CD Review: Lou Caimano & Eric Olsen “Dyad Plays Jazz Arias”

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 “…magical music for your ears that will never get old.”

 “Alto Saxophonist Lou Caimano and Pianist Eric Olsen have used their remarkable improvisational skills to turn beautiful operatic melodies into wonderful jazz performances.” 16/11/cd-review-lou-caimano-er ic-olsen-dyad.html

I have always thought that all genres of music are interrelated which allow them to be different and yet linked together.  There have been many examples recorded by musicians that blend Classical into Jazz and now Lou Caimano and Eric Olsen have blended great Opera Arias into beautiful and refreshing new Jazz performances.  Alto Saxophonist Lou Caimano and Pianist Eric Olsen have used their remarkable improvisational skills to turn beautiful operatic melodies into wonderful Jazz performances.

This talented duo has been performing together for 16 years under the name of “Dyad” which is defined by Webster’s as “two persons in a continuing relationship involving interaction”.  There are five arias that were arranged by Olsen with Caimano sharing credit on two Arias including Delibes’ “Flower Duet”.  Joining Dyad on this CD are two additional musicians, Randy Brecker on Trumpet and Flugelhorn and Ted Nash on Tenor Saxophone.

Lou Caimano and Eric Olsen are world class musicians, arrangers and  composers that are at the top of their game.  They make wonderful, intelligent music that can’t be classified, it’s just a treat for any listener!  This CD is available online at Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby and I highly recommend you order one.  It will provide magical music for your ears that will never get old.


1. “Finch’han del vino”- (W.A. Mozart) Arr. Eric Olsen with Randy Brecker, Trumpet

2. “Habanera”- (Georges Bizet) Arr. Eric Olsen

3. “Meditation”- (Jules Massenet) Arr. Lou Caimano, Eric Olsen

4. “Seguidilla”- (Georges Bizet) Arr. Eric Olsen

5. “Do Not Enter A Word”- (Samuel Barber) Arr. Eric Olsen with Randy Brecker, Flugelhorn

6. “Flower Duet”- (Leo Delibes) Arr. Lou Caimano, Eric Olsen with Ted Nash, Tenor Saxphone

7. “Dio! mi potevi scagliar”- (Giuseppe Verdi) Arr. Eric Olsen with Ted Nash, Tenor Saxophone

I have attached “Youtube” highlight excerpts from their new CD “Dyad Plays Jazz Arias” that will showcase their creative talents and give you an idea of the beautiful music they have produced for their new CD.

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Eric Olsen Lou Caimano with Randy Brecker Ted Nash


 My comment

Probably two years ago I received a first Volume of DYAD while producing my radio show at WOMM-LP 105.9 FM better known as The Radiator. After the first listening,  I created space for this magic Classical Music and Jazz DUO. I did enjoy it a lot and the audience as well. Many reports and fun to be had came out every week.

In recent days, I have just received a new album of pianist-arranger ERIC OLSEN and alto saxophonist LOU CAIMANO now playing JAZZ ARIAS of never ending OPERAS.

This morning, I feel really glad to BLOG the words written by critic Bob Nicosia.

By the way, to help spreading the word I took to copies in my recent trip to HAVANA, CUBA and left it in good hands : The Hermida Familiy and Lucrecia Rodriguez – pianist and musicologist of RADIO ENCICLOPEDIA.

This coming SUNDAY November 13, 2016, between 12 noon and 3:00 p.m. I’ll greet my audience with an irresistible selection of this new masterpiece by DYAD members and guests. I’m completely sure that DUKE ELLINGTON, DAVID BAKER, ASTOR PIAZZOLLA, NADIA BOULANGER and MARIA SCHNEIDER will be glad listening to our radio show.

What about you ? Please let me know what you think about these album ?

Last but not least, I’d love to dedicate this segment to Mr. Eric Olsen’s wife who is a renowned Opera Singer. In one of her dreams she listened to Lou Caimano’s IMPROVISATIONS on his alto saxophone sound like an Opera Tenor Singer and then suggested her husband-pianist Eric Olsen to arrange certain pieces to be played. The result was so rejoicing that they ended up in a recording studio, and now The DYAD DUO has been enlarged with another sax master and a trumpet master.

In memory of Mozart, Verdi, Massenet, Bizet, Barber and Delibes.

Much thanks to The Master Musicians here. JAZZ Lives,  leaving No Stone Unturned.

To the radio programmers, please I do only request heavy adds and sincere spins nation wide.

Happy End of 2016

Toni Basanta





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