Jeff Salisbury: Vermont drummer and educator

Taken from Internet

Edition, adaptation and comment by Toni Basanta from Fairfax, Vermont, USA

Jeff Salisbury‘s  Melodic Motion Studies For Drumset

is filled with exercises that have been designed to help the improving drummer to develop a high degree of fluency getting around the Drum kit when playing fills or solos.

The musical exercises featured in this book explore some of the infinite possibilities relating sound to a variety of motions to develop freedom of movement on the Drums.

Melodic Motion Studies For Drumset

covers clockwise and counterclockwise motions; paradiddle inversions; vertical, horizontal and diagonal inversions of paradiddle-diddles; windmill patterns; Rock, Jazz and Latin applications.

This book also includes access to audio tracks (for download or streaming) with most examples played at slow and fast tempos.

Jeff Salisbury the educator  

Mr. Salisbury teaches Drumset at the University of Vermont and is a faculty member of KoSA Percussion Workshops.

He has performed, toured and recorded with artists including Albert King, Cold Blood, Linda Tillery, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley,  Rick Davis’ Jazismo and Salsa Nortena Groups,  Brian McCarthy Quartet, The Sneakers Jazz Band,  and countless others.

This book includes access to online audio, which can be found at   

My comment

Mr. Salisbury came to my TV show in 2013, when we were preparing our Episode with Abraxas Band – a Vermont  Tribute Sextet to Santana’s  seminal Rock album that we filmed at The Spruce Peak Center for the Performing Arts in Stowe with the support of VCAM.

He was also giving the final touches to his publication and Drum Set Clinic at Advance Music Center in Burlington.

His 30 minutes interview and demonstration LIVE  in our TV show  is one of my favorite.

NOW,  they can be highly be appreciated in all these LINKS and Demonstrative Educational Videos on YOUTUBE.  

At the moment,  he’s successfully leading his own BAND ft. 4 Veterans of Vermont Music Scene.

Enclosed some great moments of his prolific life as a music legend.

Toni Basanta

DJ Host of The Cuban Bridge on the radio and on television



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