Teté Garcia Caturla

Teté Garcia Caturla

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Edition, adaptation and comments by Toni Basanta from Fairfax, Vermont, USA
Regla Teresa García Rodríguez (born October 13, 1937), known as Teté Garcia Caturla, is a Cuban singer who directed the vocal group Cuarteto Las D’Aida.

She is the daughter of Alejandro García Caturla, one of the most important Cuban composers of the 1920s and 1930s.

TETE  was born on October 13, 1937, in Remedios, Villa Clara Province, Cuba. As a young woman she made her debut for legendary female Orquesta Anacaona, and in 1963 she joined Cuarteto Las D’Aida.

Both of these were all-female groups. After  pianist Aida Diestro, the founder of the quartet, died in 1973, Teté led them, and they toured Panamá (1978), Grenada (1979), México (1983), Spain (1984), Angola (1986) and Finland (1987). More recently she toured Argentina, France, Japan, Greece and the United States.

In the 1980s, she was an active member of LAS ESTRELLAS DE AREITO – a brainchild project of African producer RAUL DIAMONDE and Cuban trombonist JUAN PABLO TORRES who produced 5 Volumes with LA ORQUESTA DE ENRIQUE JORRIN featuring Charangas and Jazz front men  like singers Tito Gomez, Miguelito Cuni and Pio leyva, violinist Rafael Lay and flutist Richard Egues (then at La Aragon), violinist Miguel Barbon “Brindis El Nino Prodigio, a one of a kind soloist from la Orquesta Melodias del ’40, Pedro Hernandez from La Ideal, flutist Melquiades Fundora from La Sublime,  Paquito D’Rivera and Arturo Sandoval from the legendary Irakere.

After her retirement from Las D’Aida  Quartet, she formed the group Rumba Tere for young musicians recently graduated from their schools of music. Her work has always been in the traditional popular music of Cuba.

In the 1990’s,  she acted among the lead singers of Juan D’Marcos’  AFROCUBAN ALL-STARS and her voice is featured in Tours and the album DISTINTO DIFERENTE exchanging leads with DENNIS … , (ex – Klimax), FERNANDO ALVAREZ, MANUEL LICEA “Puntillita”  and  PEDRITO CALVO.

In 2003,  the CD Llegó Teté = Tete has finally arrived  (Bis Music Records catalogue) produced by Gloria Ochoa and saxophonist German Velazco  was highly successful and obtained EL GRAN PREMIO CUBA DISCO.

My comment about TETE AND HER ALBUM

LLEGO TETE  was sitting in my Office until yesterday, SUNDAY JANAURY 22, 29017, when I celebrated a RADIO PARTY  to highlight worldwide  Anniversary  51 of  LA ORQUESTA SUBLIME “La Pachanguera de Cuba” – a Charanga founded in Havana, Cuba on January 21, 1956 by pianist ROLANDO FUNDORA and his brother flutist MELQUIADES FUNDORA “El Sinsonte de Nueva Paz”.

Fortunately, TETE had recorded with some of the finest CHARANGA and TIMBA icons of the New Millenium and in the repertoire were included some Charanga and Rumba Classics like “EL NICHE” by violinist FELIX REINA, “LOS TAMALITOS DE OLGA” penned by flutist JOSE ANTONIO FAJARDO,  “TAUREMA” a solid Rumba  by Rumba icon and poet GONZALO ASCENCIO “El Tio Tom”,  CACHITA  another massive Hit of the dance floors written by Portorican trombonist RAFAEL HERNANDEZ, and DUDA (Doubts) by Juan Formell – a Super Radio Hit of Las D’Aida with Los Van Van in the 1970s.

Her album was “the closing pitcher” for  our radio show. It brought  dynamite to move the dancing crowds from VERMONT to SWITZERLAND.


As TETE is featured as a lead singer with drummer-composer FIDEL MORALES and PROYECTO NEGA, in his album and DVD  “SALSA SON Y TIMBA”,  I presented this friendly collaboration of hers in MAMINA, Fidel’s  composition dedicated to trap drummer and timbalero AMADITO VALDES’ mother in my first TV show THE CUBAN BRIDGE at MMCTV Channel 15 in Richmond, Vermont, USA in 2012.


AMADITO VALDES is another legend of Cuban Music,  former member of LAS D’AIDA QUARTET with TETE,  timbalero in EMILIANO SALVADOR album NUEVA VISION (Egrem 1980s), with BEBO VALDES Revival Summit in Germany BEBO RIDES AGAIN produced by Paquito D’Rivera, and with JUAN D’MARCOS’ AfroCuban All-Stars A TODA CUBA LE GUSTA (World Circuit, 1996), and BUENAVA VISTA SCOAIL CLUB Grammy Winner Album  for just mentioning a few.

In his album as a leader, BAJANDO GERVASIO (Ahora Corp Japan / Pimienta Records, 2002) – Amadito and Juan D Marcos assembled a singular Ensemble  that devisted from the Classical Cuban Charangas or Conjuntos to incvorporate unexpected Voices.

In this Super Cuban All-Stars  appears, of course, Mamina in a newer  version featuring pianist DAVID ALFARO, trombonist JESUS “AGUAJE” RAMOS, and TETE praising every solo with inspirational reference to the VALDES family album.

This unequal finale was complemented with flutists RICHARD EGUES with The AfroCuban All-Stars in 1997, American flutist ANDREA BRACHFELD with pianist ELIO VILLAFRANCA and  British SUE MILLER with La Charanga del Norte.

I really looked up to all these excellent albums and took them out for a new walk !.

LA SUBLIME was featured in one of pianist ROLANDO FUNDORA’S mostly acclaimed PACHANGAS of the 1960s, EL VIEJITO DON JULIO quoting the melodies of LA COMPARSA DE LA BOLLERA in grand manner.

To give flutists a wider recognition as  a basic instrument of CUBA’S CHARANGAS and JAZZ – our final Song was IMPRESSIONS by JOHN COLTRANE played by The Ali Ryerson Jazz Flute Big Band ft. ANDREA BRACHFELD and KRIS KEITH  tocando sus Flautas en C (en Do).


Glad to update TETE GARCIA CATURLA’s Bio on Wikipedia and enjoying her album even more, 14 years after.

Special resonance to pianist TONY RODRIGUEZ  – one of my favorite soloists since the end of the 1990s,  when he was among the first four winners of THE JOVEN JAZZ AWARD.

“Juventud Divino Tesoro” as TETE says in one of his SOLOS, he deserves it.

And also to flutist RENESITO  HERRERA  “El Sinsonte de Alamar”, heir to the throne of his ancestors, he’s blowing really wisely and during The Havana International Jazz Festival 2016,  he was invited to LA FIESTA DE LA FLAUTA – a Flute Summit sponsored by Doctor Jose Loyola with his Charanga de Oro at The Grand Theater of Havana, featuring among others Tony Pedroso, Orlando Valle “Maraca” and US flutist Rachel Flowers.

There is more to chew in TETE’s album, with the music of ALEJANDRO GARCIA CATURLA and ENRIQUE JORRIN, but that will be next SUNDAY when we get back to the radio with a Second Show to celebrate ORCHESTRA SUBLIME “La Pachanguera de Cuba” (f. 1956) in her/ their  birthday 51.

SECOND PARTS might sometimes be much more better !*

Continuara. Ahora sumate a mi actividad.

Toni Basanta

DJ Host of The Cuban Bridge on the radio and on television

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