CD / DVD Veinte Pianos

= Twenty Pianos

Colibrí Productions, 2011

The Music of Ernán López-Nussa  played by  young pianists of different ages, but with rigorous academic initiation.

They are Francis Santiago, Harold Merino, Karla Martínez, Daniel Rodríguez, Miguel Angel de Armas (hijo = son), Ruy Adrian López-Nussa Torres,  Sergio Tapanes, Yamilé Cruz, Adan Perugorría,  Laura Estefanía  Jiménez, Liana María Fernández, Lisandra Pérez, Marlon Bordas, Rolando Luna,  and Harold López-Nussa Torres.

Ernan en el 2015

Veinte Pianos


The DVD contains, encounters with the composer, the documentary “Revelations”, multi-medias and scores on PDF, plus subtitles in English and French.

Soon, very, very soon in our TV show THE CUBAN BRIDGE @ MMCTV Channel 15 in Richmond, Vermont,  USA, a new truck full of pianists.

password: the Cuban bridge

Happy New Year








One thought on “TWENTY PIANOS

  1. Reblogged this on The Cuban Bridge and commented:

    Four of my favorite musicians are featured in this album and DVD.
    I have enjoyed watching and listening to them, and I’m highly impressed with the rest of the soloists of different ages. They are focusing on their careers on the right lane, and thanks to this masterpiece with the Music of Ernan Lopez-Nussa now in The Arts Schools of Cuba and also in the 5 continents piano scholars and alumni can find new sources of inspiration about CUBAN MODERN MUSIC. Through this CD/DVD we can also speak about LA ESCUELA CUBANA DE PIANO = THE CUBAN PIANO SCHOOL that fortunately has so many branches, if we look back to the Ancestors : Cervantes, Saumell, Roldan, Caturla, Lecuona, Lico Jimenez, Olga de Blanck, born in Havana and daughter of the unforgettable Dutch composer Hubert de Blanck – till the likes of Harold Gramatges, Jose Maria Vitier, Fernando Mulens, Bebo and Chucho Valdes and now Ernan Lopez-Nussa. Enjoy, TB


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