British flutist Sue Miller

I discovered SUE MILLER one afternoon watching LA SUBLIME and taking photos at a ball at The La Casa de la FEU @ Havana University, after introducing myself to her and invite her to dance closer to the bandstand SHE told me she was a flutist herself and leader of LA CHARANGA DEL NORTE in Leeds, UK. Since then, every time she went to CUBA she used to JAM w La Sublime and other Charangas.


SUE wrote a BOOK  featuring some of the Finest Charanga Flute Soloists that launched  them to the world knowledge for the time in history.

Image may contain: 4 people
First photo is Ignacio Poey who recently passed away. He was a collaborator on Sue’s Book. Next a cover photo of her album LOOK BACK IN CHARANGA is the best witness to my sincere lines of affection about HER love, passion and dedication for our Symphonic Miniatures.
Toni Basanta
DJ Host of The Cuban Bridge on the radio and on television

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