INTERCAMBIO A Mutual Exchange

Dr. Wayne Wallace and his Latin Jazz Quintet have received a Grammy Nomination for INTERCAMBIO ranked among The Best Latin Jazz Albums of 2015.

Since 2006, year that we began a kind of international radio DJ career via Vermont airwaves,  we have been spinning all the productions of Dr. Wayne Wallace as a leader recorded for  his  Patois Records – a label which he successfully presides and where many great artists from the San Francisco Bay area have found a good home and a great support to spread their wings and their dreams to record enduring music.

Through PATOIS Records, Wallace has also released Two Full-Length  CD Compilations : SALSA DE LA BAHIA  with The Very Best of  their  West Coast cornerstone.

Two former recordings for Spirit Nectar Records  released at the beginning of the New Millenium have also been on our grill.

For “The Doctor” and all our admired San Francisco Bay Area Masters,  hope the joys  and blessings of the holiday  season be yours throughout the new year,  and we are going to be ready  in February 2016 to spread the news that you won The Grammy for BEST LATIN JAZZ ALBUM  with INTERCAMBIO A Solid Exchange fusing  the energy contained in the American Continent.

Happy Holidays,


THE CUBAN BRIDGE @ WWPV 92.5  FM  “The Mike”

Sundays 12:00 – 3 :00 p.m.  to you from Colchester, Vt.

The Green Mountain State in the United States of America

Intercambio   W wallace.jpg


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