Omar Pitaluga guitarrista cubano de Rock


I  wrote these lines in 2013 after a short visit to Miami to celebrate my birthday 58. It was a pleasure to meet OMAR PITALUGA  and after a request of himself to have my opinion in his Professional Independent Musician website  I jot these lines down, from my senses to the PC.

In those days, I didn’t have my BLOG, so now it’s time to update, recover and spread my humble review about his prolific life and talents for more people interested in our Cuban Rock stories. Enjoy.


“among the most inventive and original soloists of our times”

I am very glad to write on behalf of my long-time friend OMAR PITALUGA  – a guitarist who began growing as a Rock Artist since tender age in Havana, Cuba until he decided to try success in the US and settle domicile in Hialeah, Florida in 1989.

He has been giving the best of his sound in many, many bands all around The Sunshine State bandstands and it’s been my aim to help him also make a career as a Recording Artist,  ’cause his sound should never be forgotten.

During my visit to Florida in January 2013,  I had the pleasure to share very happy moments with him and his wife and know about all his shows and mesmerizing work as an educator and founder creator of “The Rocking Boys” a band of kids he’s been teaching the real Art of Rock, Pop and Rock ‘N Roll Music. Now the kids are in demand in every show by many different bands in Florida.

For instance, Main Street, The Rockaholics, Top Secret  and others.

Since the creation of The Cuban Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Florida, our Rock Artists have given 10 steps forward in their dreams to be recognized in the land of ROCK.

Omar Pitaluga is among the Inductees due to all his efforts.

What makes him stand out form other professionals is that his only vice is The Music, his behavior as a supporting husband and unequal father, also deserve recognition.

His Voice “The Classic Rock Vintage”, but he’s never forgotten the BEATS  of our beloved Cuban heritage. He can play any kind of music with his Guitars !*

It was nice to remember in our conversation our first Pop Rock Band  in Havana; ARENAS, CUMBRES y ESTRELLAS  and we five rehearsed and composed in his own home in 1969.


From the living-room of his home, his name began to leave a landmark in more than 10 renowned Rock Bands in our City and the capital outskirts, – statements which can all be found in the three books  written by broadcaster Humberto Manduley : EL ROCK EN CUBA = ROCK IN CUBA,  MALA HIERBA (Bad Seeds) inspired by the Guitar Riffs of our Rock Masters  and PARCHE – AN ENCYCLOPEDIA of CUBAN ROCK – to fill and add some details that could not be completed in prior editions.

That was  the time, when I knew Omar, –  1969, while in School, and since then, our friendship and communication has been of Two Twin Brothers which hopefully will last forever. He lives in Hialeah, Florida and I live in Vermont.

Big hug my brother,

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Toni Basanta

DJ Host of The Cuban Bridge on the radio an on television


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