Journey finally entering to the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame, 25 years since their self-titled release debut album

Written by Jon Wiederhorn  Tue, Apr 4, 2017    @  3:59 p.m.  PDT 

Edition, adaptation and comments by Toni Basanta from Fairfax, Vermont, USA

If you look strictly at the statistics, it makes perfect sense that Journey are finally entering the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Between 1978, when their third album INFINITY  scored big with the singles

“Wheel in the Sky” and “Lights,”

and 1996,

when they issued the comeback effort Trial by Fire (after vocalist Steve Perry’s eight-year hiatus), the Bay Area Rock titans’ racked up 10 platinum or multiplatinum albums and sold 75 million records worldwide.

Yet in 2000,

when JOURNEY first became eligible to for Rock Hall induction — having passed 25 years,  since the release of their self-titled debut — no one put the band’s name on the ballot.

And Journey were passed over again and again by Hall of Fame voters for the next 15 years.

Sure, the band’s classic songs may have formed the soundtrack of countless ’80s teenagers’ lives, but ROCK CRITICS  and the music intelligentsia just didn’t think it was “cool” to put Journey on a pedestal.

And so, it took until 2017 for the band to finally be recognized as Hall of Fame-worthy.

“Twenty years ago, I was expecting, maybe, to get in because I thought we had the credentials,” guitarist Neal Schon tells Yahoo Music.

“But it didn’t happen, so after a while I kind of forgot about it. I didn’t know why we wouldn’t be in. I thought we definitely had enough fans and we had sold many, many records, and our music has stood the test of time. It’s pretty much embedded in stone that we are CLASSIC ROCK.  But I figured,  this is not gonna make or break my career,    so there’s no reason to go nuts over it.”

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SCHON says he was pleased back in OCTOBER  2016,  when he found out that JOURNEY  had been nominated for the Rock Hall along with 18 other acts, but he didn’t really think they’d make the final cut.

After all, they had been overlooked so many times before — not just by the Hall, but by so many other award ceremonies. JOURNEY  weren’t up for a Grammy until 1997, way after their commercial peak, and their nominated song, the string-saturated tearjerker “When You Love a Woman,” lost to the Beatles’ posthumous “Free as a Bird.”

Then, this past December, it was announced that Journey would be inducted for 2017, along with Yes, Pearl Jam, Tupac Shakur, Joan Baez, and Electric Light Orchestra.

My comment

When JOURNEY’s ex-drummer STEVE SMITH with his Vital Information Rock Jazz Fusion Band was celebrating its 30th Anniversary, in 2012, I presented two radio shows  with three JOURNEY albums and Smith’s Quartet Live in Oregon, Portland.

There were many, many HITS on our web

It was a CD / DVD distributed by NFL Jazz, and after having Smith and his record company approval I screened the video in my TV show.


I promise to replay all those Great Rock Songs and Rick jazz Fusion Instrumentals, and give a nod to those who delayed their deserved Induction during 25 Years.

JOURNEY had to wait and what is TUPAC doing in this Induction ?

Is this The Rap and Hip Hop Hall of Fame or The Rock House ?

Why did CHICAGO had to wait also as much to finally be recognized last year ?


Chicago and Journey are still alive, in complete full swing and playing more than 200 hundred shows a year.

The PUBLIC  always put their favorite bands on a heartfelt pedestal, but that is just in our Heart Hit Parade – but this in Cleveland is the one that goes to the records, unfortunately. 

ON SUNDAY  MAY 7th,  from 12 to 3 pm Eastern Time, VERMONT, USA  time, I’ll play a Collection of Rock Gems in my radio show THE CUBAN BRIDGE @ WWPV 92.5 FM “The Mike”.

Steve Smith and Vital Information, Smith with Steps Ahead and other collaborations like Japanese pianist Hiromi,  Smith in his glorious days with  Journey and of course, Steve Perry as well,   the new Journey singer, Chicago, Pearl Jam, Joan Baez, Yes  and Electric Light Orchestra to really round-up the whole ticket.


Hungry for more ?

I am.

What about you ?

Toni Basanta

DJ Host of the Cuban Bridge on the radio an on television




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