Sheryl Bailey & Harvie  S   Plucky Strum                  Plucky Strum (Whaling City Sound, 2015 )

Although guitarist Sheryl Bailey and bassist Harvie S have been neighbors for years and have gigged together, recording a DUO session together is an idea that didn’t materialize until Bailey acquired a new, custom-made acoustic guitar.

An informal JAM one day lit the spark, and the heartfelt, intimate and stylistically diverse PLUCKY  STRUM  is the result.

The relaxed mood that permeates most of the tracks is particularly evident on Bailey’s “Broken Glass,” a ballad rhythmically tied to gently sashaying bossa pulses.

The guitarist leads the way throughout, her lustrous chords and single-note soloing sketching the tune’s meditative theme while the bassist remains in a supporting role.

On Harvie’s good-natured “Bluzin’ F,” he and Bailey partner on tight unison lines that lend the piece a sense of formal structure.

Throughout the album, though, the DUO  mostly switch between lead and supporting roles while milking the BLUES  dialect to full effect.

Bailey’s folksy “Woods Talk” finds the guitarist at her most expressive, spinning off steely chords and blues-inflected solo lines while Harvie displays the full tonal range of his double-bass, from plucked staccato notes in the outer limits of his instrument’s upper register to the rich, resonant tones at the bottom end.

Two tributes are album highlights.

“To Bea,” written by Harvie to honor his late mother, is a vivacious, up-tempo bossa romp. “Charlie Haden,” another work by the bassist, is an homage to the late JAZZ  legend that radiates a happy, upbeat spirit.

Regardless of their stylistic orientation, the 10 performances captured on Plucky Strum are uniformly warm-blooded, refreshingly spontaneous and occasionally truly virtuosic.

Original text by Mark Holston August,  2015 for JAZZIZ Magazine

Bassist Harvie S  guitarist Sheryl Bailey – See more at: https://www.jazziz.com/harvie-s-sheryl-bailey/#sthash.B8vNkl46.dpuf


I discovered Harvie  S in Havana, Cuba during one of the last visits of AMERiCAN Musicians to The National Arts School to dig on Cuban rhythms in 1997. In those days, he still was Harvie Swartz.

Harvie didn’t need much directions as he has been a  sessionist-in-constant-demand in New York City for years before heading to CUBA.

For that reason,  his bass lines  have always been thru my Vermont airwaves as a leader and as a sideman on regular basis since 2006. Most recently, with the Virginia Mayhew Septet for whom he wrote “A simple thanks” which gives name to the tenor saxophonist album.


I discovered SHERYL BAILEY through the albums of trumpeter Rebecca Coupe Franks “Coupes”  and K.J. Denhert – two prominent big girls on the NYC scene since the 1990s.

Coupes’ composition “Breakin’ the Mold” became Sheryl’s first excursion and inception to my audience at WWPV 88.7 FM  “The Mike” around 2011, while K.J. Denhert’s originals had Sheryl on the lead guitar in some live takes of her album “Lucky 7”.   http://www.kjdenhert.com

I couldn’t wait and made contacts with Sheryl thru Facebook and since then the talented NYC based guitarist keeps me posted, for sure, about each one of her  suculent releases w Big Bands, Jazz Combos and beyond.

Please check The Sheryl Bailey 4 ft. pianist extraordinaire Jim Ridl, bassist Gary Wang and drummer Shingo Okudaira  – two of a kind in the convenient jungle as well.  http://www.sherylbailey.com

Now taking a time to investigate about JAZZ DUOS & JAZZ DUETS  it’s time to speak about them all  as well.

Also check Rebecca Coupe Franks and her Groovemobile (2007), and don’t wait too much to  unfold her DUETS with Venezuelan pianist Luis Perdomo in “Check the box”  (2010).  Both self-released albums  under her belt RCF http://www.rebeccacoupefranks.com

Happy Holidays folks, simply, make it happen.

While blogging I’m listening to The Sheryl Bailey 4 whose creative interaction is simply unequal, sensational and original !


We have  a new dial 92.5 FM “The Mike”.  This is the Saint Michael’s College radio station. WE are among the Best College Radios and with pleasure,  we’re coming to you from Colchester, Vermont – the Green Mountain State in the United States of America.

We are On Air SUNDAYS 12:00 – 3:00 p.m.


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