and Kara DioGuardi Country music singer Carrie Underwood CD”Play On” Arista, 2009

WOMEN OF THE WORLD = WOMEN IN MUSIC  US, Brazil, Benin, India, Mexico …30) 

PICADILLO = MINCE  Composed by Tito Puente Percussionist ANNETTE AGUILAR & STRING BEANSCD “No Cheap Dates”  2005 

31) HOW DID WE ENDED UP HERE ?Singer Lorraine Feather CD”Ages”Jazzed Media, 2010 

32) COPACABANA Eliane Elias feat. Mark Kibble from Vocal Acapella Sextet Take 6 CD”Dance of Time”  Concord, 2017

33) TUMBA (get yourself ready for dancing) Composed by Angelique Kidjo and Carlinhos Brown Angelique Kidjo    CD”Black Ivory Soul”  Sony, 2002

34) IXTAPA Mexican guitarists Rodrigo & Gabriela feat. Anouska Shankar on citar with C.U.B.A. = Collective Universal Band Association CD”Area 43″  Rubyworks, 2012   


35) AMOR VERDADERO  (Guajira Son) Composed by Jose “Cheo” Marquetti / arr by Demetrio Muniz LA AFROCUBAN ALL STARS feat. Puntillita (vocals), Ruben Gonzalez (p) and Barbarito Torres (lute) CD”A Toda Cuba Le Gusta”   World Circuit, 1997 Grammy Nominee Album !  

36) GUAJIRA 2016 Pianista Hilario Duran con Jorge Chicoy (guitarra electrica) y Pancho Amat (tres) CD”Con Tumbao” Alma Records, Toronto, 2017 Album nominado a los Premios Juno de Canada

37) GUAJIRA Composed by D. Brown, R. Reyes &  Jose “Chepito” Areas SANTANA BAND in 1971 

Esta pieza gusto mucho en CUBA y Combos de Rock como LOS JETS la incorpraron a su reprertorio. De esa manera, SANTANA nos acercaba a los mas jovenes,  a nuestras propias raices musicales. Desde entonces, yo veia el Programa PALMAS y CANAS de la TV Cubana cada vez que podia.

Muchos Grupos Cubanos de Rock,  versionaron mas de 5 piezas del repertorio de SANTANA a partir del LP Abraxas.  

CD”The Essential Santana” CBS / Sony, 2002 (la era digital)  

38) MARIA EUGENIA Del tresero Pancho Amat 

JAVIER ZALBA y PANCHO AMAT album “Bariton Cha”  de Javier Zalba Colibri, 2006 Premio Cuba Disco 

39) EN ESPUMA Y ARENA  De Pedro Luis Ferrer  por la tambien compositora, guitarrista y cantante HEIDI IGUALADA con las voces de Sintesis y el trompetista Yasek Manzano 

Esta version me gusta mucho, y siempre que hay un espacio esta conmigo. HEIDI deberia hacer un album de versiones. CD”Serenata” Colibri, 2003

40) ALTO SONGO Del pianista Lily Martinez  / arr : Juan D’Marcos Gonzalez La AfroCuban All Stars  con todos los cantantes del disco: Raul Planas,  Manuel  Licea “Puntillita”, Pio Leyva,  y Maceito.   (Luz para todos ellos, que elevaron la parada con su  improvisacion vocal al 1000 % ).

41) EL CUARTO DE TULA De Sergio Siaba – super hit del album BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB por BARBARITO TORRES y su Piquete, le pusieron dinamita a este clasico cubano !  TB 


42) TWISTED Written by Dante Ross and Nandi Willis
SANTANA feat. singer ANTHONY HAMILTON This is the first song that really attracted me when I found  this CD a few years ago.  Mr. Hamilton’s voice and the swing of the Song produced by keyboardist-composer  Dante Ross, attracted my attention !. CD”All That I Am”   2005 

43) WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS Composed by George Harrison 
SANTANA feat. singer India.Arie and cello master Yo-Yo Ma CD”Guitar Heaven” The Greatest (Rock) Guitar Classics of All Time”Arista, 2010 

44) TRINITY  Composed by Carlos Santana, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook 

The Santana Core Band : Chester Thompson (organ), Karl Perazzo (congas & djembe), Benny Rietveld (electric bass) and Dennis Chambers (d) feat. guests Kirk Hammett (lead guitar) and Robert Randolph (pedal string guitar) 

CD “All That I Am”  2005 

45) SONGS LIKE THIS  by singer Carrie Underwood  CD”Play On”Arista, 2009 

46) CRY CRY BABY  Written by Lester Mendez, Sean Paul, Kara DioGuardi and Jimmy Harry produced and arranged by Lester Mendez (kbds)*

SANTANA feat. Sean Paul & Joss Stone   (vocals) Kara DioGuardi (bgvocals), Ramon Stagnaro (tres guitar) and Charlie Bisharat (violin & viola)    CD “All That I Am”  2005 

46) MARIA MARIA produced by Wyclef Jean & Jerry “Wonder” Duplesis from The Fugees SANTANA w The Product G & B &  a String Trio CD”Supernatural”  Arista, 1999  

47) LLEGO LA MANTECA A SANTOS SUAREZ  (Rumba, Jazz & Hip -Hop)  OGGUERE rapeando sobre los acordes de “LA MANTECA” de Chano Pozo, Gil Fuller & Dizzy Gillespie, con buenos metales y la voz de Daime Arocena 

Se estremecio el Lobby del Dion Family Student Center donde esta situado nuestro estudio de radio, y casi todos los alumnos son de nuevo ingreso. Que alegria cuando escucharon toda la explicacion al final del track !!!!!    

48) BROWN SKIN GIRL Written and arranged by Jaime Houston / produced by Lester Mendez with Houston & Desmond Child SANTANA feat. the unequal BO BICE !CD “All That I Am”  2005 

49) NO LLORES  GLORIA ESTEFAN & the MSM feat. Santana & Jose Feliciano on guitars CD”90 Millas” Sony/BMG/Burgundy, 2007 

50) I DON’T WANNA LOSE YOUR LOVE  Written by Los Lonely Boys / produced by Santana, John Porter and  Los Lonely Boys 

SANTANA feat. Los Lonely Boys (3 brothers : Henry,  Ringo and Joey)Los Lonely Boys are an  American Chicano family  rock power trio from San Angelo,  Texas. They play a style of music they call “Texican  Rock n’ Roll” combining elements of  rock and roll, Texas blues, brown-eyed soul, country and Tejano. They take part on this song with  SANTANA, CHESTER THOMPSON and KARL PERAZZO   CD “ALL THAT I AM”   Arista, 2005


51) AFRICA MY LAND by Portorican percussionist  LITTLE JOHNNY RIVERO 

52) LITTLE BLACK SAMBA  by Bebop drummer legend Grady Tate Live at The Blue Note in NYC 

Continuaremos haciendoles pasar un rato bien agradable con nuestro programa. Nos encontraremos el proximo Domingo  8 de SEPTIEMBRE a las 12 en punto de la tarde, hora estandard del ESTE   Soy su DJ Toni Basanta, desde Vermont, EUA 

The Cuban Bridge on the radio 


Cuban Guitarists : Jorge Chicoy

JORGE LUIS VALDES CHICOY was born in Havana, Cuba, on July 28th, 1955. 
He began playing guitar at age 10, while studying with various teachers.

At 16, he began playing with popular local rock and blues groups, as LOS JETS soon joining LOS BARBA very popular in the 1970s.

HE studied at La Escuela Nacional de Instructores de Arte, (ENIA) 
for 4 years. Among his teachers at ENIA, Jorge Maleta and Joaquin Betancourt.

Later joined Los 3 + 1 jazz combo with singer Alicia, who specialized in Brazilian Bossa Nova and Cuban Standards. Two years later, he joined pianist Felipe Dulzaides y Los Armonicos, with whom he worked for 4 years at The Riviera Hotel.

