Pianist educator Monika Herzig wrote a book about Chick Corea

Experiencing Chick Corea

A Listener’s Companion

By Monika Herzig

CHICK COREA  is a legendary Jazz figure.

He is one of the most prolific and influential contemporary pianists. He has received 61 Grammy nominations and won 23 of them, including 3 Latin Grammys. He has produced hundreds of releases in multiple genres over five decades, and he is one of the hardest-working musicians in the industry, with a yearly tour schedule of over 250 international concerts. He has authored multiple books and instructional works, and many regard him today as easily one of the most influential musicians of his generation.

Experiencing Chick Corea looks at the full span of Corea’s career, decade by decade, touching on the vast array of musical styles he engaged, from his initial work with Herbie Mann to his free explorations with Circle.

It touches on his arguably most influential album Now He Sings, Now He Sobs, his involvement with Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew and subsequent efforts as pioneer in the fusion scene with Return to Forever, his duo collaborations, classical outings, and his acoustic and trio work in the 1990s and beyond.

Learning how to listen to Corea is itself a bit of a magic carpet ride, given the range of material he has created and the breadth and depth of that work.

Experiencing Chick Corea introduces this American Icon to audiences beyond the domain of jazz fans already familiar with this work.

Also a dedicated pianist, composer and bandleader,  Monika Herzig places Corea’s creations in their historical and social contexts, so any music lover can gain a fuller understanding of the incredible range of his work.
My comment
German-American pianist, music educator and band leader Monika Herzig  (also pictured w her piano) has been forging her own path since her tender  school days.
Professor and head of The Jazz Department at The University of Indiana she wisely and graciously combines her time to lead her own bands, and now I am glad to present her as a Jazz writer with a book about one my inspirational idols ARMANDO ANTONIO COREA better known as Chick Corea.
In this PHOTO JAZZ GALLERY,  I focused my attention in certain DUOS and recent ensembles (Five Piece Band and The Vigil)   led by Mr. Corea, while digging in his long career and some great moments in the history of this phenomenal CREATOR !

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