Carlos Puig trompetista y compositor cubano

Courtesy of CARLOS PUIG – Cuban trumpet player and composer for our BLOG:

Dear friends, I am thankful for this great news !

I got a phone call this week from Maestro Robert Boudreau, founder and conductor of the American Wind Symphony Orchestra (AWSO) telling me that my pieces “OSHUMARE” and an arrangement of “GUANTANAMERA” will be performed for the second time in this year’s tour starting next Monday, June 19th.

I wrote both pieces between 2013-2015 as commissions by the AWSO and Maestro Boudreau, who has commissioned works from some of the 20th Century most prominent composers around the world, among them George Auric, Kristof Penderecki, Toru Takemitsu, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Joaquín Rodrigo…

I am the 3rd Cuban composer to compose for them ;

before me, my dear professor Roberto Valera and Leo Brouwer, who wrote “Canción de Gesta.”

What a list to share my name with!

I share with you here a couple of pages from “Guantanamera” for Mezzo Soprano and the huge Wind Ensemble.

My comment

I had heard the name of Carlos Puig since he was a music student in CUBA.

A  few years after, I received the album IYAWO led by out-of-this-world- Cuban drummer JULIO BARRETO where he plays trumpet and all keys, and it became my obsession to program it in my radio shows.

Now,  we both live in the US, PUIG,  in Florida and I in Vermont,  but thanks to the social nets,  we have been in contact and my admiration has augmented, for sure.


Yesterday,  he sent me a note about the compositions and arrangements he wrote for The American Winds Symphony Orchestra, which will be played again this year,  and I could wait no more to design a posting in my BLOG.

From his Facebook wall took all the photos that could be interesting to enlarge my admiration and promote what we CUBANS are doing in the US music stages day after day.

Hope you like to read and watch all this.




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