The Cuban Bridge on the radio : Sunday, April 23rd, Jazz in Europe celebrating The International Day of Jazz !

An Invitation to Tune in, Listen to and Discover,

Trumpeter Randy Brecker,  an emeritus statesman whose life in music spans six decades, forges a career record, exploring the contours of Jazz’s Great American Songbook in collaboration with the DR Big Band and the Danish National Chamber Orchestra.

With lushly conceived charts penned by Jazz’s premier arrangers, including Grammy winner Vince Mendoza, plus Arthur Altman, Arthur Hamilton, Frank Churchill, John Barry, Gordon Jenkins, Vincent Nilsson, Gerard Presencer, Siobhan Lamb and Bill Dobbins, The Jazz Ballad Song Book is both cinematic and intimate, reflecting perfectly the scope of Brecker’s contribution to popular music.

Evergreens include

“Cry Me a River,” “All or Nothing at All,” “Someday My Prince Will Come,” “Skylark,” and
“Round Midnight”.

Randy Brecker contributes The Jazz Ballad Songbook repertoire with two of hos own compositions : “Forgone Conclusion” and “I talk to the trees”.

With this humble intro, about one of our favorite Jazz players,

fans in the 5 continents are now advised that next SUNDAY, April 23rd, in our radio show THE CUBAN BRIDGE @ WWPV 92.5 FM  “The Mike”- we will continue celebrating APRIL as JAZZ APPRECIATION MONTH with 5 hours of MUSIC featuring EUROPEAN JAZZ PLAYERS.

If you haven’t connected with our radio dial and the way to stream our radio show every SUNDAY from Colchester, Vermont, USA, do it now,  as last SUNDAY April 16,  we closed our  5 hours transmission with 327 HITS on the web.

If you didn’t have it,  please, add our radio show to your regular rotation.

Other EUROPEAN MUSICIANS in our transmission next SUNDAY,  April 23rd,  from 12 noon – 5:00 p.m. will feature

pianist Amina Figarova (Azerbaian), Sakeshow (The Caribbean Jazz Quartet), violinist Gregor Huebner, pianist Klaus Mueller, (Germany), The van Wageningen Brothers, Nils Fischer & Timbazo (Holland),  Vibe Tribe (Germany /US), singer Peter Fessler (Germany),  bassist George Mraz (The Bad Czeck), percussionists Steven Kroon (Curacao) and Diego Lopez (Italy), Candy Dulfer (Holland),   saxophonist-percussionist Hilary Noble (Switzerland), The University of Southern Denmark Symphony Orchestra, pianist Larry Vuckovich (Island of Montenegro),  violinist Michal Urbaniak, Urszula Dudziak and pianist Adam Makovicz (Poland),  The Swiss Jazz Youth Orchestra w conductor Fritz K. Renold, pianist Maggi Olen (Norway), David Rothschild (NY / Holland),  trombonist Jens Wendelboe (Norway),  pianist Misha Tsiganov (St. Petersburg / NY) …

Dancing Music and parallels of JAZZ – the premiere of CABO CUBA JAZZ  BAND in our radio show, an Afro-Cuban Capeverdian  fusion at its best !

Rumbata from Holland – “a Hot Afro-Cuban Dancing Music Ensemble”.

Tres player and bandleader-producer Jan Miklos Bogdan “Yanesito” with his album  Dime Nague !   (Tell me Nague)  featuring  The Cuban Soneros All-Stars.

Selections of the album SIEGFRIED’S  OLE IN SPAIN – second of a String of recordings fusion the music of German composer RICHARD WAGNER  on a musical journey around the worlds with rhytms from Cuba, Spain, Brazil, Harlem, Japan, …  

SIEGFRIED’S  OLE IN SPAIN  was totally arranged by Cuban pianist Pepe Rivero    (domicile in Madrid, Spain).  

Pianist Monika Herzig from Germany with a complete multi-national female band, and a lot more !  

Like many if my previous radio shows, I’m proud of the music and the quality of the selection. Since 1989, first in HAVANA, CUBA, and since 2016 in Vermont, USA I’ve noticed the growth of our audience, and this is simply attributed to thousands of musicians that have been enlisted through the years.

Last SUNDAY April 16th, our show ended up with 4827 HITS since our foundation on FEBRUARY 2010,   515 new people viewing our playlist and 327 HITS in a 5 hours transmission show with a guest guitarist JAMES GRAM  playing the music of Heitor Villalobos, Agustin Barrios “Mangore”,  J.S. Bach, Frank Martin and Francisco Tarrega.

My mission is to touch and inspire as many people as I can through the sounds and rhythms of the world. Next SUNDAY, Rhythm is newly gonna get y’a !

Toni Basanta

DJ Host of The Cuban Bridge on the radio and on television      (radio)  (TV)           (TV)

(to watch our TV shows from your own computer)







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