(U)nity is not a typical Afro-Cuban Jazz band playing in NYC


My comment

I am glad to have learned and known more about (U)nity as I have followed some of the acts that make this aggregation grow stronger : Amaury Acosta (d), Axel Tosca Laugart (all keys), Pedrito Martinez (percussion & vocals guest in their album), and man,  to have Pino Palladino on bass as a guest, is a dream come true for any ensemble.

HE has not only played with The Who, but with singer and singer and songwriter Carly Simon and countless others.

Max Cudworth (alto sax), Michael Valeanu (guitar) and Chris Smith (bass) are new names to me by now, but I’m sure I’ll know them very soon.

THOUGH the musicians grew up in different generations and countries, they are UNITED by vaunted reputations as improvisers, abiding LOVE for all kinds of Music in The Big Apple – New York City – where they are based, breathing the sound of The Mambo Kings, Rock, Funk, Soul. R & B, Tango, Classical and countless others  music styles and genres.

The Ancestors of AFROCUBAN JAZZ have left a deep and enduring impression on each of them that has continued to provide inspiration in their work as JAZZ Artists,  while unfolding their dreams to new ingredients.

I share Amaury’s observation about HAVANA CITY – one of the most vibrant cities of the universe – where Pedrito, Axel and I were also born.

Next time, I’m going to ask Ivan Acosta (Amaury’s father) to reserve me a ticket as the roadie of (U)Nity in the capital of the Island nation of CUBA. .

Big hug my brothers,

Toni Basanta



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