Allman Brothers Butch Trucks: ‘Without Cream, There Never Would Have Been Us’

Butch Trucks Allman Bros drummer


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Author : Jim Clash he writes about culture and adventure sports

In the first part of this interview series, Allman Brothers Band drummer Butch Trucks discussed his audition and entry into the band in 1969 via the late Duane Allman and his impressions of Lady Gaga.

Here, the 1995 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee talks about his drumming style, the group Cream’s immense influence on classic rock music and Led Zeppelin.

Jim Clash: The syncopated drummer that you are, how do you keep straight in your mind the different beats and times you’re doing with each hand and foot?

Butch Trucks: Well, you don’t. If it’s not in your head, you can’t do it. It’s like a golf swing. There are too many elements involved. You can’t make up four things at once. As soon as you start …   (Continues on next page. Thanks for following us)

Toni Basanta

The Cuban Bridge on the radio and television




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