Barika’s engagements during the Burlington Discover Jazz Fest 2017

Courtesy of BARIKA

Wow  !!!!!

“Thanks to everyone who made today the epic experience that it was, especially the fine folks at the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival and our featured guest and dear friend Kat Wright. That was a lot of fun”.

See you at Nectar’s on Friday May 9th  for a full show with many special guests. 

Info: Barika w / Blakdenim at Nectar’s
— with Caleb Bronz, Caroline Marie, Giovanni Rovetto and 20 others 

Caleb Bronz, Caroline Marie, Giovanni Rovetto, Colin Lenox, Brent Hallenbeck, Craig Myers, Matt Palmieri, Christopher Hawthorn, Luke Adam, Mateo Davidé, Kat Wright, Drew Brinckerhoff, Aya Segalstad, Jordan Barnes, Sharon Brown Fosbrook, Paul Dwyer, Joanna Brinckerhoff, Taraleigh Weathers, Marcie Marie, Joe Adler, Joe Ribis, Rachel Bilodeau Ribis and Jeanette Bacevius at Burlington Discover Jazz Festival 2017.

My comment
You should catch this great Band !
Toni Basanta
DJ Host of The Cuban Bridge on the radio and on television
WE have a new TV show
HAVANA FAIRFAX CONNECTION @ LCATV Channel 15 in Colchester, Vt. USA.
BOTH TV shows  you can watch them thru

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