Today is Larry Carlton’s birthday

Dear friends,
I have been admiring the life and story of LARRY CARLTON since I first listened to him playing with STEELY DAN.
Today, I want to share a short story of his prolific life as a musician,  composer and Master Guitarist, either genre. Enclosed 4 photos with other 4 Masters : Tak Matsumoto, Lee Ritenour and Robben Ford. Scroll it down and see more.
Happy birthday Mr. Carlton.

The  rest is a courtesy of our Friends of Jazz on the Tube

Guitarist Larry Eugene Carlton was born March 2,  1948 in Torrance, California.
When he was six years old, Carlton began studying  guitar with Slim Edwards.
During the 1970’s and 80’s, Carlton was in high  demand as a session artist, playing with Steely Dan,  Joni Mitchell, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Barbara Streisand and many more.
He has won four Grammys for his recordings and compositions, and continues to record and tour regularly.
Here’s a video of Carlton playing live in 2012.
– Lester Perkins
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