THE CUBAN BRIDGE ON TV     August 22, 2012 – December 15,  2015

When I first thought about conducting a TV show in Richmond, Vermont, USA,  it was hard to describe which music and musicians I wanted to share with the audience.

In specific musical terms, these four years have been a real “Bridge” and a path for a collection of tunes that I love, and have to do with having  Jazz, Blues, Rock,  Country, Hip Hop, Traditional Cuban Music, Classical, Symphonic, New Song Movement, Tango, Flamenco, Timba,  Funk,  Smooth Jazz,  Miami Sound,  … no matter what the form can be – beating as ONE  and providing ample space  to Local and International Artists as well.

I love the way these shows have and will let you testify about  the aforementioned music styles, defying classification sometimes.  I am a person who happens to be pretty adamant about things I believe in, so  these shows, tunes and artists  allow me to express these personal feelings.

MMCTV Channel 15 has been the perfect vehicle to show all these sounds !

There are so many tunes and directions to choose from – too many ! So I suspect that someday,  I’ll record many other Vermont artists that for different reasons have not been able to appear.

On bass, Clyde Stats  in our first “Richmond Tuesday” on October 16, 2013.

Clyde  Stats  II

Since June this year 2015, we have been taping tons of Live Shows – some of them have already been On Air, others  will soon  be.

I want to thank all the locations, managers, musicians, agents,  and of course, the audience, for their continuous support. Meanwhile, these photos will show some of my current favorites.

To watch all our episodes online, feel welcomed to visit us thru

password : the Cuban bridge

Happy New Year,










One thought on “THE CUBAN BRIDGE ON TV

  1. Hi Toni. My name is Dave Vallett from the Fairfax band The Buck Hollers ( We met at Snow Farm when you videotaped our performance. You also worked with Steve White in our band at MMU. I’m finally getting in touch to see if we can still do an interview on your show? Can you email or call (802 999 8592)? Thanks!


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