Burlington Discover Jazz Fest is hosting High School Workshops


Discover Jazz is hosting High School Workshops

New workshops held ahead of Burlington Discover Jazz Festival 2017   

As part of a new program this year, Discover Jazz is holding several High School Workshops to connect eager students with local Jazz professionals

Linda Little, former managing director of the Discover Jazz Festival, said “the workshops are in remembrance of Vermont musician Paul Brana. His family set up an annual fund in his memory to support the workshops for the next five years”.

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“For me, some of the most memorable experiences I ever had were when an artist would come and visit me in school and that had a really big lasting impact on me,” Little said.

“I know Paul (Brana) had a similar experience and so for his family, this is what they wanted to give back to the community in his memory and I just think it’s a perfect fit. These are the types of experiences that fuel that life-long love of music for a lot of students.”

Schools can apply online for one of the five workshops during spring 2017.


My comment

By the way, The Vermont All State Jazz Band  opened yesterday Saturday,  June 3rd for Bluesman  ROBERT CRAIG and his Robert Craig Band at Flynn Main Stage and the results  were really slick, all Songs First Class Stuff – the soloists were easy smooth,  the two alto saxophonists impressed me a lot, a lot,  a lot, especially in the closing Song  !

There was a tremendous amount of dedication and surrender to the music by the KIDS and their  mentors.  The BAND moved as one collective through  the orchestral nature of every composition,  – while the audience in a packed SOLD OUT Flynn responded enthusiastically to every solo.

The Vermont All State Jazz Band  offered a colorful and emotional opening. One girl as a Lead Trumpet  had its time to shine, the drummers, both,  and the lead tenor as well.

The second Song, was his all SOLO AFFAIR.  It was a slow piece which I felt it as a TANGO.   THREE trombonists, the guitarist  and the pianist also showed their chops.

These are the  JAZZ warriors of the future.

Toni Basanta

DJ Host of The Cuban Bridge on the radio and on television



We have a new TV show : Havana Fairfax Connection 

@ LCATV Channel 15 in Colchester, Vt.


Both can be seen thru








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