The Cuban Bridge on television in 2015

Hi everyone,
MMCTV 15 my TV Channel
Episodes of  The Cuban Bridge on television  with the info on what stations have downloaded each. These are excellent numbers to keep on screening  our admired VERMONT Artists !  Thanks to Tony Pietricola, Andy Smith, Bob Gagnon, Paul Asbell Trio, Tango Norte and Rowan   !!!!!


Pietricola Gagnon Smith  072015

Episode 41 of the Cuban Bridge features a live studio session with host Tony Basanta and guests Tony Pietricola, Bob Gagnon, and Andy Smith. It was recorded at MMCTV on July 28, 2015.
CubanBridge Ep43 Discover Jazz Paul Asbell Trio Host Tony Basanta records the Paul Asbell Trio at the New Moon cafe in Burlington in June 2015, part of the Burlington Discover Jazz festival.

Ep 44  Bob Merrill

Cuban Bridge  Ep 44


Bob Merrill / Tango Norte



Cuban Bridge Rowan  Celtic/folk group Rowan joins host Toni Basanta in the MMCTV studio for an inspired episode of The Cuban Bridge. This is episode 52 of the series, recorded on 2/23/16.

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