D Y A D is an American Classical and Jazz Music Duo !

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

A few years ago,  probably 2014,  I received an album featuring alto saxophonist Lou Caimano and pianist arranger/ and tailor of the great music – Eric Olsen.
All the masterpieces recreated by these two masters were highly recommended by my compatriot and admired saxophonist and clarinetist PAQUITO D’RIVERA.
I listened to it and triggered every single word which was published in the liner notes, and prepared in my former SABROSO GUARAPO ( = Delicious Sugar Cane Juice)  radio show @ The Radiator a refined Music Selection to welcome the gorgeous fusion of Classical Composers and Jazz !!!!!
Now,  I have received a new album, which made me feel honored and very, very happy, as the TWO Artists have contributed new excellencies to the Music of our days.
I already talked about the musicians, and now,  I’d love to send my acknowledgements and best wishes to Mrs. Olsen for suggesting her husband-pianist  the seed idea for this endless collaboration.  
As I did at the end of 2014,  I took the first album to CUBA – to share its contagious nectar through other airwaves with my buddies in the Island.
In November 2016,  travelled to my hometown for 6 days with ALMA RECORDS – a  record label in Toronto, to host a new album and film about pianist-composer  HILARIO DURAN.
There I shared this great music with my friend,  reedman, educator and recording artist JAVIER ZALBA who will spread the sounds of DYAD among his students and our 24 hours CMBF Classical Music Radio and CMCH  Radio Encyclopedia, as well.
Congratulations to all the open minded persons who made this new album possible.
Today, I’m  posting   wise words of critic Mike Yurkovic in my Music BLOG
The Cuban Bridge  courtesy of Kate Smith Productions and Jim Eigo’s  Jazz Promotion Services.

Thursday, September 29, 2016  

Elmore Magazine by Mike Jurkovic

“This stately and absolutely robust collection of seven classical arias vibrates with an impeccable sense of immediacy and grace…DYAD fearlessly and imaginatively bebop these formidable operatic themes… each taken with improvisatory flair and soaring musicianship… Caimano and Olsen are the daring bright lights here. Deservedly so.”


Eric Olsen & Lou Caimano

DYAD Plays Jazz Arias

Album Reviews   September 26th, 2016
Gershwin, Duke,  Gil Evans… the group of Jazz artists who have successfully blended the New World’s true musical gift to the Old World’s Classical rep is a small, yet daunting, list.
Now, feel welcomed to add alto saxophonist Lou Caimano and pianist Eric Olsen, collectively known as DYAD, to that list.
This stately and absolutely robust collection of seven classical arias vibrates with an impeccable sense of immediacy and grace.
Taken from the museum,  we too often condemn classical music to,  DYAD fearlessly and imaginatively BEBOP these formidable operatic themes written by  Mozart, Bizet, Verdi, Barber, each taken with improvisatory flair and soaring musicianship.
The album includes a cameo performance from trumpeter Randy Brecker  who has a particularly exuberant time on Mozart’s “Fin ch’han dal vino” from Don Giovanni,  
while tenor saxophonist Ted Nash adds delight and color to the waltz “The Flower Duet.”

Guest appearances aside, Caimano and Olsen are the daring bright lights here. Deservedly so.

OTHER LINES by Chris Spector

Dyad Plays Jazz Arias will simply blow your mind ! Real playing for real ears on the lookout for hot new sounds.(Chris Spector, Midwest Record)

Artists from Duke Ellington to Gunther Schuller have used elements from classical music to create new and exciting jazz sounds.
Today, alto saxophonist Lou Caimano and pianist Eric Olsen are among the most innovative musical talents to fuse these two great art forms. On their newest CD, DYAD PLAYS JAZZ ARIAS, they transform well-known operatic arias into imaginative and unconventional Jazz compositions. Caimano and Olsen are two superb musicians steeped in both the Jazz and Classical worlds. They’ve been performing under the name of Dyad for over 16 years.
DYAD PLAYS JAZZ ARIAS is their third classical / jazz fusion recording together.
They’re joined on this CD by Jazz Masters Randy Brecker on trumpet & flugelhorn and Ted Nash on tenor saxophone. 
DYAD PLAYS JAZZ ARIAS is a gorgeous, moving album that will appeal to both Jazz and Classical aficionados. It features brilliant performances with arrangements that pay homage to the originals, but allow the players full expression in the JAZZ idiom.
Highly appreciative and glad to post these lines in my Music BLOG,
Toni Basanta
DJ Host of The Cuban Bridge on the radio and on television
Photo : DAYAD  is Eric Olsen (piano / left) and Lou Caimano (alto sax)
Eric Olsen and Lou Caimano DYAD

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