In 1985, was recruited by famous Cuban trumpeter Arturo Sandoval.

With SANDOVAL SEXTET, he played in the most important Festivals in the world, and shared the stage with music legends such as Michel Legrand, Dizzy Gillespie, John Fadis, Joe Pass, Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, Bobby McFerrin, Pucho López, among many others.

SANDOVAL recorded 6 albums with companies from England, Holland, Germany and the United States. He was constantly playing in prestigious Jazz Clubs such as Ronnie Scott (London), New Morning (Paris), Show Case (Chicago), Quasimodo (Berlin) and others.

During these hey days, CHICOY also worked with the Saxophone Quintet directed by saxophonist Manuel Valera and drummer Guillermo Barreto.

In 1990, he played with the United Nations Orchestra, trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie’s mission, at Jazz Plaza International Festival in Havana.

In 1992, pianist Hilario Durán founded Perspectiva, with the members of ARTURO SANDOVAL SEXTET.

PERSPECTIVA made the pores of JAZZ breathe with a lot of new compositions, some of them penned by CHICOY.

BUSCANDO CUERDAS gave name to one of PERSPECTIVA’s first releases for EGREM label, and it’s Chicoy’s dedication to Scottish guitarist Jim Mullin.

ON TOUR with PERSPECTIVA, CHICOY gave lectures in the Cathedral of Jazz Guitar at the Rotterdam International Conservatory, and also at the Jazz Plaza Fest in Havana.

In 1997, he was called by renowned Cuban piano player CHUCHO VALDES to integrate his band IRAKERE, where CHICOY shared very happy moments with his idol and legendary stringer CARLOS EMILIO MORALES.

In 1998, he played on the CD “Cantata a Babalu Aye” (Bembe Records) with Chucho Valdes, akpwon Lazaro Ross and Irakere, receiving a Nomination to the Grammys.

In 2001, he recorded his debut CD “TRANQUILO” (QUIET) 
for EGREM winning a CUBADISCO Award as Best Instrumental Album.

This powerful outing with his IRAKERE band mates and guests, had CHICOY alternately channeling the Smooth Jazz fields, while digging deep as a composer.

In 2004, he won an award for “Best Jazz Album of the Year 2004” in the East Coast Music Awards in Nova Scotia, Canada with HavanaFax, a band he co-led with saxophonist Jeff Goodspeed.

In 2005 and 2006, toured the world and recorded with singer Omara Portuondo, Buena Vista Social Club Diva.

CHICOY was invited to participate in the International Guitar Festivals of Martinica and Costa Rica.

Is featured on the CD “Rhythms del Mundo” which included artists such as Maroon 5, Sting, Cold Play and Jack Johnson.

In 2007, he recorded on Omara Portuondo’s album “Gracias”, which won a Latin Grammy for Best Tropical Music album in 2009.

He recorded on the second Rhythms del Mundo CD in 2008.

CHICOY has delivered workshops, lectures and master classes at the Acadia Jazz University in Nova Scotia, Canada, at the Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen, Denmark, has played at the Gourmet Jazz Fest in Saint Martin with Orlando Sanchez and Ernan Lopez-Nussa, and was a member of the Cuban delegation to the International Festival in Qatar.

In 2009 & 2010, he was busy playing and teaching in Canada and recorded in Havana his second album “Full Time”, was also nominated to CubaDisco.

He joined the band TEMPERAMENTO led by piano player Roberto Fonseca in 2012.
His discography as a sideman must be around 1,000 albums, and I am proud to say that he is part of drummer ENRIQUE PLA’s DVD “EL DRUMS EN CUBA” which I hosted in my HAVANA FAIRFAX CONNECTION TV show this year 2019. For streaming :

At the time, I’m updating these lines, CHICOY lives in New Jersey, USA, with his family. — with Jorge Valdes Chicoy.