The Eagles Rise Again With Two Unassailable Fill-Ins For Glenn Frey : Deacon Frey and Vince Gill

Joe Walsh Live w the Eagles 2008 

Cindy Watts ,   USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee


Country Music Hall of Famer Vince Gill is renowned for being one of Country Music’s best guitar players – now he’s spreading his wings in classic rock.

Vince Gill’s spokespeople confirmed an L.A. Times story Thursday stating that Gill is  joining the Eagles for summer concerts following the loss of the group’s co-founder Glenn Frey last year.

In addition to Gill, Frey’s 24-year-old son Deacon Frey will also step in.

The L.A. Times reports the men will share lead vocals on the songs Frey sang with the Eagles on the band’s upcoming summer performances.

“In my mind, I always thought I’d have made a good Eagle,” Gill told the L.A. Times.

“But in a million years, I never would have seen this coming. It’s pretty surreal. I turned 60 recently, and to get to be a part of this amazing legacy of Songs, that’s the greatest part of all this for me.”

Jordan Runtagh
People  June 01, 2017


A longtime fan of the band,  Vince Gill contributed a rendition of “I Can’t Tell You Why” to the 1993 country-tinged Eagles covers album, Common Thread. He also saluted Frey by performing “Peaceful Easy Feeling” at the Grand Ole Opry in February 2016.

Melinda Newman ,  Contributor


But after Live Nation announced Classic West in Los Angeles (July 15-16) and Classic East in New York (July 29-30), two weekends of concerts this summer that will feature the same line-up of The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, Journey, The Doobie Brothers and Earth, Wind & Fire, it was clear that The Eagles would continue.

The question of who would replace Frey was answered today with two unassailable choices: Frey’s oldest son, Deacon, and country star and ace guitarist Vince Gill.  It’s a tremendously smart move.

With Deacon Frey, the family tradition continues and Gill, through his days with Pure Prairie League and beyond, carries much of the strong Southern California sensibility that made the Eagles so beloved.

The pair will join remaining Eagles Henley, guitarist Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Schmit for the two dates. After that, the band’s future is still uncertain, but it’s hard to imagine that if these dates go well, a full-scale tour wouldn’t be at hand.

Though each of the surviving members can and do tour as solo acts, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Founded in 1971, the group has always been a touring powerhouse. When they reunited for their infamous “Hell Freezes Over” tour  in the ‘90s after more than a decade apart, they were the first group to cross the $100 ticket barrier, in a move that seems positively quaint today given that face value tickets for superstar artists today now often surpass $350.

“The History of The Eagles” tour, the band’s last with Frey, grossed $253 million, drawing more than 2 million fans, according to Billboard.  Billboard estimates that since 1994’s “Hell Freezes Over” tour, the band had grossed $850 million, a figure that the trade magazine calls conservative since not every date was reported to Billboard Boxscore. More accurately, Billboard says it’s likely that the band grossed more than $1 billion from touring between 1994 and 2016. That, of course, does not include merchandise.

Henley told the Los Angeles Times that the Classic East and West shows are “experiments…We’re just going to see how it goes,” he said.

He added he realized that by continuing on, the band honors Frey’s memory and keeps the music alive.

“People want to hear these songs played live, by the band that recorded them — and not by a tribute band,” Henley continued.

“God knows, there are enough of those. And even though it’s not exactly the same band, they want to hear the songs.

My comment

My response to DON HENLEY :

I do want to continue hearing THE EAGLES ‘S SONGS played live, no mater who sings them if they come out OK. Either with Jackson Browne who was a roommate when the EAGLES were unfolding in 1971, now with Frey’s older  son Deacon, and of course, with Vince Gill will be fine,  as  he’s a steady Country Music hit maker and a prolific lead guitarist as well.

IF HENLEY can make solo tours with other people and create a repertoire that would never surpass the success of THE EAGLES why he can’t continue THE EAGLES with other accomplished musicians like Browne, Gill or any other who fills their shoes ?

I saw DON HENLEY Live on Ellen DeGeneres TV show with his side band and nothing happened as he and his speech  were not attractive to people / audience even though he gifted a copy of his Solo Tour Band to the audience, but  his face expression was never friendly.

Vince Gill,  Eagles’ bassist Timothy B. Schmit and now Frey’s son probably will be three attractive front men.


Next posting about THE EAGLES reunion band will be with bassist TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT – former member of POCO.  I think,  it contains some real highlights of their music to date, which are part of the EAGLES’ story anyway.

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