Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet w Richie Cole

Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet w Richie Cole
CD “Vocal Madness” HouseKat Records, 2014  
A revue taken from Internet
Edition, adaptation and comments by Toni Basanta from Fairfax, Vermont,  USA
I knew Richie Cole at The Havana International Jazz Festival in the 1980s, I had the honor to interview him after a fabulous presentation with his QUARTET.
One of  my students Orlando Oramas, who is now an international journalist worked at the time  for Granma International. He called me  asking for help to interview the sensational American saxophonist who was visiting our FEST, and I for sure, agreed.
We found Mr. Cole in the audience of LA CASA DE LA CULTURA with his manager and they were both very friendly to talk to two unknown Cubans, memories of which will live with me for ever.
In my TV show,  THE CUBAN BRIDGE @ MMCTV Channel 15 in Richmond, Vermont I have a Jam led by multi-instrumentalist JIMMY MULIDORE in California and The Band features Richie Cole and trumpeter Randy Brecker.
Now learning more about JAZZ HISTORY,   day after day, here is a comment about VOCAL MADNESS which I respectfully copied and glued from Internet. Didn’t find who wrote it.
I hope Ginny Carr,  Richie Cole and the rest of the crew agree with me.
Legendary alto saxophonist RICHIE  COLE first heard the Washington DC-based UPTOWN VOCAL JAZZ QUARTET  in 2012 and immediately declared them “My new discovery, the whole package.”
COLE, who has worked extensively with THE MANHATTAN TRANSFER  and has been featured on their Grammy-winning albums “Vocalese,” “Mecca for Moderns,” and “Extensions”,  instantly recognized the vocal appeal of UVJQ and the unique Songwriting and Jazz arranging talents of their leader, GINNY CARR.    
A lover of Swingin’ Vocal Harmonies and a prolific songwriter himself, COLE invited CARR to arrange his own Songs for her group and collaborate with him on a recording featuring their collective original compositions.
“VOCAL  MADNESS” is a rich compilation of original Songs by both Richie Cole and Ginny Carr, with arrangements by Carr.
It’s a high-flying and highly original performance by the power ensemble of UPTOWN VOCAL JAZZ QUARTET  and their band, with guest RICHE COLE.

MY RADIO SHOW @ St. Mike’s

They were all yesterday, SUNDAY February 26, 2017,  in my radio show THE CUBAN BRiDGE @ WWPV 92.5 FM  “The Mike” via their albums HUSTLIN’ FOR A GIG and  VOCAL MADNESS and our show reached 101 HITS on the website.

Our music selection,  also included a deserved Tribute to singer EDDIE JEFFERSON “The Father of Vocalese” a long time associate to Richie Cole in several seminal albums and live presentations,  a Vocal Jazz personality that was brought back to light in the album HUSTLIN’ FOR A GIG”  by the Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet in 2012.

Through this album, I could learn more who was EDDIE JEFFERSON as I had only listened to him in a Compilation of some of his New York City Sessions (1959 – 1964).

IN THE 1990S

During my radio shows in HAVANA, CUBA I had experienced a version of GEORGE BENSON and CHAKA KHAN  of  Jefferson’s MOODY’S MOOD FOR LOVE, but since  2006,  when I began doing my first radio shows at WRUV 90.1 FM – the station at The University of Vermont located in the city of Burlington,  I became curious to listen to my mentor L.J. Palardy play JEFFERSON’S Voice in one of his radio shows.


All I had was a burned CD with EDDIE JEFFERSON’S  unequal voice, courtesy of Mr. Palardy.

I began learning more about THE FATHER OF VOCALESE reading the succulent liner notes of Leonard Feather.

For streaming and viewing all our radio shows playlists feel welcomed thru



VOCAL MADNESS was released on November 10, 2014. WE have played their Songs since then, in our radio shows in VERMONT, USA and in HAVANA,  CUBA. But yesterday, was the BOOM !

Musicians :
Ginny Carr, Robert McBride, Holly Shockey, Andre Enceneat (vocals).

The Band

Frank Russo (drums), Max Murray (bass), Alan Blackman (piano), Steve Herberman (guitar), Chris Rose (percussion), Richie Cole (alto sax).

Additional percussion on I LOVE LUCY : By Chris Rose.

Recorded and mixed at Bias Studios in Springfield, VA, by Bob Dawson.
Produced by Ginny Carr and Bob Dawson.

Long Live Vocal Jazz !

Toni Basanta

DJ Host of The Cuban Bridge on the radio an on television






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