Pas de Trois : Ernan Lopez-Nussa Trio

With piano, bass and drums all the Songs of this CD / DVD clearly prove that ERNAN LOPEZ-NUSSA TRIO is one of the best ensembles in music today, a uniquely personal unit that eschews the traditional concept of leader plus accompaniment for a more organic approach in which the individual melodic, harmonic and rhythmic contributions of each musician are combined in a TRIO with its own identity where the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts has the ability to make outstanding contributions to the future of JAZZ.

If you don’t know them yet, here we go.

Pianist ERNAN LOPEZ-NUSSA is a founding member of AFROCUBA’77 a band that combined Havana Jazz veterans and music students of high caliber as composers and improvisers.

AFROCUBA recorded two seminal albums : MAZAMORRA and DILES QUE VUELVO and sided singer and songwriter Silvio Rodriguez in 4 of his poetic masterpieces : two double LPs “Oh Melancolia” and “Causas y Azares”.

After a logical disbanding,  at the end of the 1980s, ERNAN founded CUARTO ESPACIO w bassist OMAR HERNANDEZ, guitarist TEO CALVEIRO and drummers Julio Barreto and Jimmy Branley. CUARTO ESPACIO recorded one album produced by percussionist SAMMY FIGUEROA and features two accomplished percussionists as guests :   Luisito Quintero and Nene Quintero. It’s a ROCK JAZZ FUSION vamp at its best with poetry, feeling,  and pianissimo plus displayed with original compositions by Ernan and Omar always  transcending frontiers. For instance,  in PANTERA and POLK AND SON.

Back to PAS DE TROIS.  It is not his first album as a leader, there are 8 others, most of them awarded. FIGURACIONES, DELIRIUM, FROM HAVANA TO RIO (de Janeiro),  MANO DE OBRA, VEINTE PIANOS,  SIEMPRE EN MI CORAZON (ft. Grammy nominee singer Miriam Ramos) and SACRILEGIOS.

Drummer ENRIQUE PLA was a former member of LA ORQUESTA CUBANA DE MUSICA MODERNA – the cradle of IRAKERE, and drummer of IRAKERE during 5 generations. As a sidemen, PLA appears in more than 5,000 albums in and out of CUBA.

Bassist YANDY MARTINEZ is one of the youngest players coming out of the island nation of CUBA. His bass lines have always touched me either with a dancing Music Orchestra like KLIMAX or in a TRIO like this. You can also find YANDY’s pulse in the CD/DVD DRUMS LA HABANA ft. Oliver Valdes and Rodney Barreto for just mentioning a few.

As a DJ Host on Vermont airwaves during 10 years, I have played most of these aforementioned artists to a wider audience,  and the SONGS  of PAS DE TROIS comfortably straddle the JAZZ and POP worlds.

26 tracks, 12 of them original compositions of the leader,  7 as a co-author of Stevie Wonder, Ramon Huerta, Tony Williams, Ivan Fernandez, Ignacio Cervantes, Kurt Weill  and Duke Ellington anthems.

I simply keep optimistically after these lines, as countless musicians and producers prize their versatility .

PAS DE TROIS Colibri Productions, 2009

available for all ages in the US and Canada thru

Toni Basanta

I’m coming to you from Vermont, the Green Mountain State in the US of  America




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