John Leslie “Wes” Montgomery : A Dynamic Guitar Sound !

94 years ago on March 6,  John Leslie “Wes” Montgomery was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA,  and would go on to transform Jazz Guitar Playing Forever.

Resonance Records celebrates his amazing legacy every day, but especially on this day with a new release. Happy Birthday, Wes !!!

(Second photo top left by Duncan Schiedt).

Don’t forget about WES!

Vintage Guitar magazine gives Wes Montgomery ONE NIGHT IN INDY a prime slot on their ‘Hit List Reviews’ in the May issue.

“He plays with a fire that players dream about on ‘Give Me The Simple Life,’ his solo ends with a block-chord section that is stunning.” — JH


Now Available ! 


Previous nformation taken from RESONANCE RECORDS Facebook wall

Adaptation by Toni Basanta from Fairfax., Vermont,  USA

Now my comment

The first photo (top left) is about one of the first JAZZ albums that I listened to in Havana, Cuba, in the 1980s,  when I was beginning to get into JAZZ : “BAGS MEET WES” produced by Orrin Keepnews.

BAGS is the nickname of vibist  MILT JACKSON and  he recorded this album with his friend WES MONTGOMERY sided by  one of the finest Rhythm Sections of all times ft. pianist WYNTON KELLY,  bassist SAM JONES and drummer PHILLIP JOE JONES.

I could not stop listening and reading the liner notes of the LP.  This  is also a way to learn good ENGLISH, and acquire the language skills that we need to deal with music and talk on the media.

Three years ago, I found a copy on CD here in VERMONT and I keep it  as a treasure.

Bags Meets Wes ! is a collaboration Jazz album by Milt Jackson and Wes Montgomery, released in 1962  (see 1962 in music). Due to the values of the recording,  it was reissued in 1999 with additional takes and again in 2006 with 11 tracks.

Fortunately, I was benefited with the new release of RESONANCE RECORDS that appears illustrated by Vintage Guitar Magazine.

RESONANCE TEAM  is  also known as  “the detectives of JAZZ”, searching all over the world, and leaving no stone unturned. WES MONTGOMERY  Live will be enjoyed by any listener who enjoys hearing a top-notch JAZZ Guitar player.  I’ll certainly will.

John Leslie “Wes”  Montgomery died of a heart attack in his home in Indiana at the age of 45. He certainly left us too soon.

Toni Basanta

DJ Host of The Cuban Bridge on  the radio and on television





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