COBEY GATOS and DAN SILVERMAN on our Episode 46

JAZZ ALERT in Vermont and all over the US

Last  TUESDAY OCTOBER 20th 2015, we had a Dream Team @ MMCTV Channel 15 and our Guests were Two of the finest musicians living and working in the Green Mountain State – pianist COBEY GATOS and trombonist DAN SiLVERMAN.  

The music they interpreted is part of the catalogue of McCOY TYNER, J.J. JOHNSON and  CHARLIE PARKER all arranged by Dan Silverman. We will soon have Cobey Gatos in our Studio to present the music he plays with Greenbush and Mogani.

Words that come to mind for those that don’t know Cobey and Dan.

They are passionate, intense, serious, good humored,  compassionate, helpful, loyal  generous and  dedicated. These are all accurate descriptions as a fan of their playing.  Those who have been fortunate enough to share the stage with them know that when the bell rings and it’s time to hit, these men know how to climb a mountain no matter how high the peak.

Our agenda is always the same to invite our guests, musical excellence.

Please after this,  check all our episodes online thru

The password : the Cuban bridge

Don’t forget to remember how important is for all of us your opinion. Thanks TB Toni Basanta w Cobey G and D Silverman Ep 46


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