Dear friends,

I have already enjoyed this album Tribute to Jimmy van Heusen. We all have listened to and enjoyed  most of his compositions, for sure.

I  entirely  agree with critic DAN BILAWSKY, reason why I posted his observations about this new album “VANHEUSENISM”  produced by DANIELA SCHÄCHTER. She is a pianist, singer, educator, band leader, JAZZ advocate and a lot more.

Two weeks  ago,  in my radio show THE CUBAN BRIDGE @ WWPV 92.5 FM “The Mike”  introduced her and her bandmates. It was a PIANO SHOW inspired by 7 Cuban Pianists who had been invited to the San Francisco Jazz Festival.

Her album was a delightful find. I was sure it could fit in our selection. I had known most of these VAN HEUSEN Gems in other Voices, but these new takes are great too.

I was only familiar to her drummer MARK WALKER, who has largely made his home with The Paquito D’Rivera Ensemble, but I have seen MARK WALKER many times before this album, first in Cuba with Michel Camilo, later here in Vermont with Brazilian pianist Jovino Santos Neto, and with The New World Composers Octet, as well as in an abundant amount of recordings, which have room in my home library.

The most recent ones with saxophonists Greg Abati and Phil Woods sided by the Tim Ray Trio Live at Chan’s in Rhode Island, and Windows featuring TIM RAY as the leader of his own Trio, both on WHALING CITY SOUND 2016 catalog.

So it was fine to discover the other third of VANHEUSENISM, and of course, to highlight MORE WOMEN IN JAZZ.

There will be more soon, so please, now enjoy what  DAN BILAWSKY wrote about them. I included all the links to make it easier for you.

THE CUBAN BRIDGE on the radio and the television always trying to leave NO  Stone Unturned.

http://www.wwpv.org    http://www.mmctv15.org    http://www.vimeo.com/mmctv




Schachter knows how to pick her musicians, how to pick her Van Heusen tunes, and how to put an album across.  …don’t expect right-down-the-middle takes on these songs. Schachter is respectful in her interpretations, but they’re her interpretations. If you’re looking for Sinatra clone takes from a female voice, you won’t find them here. – BILAWSKY


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